(By JL)

Saturday 24th August - Lesbians Take Pride

A group of gender critical lesbians asserted their right to march at Manchester Pride.

Lesbian action group, Get the L Out, together with ReSisters United, Women Not Sex Objects, Make More Noise and Object! protested at Manchester Pride, leading the parade with banners which defined their sexuality and sexual boundaries.

Also marching with them was a young woman and recent detransitioner, Charlie Evans. On Twitter, she explained how only last year she had attacked Get the L Out's protest at Pride but, this year, she not only understood it, she joined it.

Trans rights activist, Tara Hewitt, however, described these women as hate-preaching bigots and felt they should have been removed from the event.

Tara is a "diversity consultant" who advises the NHS and the prison service. It seems she's also "Met and talked with leadership" at Greater Manchester Police...

...who are going to "look into" and be "asking questions" about lesbians marching at Manchester Pride.

A few days after the event, Manchester Pride CEO, Mark Fletcher, issued this statement.

It seems Pride only goes so far these days, in that you can be proud of anything except being same-sex attracted.

Saturday 24th August - Women Blamed for Male Violence

A suspect was arrested for the murder of black transwoman, Tracy Single.

Last week Peter Tatchell tried to exploit the tragic murder of a black transwoman in order to attack the feminists who wish to uphold their sex-based rights.

Sadly, transwomen of colour do suffer high rates of violence in the USA and South America. But the perpetrators are always men.

A 2015 study by the National Centre for Transgender Equality in the USA showed that 38% of black trans people surveyed were living in poverty with 51% reporting that they have experienced homelessness. The research also found that transwomen of colour are disproportionately more likely to be involved in prostitution with 42% stating that they have been sex workers.

Rather than focus on the issues which do endanger the lives of transwomen of colour, Peter Tatchell would prefer to try blaming women for the violence that men commit.

Saturday 24th August - Private Eye On Jess Bradley

Private Eye reported on further developments in the case of former NUS Trans Officer, Jess Bradley.

Bradley, who identifies as a 'non-binary transwoman', was the NUS's first Transgender Students Officer. She was suspended from her post over a year ago following allegations that s/he had posted explicit photographs of his male genitalia on her personal website, Exhibitionizm.

A spokesperson for the NUS refused to comment when asked if Bradley had been in receipt of a salary throughout her 11 month suspension. However, they would confirm that the NUS has suspended its own enquiries into Bradley's conduct as an "external investigation" is now taking place.

Sunday 25th August - Schadenfreude on The Right Side of History

Last week we learned some desperately sad news about fearless radical feminist warrior, Magdalen Berns. She has been fighting glioblastoma (a rare brain tumour) for the past year and is now receiving palliative care.

Some on The Right Side of History responded in a predictable way.

Among those gloating over the imminent death of a woman in her twenties was trans rights activist, Rachel McKinnon.

Monday 26th August - It Never Happens

Website Women are Human reported on a trans teenager who has been arrested on child sexual exploitation and child pornography charges.

Dakota Nieves is a 19 year old male who identifies as a woman. He was part of an online group in which paedophiles meet and exchange images. Nieves shared images with another user that depict him engaged in indecent sexual acts with a small child. The other user was an undercover federal agent.

The subsequent investigation involved a search of Nieves' home. That search turned up a mobile phone on which were stored images of Nieves assaulting a female child in his bedroom. A spokeswoman for US Attorney, Andrew Lelling, confirmed that Nieves admitted to making and distributing the obscene images. He is currently in custody and awaits trial.

Only seven months ago Nieve was lobbying residents in his local area to vote in a referendum that would give him access to female-only bathrooms and changing areas.

Tuesday 27th August - "Self Identified" Women Rape Crisis Volunteers

Twitter user Eva Poen drew our attention to a call-out for volunteers by the Devon Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Service.

Astoundingly for an organisation which offers help to traumatised women who have suffered male violence, its criteria for volunteers extends to 'self-identified' women.

