(JL did this! She can't use her full name as trans rights activists would try to destroy her life)

13th July: The Case of the Disappearing Lesbians

Writing in The Times Janice Turner described how gender ideology is erasing lesbians.

She explained how lesbians are being erased from LGBT history with the achievements of trailblazing women being attributed to males. Similarly, women who eschewed gender norms (such as Anne Lister, the subject of BBC1’s “Gentleman Jack”) in order to pursue opportunities or relationships not open to them, are being retrospectively ‘transed’ so they’re viewed as gender nonconforming men rather than pioneering women.

The article also explained the current challenges facing lesbians with prominent LGBT organisations like Stonewall embracing gender ideology.

“Not only must lesbians now include biological males at their women-only events or risk being picketed and defunded, they are pressured to accept them as sexual partners.”

Finally, Janice examined the rocketing figures of young girls wanting to ‘swap genders’ and the idea that butch lesbians are somehow transmen in waiting.

“Because if a lesbian is seen as a second-class woman — or barely a woman at all — why wouldn’t girls surrender the fight and take testosterone, so they can hold a girlfriend’s hand as a straight man?”

13th July: Mixed Sex Wards for Dementia Sufferers

The Dundee Evening Post contained a story about the implementation of mixed sex wards at a Dundee dementia hospital. Despite research showing that female patients are uncomfortable and at risk from harassment in mixed sex hospital environments, the authorities at Kingsway Care Centre would not reconsider the decision.

Scottish Labour North East MSP, Jenny Marra, criticised the move and said it puts women at risk.

“The trend towards mixed-sex wards does not suit many women who value the dignity and safety of female-only spaces. Women may be vulnerable and may have had experiences in their lives that means a mixed-sex ward is not suitable for them."

14th July: "Inventing Transgender Children & Young People" - A Warning

The Mail on Sunday published an article about the concerns of experts over the current number of children seeking to change their sex.

The article centres around Inventing Transgender Children and Young People, a book collecting essays by a group of medical experts and academics and is co-edited by Heather Brunskell-Evans and Michele Moore.

The book warns that doctors are failing to tell young people of the risks involved (eg permanent infertility) of taking powerful cross-sex hormones, psychologists are frightened of questioning transgender ideology, clinicians who resist diagnosing children as trans risk accusations of transphobia and GIDS is failing to acknowledge other potential reasons for children wanting to change sex.

The article also contains testimonies from whistleblowers within GIDS. They state that the service bows to pressure from lobby groups with very young children routinely prescribed ‘hormone blockers’. These drugs can permanently weaken bones and stunt growth and put children on a path to further treatment which is irreversible and causes infertility. In a recent Newsnight, it was revealed that a study has found that blockers increase thoughts of suicidal ideation amonst those taking them.

14th July: Follow the money

A Twitter user drew our attention to the existence of a government organisation called a:gender. This is a group whose function is to support government staff who are, “Transgender or transsexual men and women, non-binary and gender fluid people, genderqueer, gender variant, cross-dresser, genderless, agender, non-gendered, third gender, bigender, trans man, trans woman and those who identify as intersex”.

It seems that membership is also open to anyone in the Civil Service who wishes to “Support the aims and objectives of the a:gender network”.  And you may have noticed that the contact email supplied is one directly linked to the Home Office (the government department tasked with operating our police force).

Furthermore, the homepage of the group’s website provides links to GIRES and controversial charity, Mermaids.

15th July: “Gender Neutral” Loo Zealot on Child Abuse Charges

You may remember that a couple of weeks we told you about Middlesbrough Tory councillor, David Smith, who is something of a zealot where mixed sex facilities are concerned. He had spoken about his determination to make all of the area’s public toilets ‘gender neutral’ and had successfully petitioned the mayor to remove single sex toilet provision in the council’s own building.

Well, David Smith has just been charged with nine child sex offences.

16th July: New Study Finds Autism / Transgender Links

New research led by Dr Steven Stagg of Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) and published in the journal European Psychiatry suggests that people identifying as transgender and non-binary are far more likely to be autistic or display autism traits.

The study found that of the transgender and non-binary group involved, 14% had a diagnosis of autism while a further 28% reached the cut off point for an autism diagnosis, suggesting a high number of potentially un-diagnosed participants.

“These figures were primarily driven by high scoring amongst those whose assigned gender was female at birth, supporting recent evidence that there is a large population of undiagnosed women with an autism spectrum disorder.”

16th July: Planned Parenthood President Ousted for Wrongthink

Dr Leana Wen, the President of Planned Parenthood was sacked from her role less than a year after her appointment.

It seems that Dr Wen, the first woman to lead the organisation in 50 years, had caused concern by wanting to emphasise the organisations status as a medical care provider in a move away from political activism. Dr Wen described the cause of the split as ‘Philosophical differences’ while the board were keeping tight-lipped over her sacking.

Two Anonymous sources told Buzzfeed that Wen had eschewed ‘trans-inclusive’ language such as using the word ‘people’ instead of ‘women’ when referring to those in need of abortion services.

BBC duty editor, reporter and producer at Radio 4's "Today" programme, Dave McMullan, issued the following comment on social media, "I've never put any trans woman on alongside some horrific TERF. I vetoed it, in fact... I'm now reasonably good at the GRA consultation."

So much for BBC impartiality.

While we're on the subject of the BBC, here's Polly Carmichael of the Tavistock clinic extolling the dubious virtues of puberty blockers on a children's programme back in 2104.

Let's not forget the 2016 BBC documentary I Am Leo which was aimed at children and broadcast on their CBBC network. The programme detailed the life of a transgender child. It gave a wholly misleading and biased view, no attempt was made to examine the issues and much of the information provided was alarmingly inaccurate.

On Twitter the Safe Schools Alliance drew our attention to a very troubling article regarding the intimate care of disabled children posted on a parent-led forum called Special Needs Jungle.

"We are alarmed by the apparent lack of understanding of safeguarding & are disturbed by some of the suggestions regarding the care of extremely vulnerable children."

The piece makes a number of disturbing comments, many of which suggest there is no need for intimate care to be provided for females by a female carer. The writer asserts, "Young children are generally not embarrassed by exposing their genitals, quite frankly, they are used to it".

Safe Schools Alliance highlighted the most problematic assertions and responded to them in a Twitter thread.

17th July: Socially Transitioned Kids Face Long-Term Harm

The Telegraph published an article claiming that young children who are gender non-comforming are being encouraged to ‘socially transition’ by their parents and this is causing them serious long-term psychological harm.

It seems that well-meaning parents are allowing children to live permanently as the opposite sex without seeking any medical advice or treatment. The paper claims that children as young as six are attending school where nobody knows their true biological sex. However, most experts warn that many gender non-conforming children eventually prefer to remain in their biological sex and that attempts to formally socially transition them prior to puberty risks pre-determining that outcome.

Dr Bernadette Wren, head of clinical psychology at London’s Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust told the paper, “We have never recommended complete social transitioning but it has become a really popular thing and many advocacy groups really promote it… We think that is setting up problems for later.”

18th July: another whistleblower speaks out about GIDS

Kirsty Entwistle, a former clinical psychologist from the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) in Leeds, wrote an open letter to Polly Carmichael, the Director of Gender Identity Services at the Tavistock Clinic.  In it she expresses the concerns she had whilst working at GIDS and her anxieties that have become amplified since she left.

"I think it is a problem that GIDS clinicians are making decisions that will have a major impact on children and young people’s bodies and on their lives, potentially the rest of their lives, without a robust evidence base. GIDS clinicians tell children and families that puberty blockers/hormone blocks are “fully reversible” but the reality is no one knows what the impacts are on children’s brains so how is it possible to make this claim? It is also a problem that GIDS clinicians are afraid of raising their concerns for fear of being labelled transphobic by colleagues."

The Sheffield Star reported on a woman named Toni Prince who’d been charged with possessing over 1000 indecent images of children. A pretty shocking headline, given how rarely women commit such crimes. However, on closer inspection, it transpires that the accused is not a woman at all but a biological male with the legal forename Anthony.

Following examination of the computer equipment seized in a raid on Prince’s home, it emerged that Prince had downloaded a total of 1,191 indecent images of children who ranged in age from 5 to 13 years old. Prince downloaded 108 Category A images (the most serious legal category in cases such as this, defined as content depicting the rape of children).

Throughout the article Prince, who pleaded guilty, is referred to as ‘she’, ‘her’ and 'Ms Prince'. It is not known under which sex these crimes will be recorded or whether Prince, if given a custodial sentence, will serve time in a men’s or women’s prison.

A Twitter user from the legal profession detailed an event she attended held by the Human Rights Lawyers Association to discuss reforms to the Gender Recognition Act. Or, as she puts it, "A propaganda meeting on behalf of trans activism".

It's worth reading the whole thing.

19th July: Listen to the Whistleblowers

Following on from this open letter, James Kirkup wrote a piece for The Spectator, "It's time to listen to the NHS gender clinic Whistleblowers". He discusses not only the open letter to Polly Carmichael from Kirsty Entwistle, but also lists many of the other clinicians expressing concern.

"I know that when NHS staff feel they have to take their worries about the care of children to journalists and publish them in open letters online, alarm-bells should start ringing in Whitehall and Westminster."