However, only a week before this tweet appeared, the centre's appeal for volunteers asked specifically for WOMEN.

The centre was asked about the reason for this apparent sudden change in policy, but declined to discuss the matter on social media.

Tuesday 27th August - Vandals Attack Vancouver Rape Relief Again

Vandals struck the Vancouver Rape Relief and Women's Shelter. Again.

Only a few weeks ago someone nailed a dead rat to the shelter's door. This time the shelter was vandalised with death threats scrawled across the windows.

Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter had received funding from the city for over 10 years as a valued safe environment for traumatised and vulnerable women escaping male violence. It could not change its policy from being a female-only space and refused to open up its services to biological males.

Consequently, Morgane Oger, Vice President of the BC New Democratic Party and trans rights activist, led a vitriolic targeted campaign against the shelter to ensure its grant was not renewed. The shelter lost its funding.

Oger's "You bring this on yourself" response to the campaign of intimidation against the shelter was all too predictable. And probably very familiar to many of the women there.

Wednesday 28th August - Bill Allows Alteration of Birth Certificates

The Guardian reported on a story from Australia where the government of Victoria has voted to allow the alteration of birth certificates.

The Victorian legislative council voted overwhelmingly and without amendments on a bill that will allow trans and 'gender diverse' people to alter the sex recorded on their birth certificates.

MP Bernie Finn opposed the bill, stating it would affect female-only spaces and lead to women and girls being assaulted. The Greens Victorian leader, Samantha Ratnam, dismissed such concerns as “Extremely hurtful”.

Trans rights activists are now planning to lobby for similar legislation in New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland.

Thursday 29th August - Ben Dirs on Trans Participation in Sport

Sports journalist, Ben Dirs, wrote a comprehensive article on the inclusion of transwomen in female sports.

Acknowledging the likeliehood that he would be smeared as a transphobe and a bigot for doing so, Dirs detailed the unfairness and dangers inherent in allowing male bodied people to compete as and against women. He cited numerous examples of transwomen hoovering up medals and breaking records now that they're competing in women's sports, whereas their performance had been mediocre at best when they competed against other males.

He also explains the many physical advantages (for example, height, limb length, cardiovascular capacity) which natal  males have over females, even after transition and a lowering of testosterone levels.

"How many women injured or merely embarrassed by trans women will change the minds of politicians and governing bodies ? How many women sitting on the sidelines, robbed of scholarships, medals, money and the sheer joy of competing is too many?"

Friday 30th August - Guidance On Trans Inclusion In Single Sex Schools

The Telegraph reported details of a leaked document from the EHRC about the inclusion of trans pupils in single sex schools.

A confidential document produced by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) was leaked to The Telegraph. Entitled "Trans pupils: guidance for schools in Scotland on the Equality Act 2010 - Confidential DRAFT", it lays out guidelines for the inclusion of trans pupils in single sex schools.

It states that “A refusal to admit a trans pupil to a single-sex school which is the same as the trans pupil’s sex recorded at birth would be direct sex discrimination". Whilst at the same time “A pupil who has transitioned, or wants to, must be allowed to continue to attend the school”.

The guidance also encourages schools to install 'gender-neutral' toilets, changing rooms and showers. Where this isn't possible the document states that, “Trans boys and trans girls can use the single-sex facilities that align with their gender identity”. On the subject of sports, the document urges schools to “Consider ways of enabling all pupils to participate in sports, including competitive events, that align with their gender identity”.

Kiri Tunks, the co-founder of Woman's Place UK, told the paper:

“This guidance shows what a mess we create when we conflate sex and gender. The EHRC seems very confused about the difference and this advice will just muddy the waters further. The EHRC is right that publicly funded schools are obliged by the Public Sector Equality Duty to foster good relations between protected characteristics but they also have a responsibility to assess the impact of any changes they make which could affect other protected groups. We are losing confidence in the EHRC's ability to issue robust, practical advice on this question."