Almost a year since our first post, we're back from our break with the latest news from the gender beat. While the war on women continues, so will we.  

Monday 4th May - Girldick is a Tucking Lie

Twitter user @EllaWitchwood posed a pertinent question about a Vice article by Diana Tourjée. The Girl's Guide to Tucking Your Dick begins by pointing out (though couching it in rather more woke terms) that two thirds of transwomen in the USA retain their male genitalia. Or "girldick" as Tourjée prefers to call it.

The rest of the article details how "trans girls" can "curate their aesthetic" by tucking their manhood. Tucking is a means of concealing male genitalia which usually involves forcing the testicles back into the body via the inguinal canals then pulling the empty scrotum and penis back and up between the buttocks. The 'tucked' genitalia can then be secured with tape and / or specialist underwear.

The problem with this article is not the tucking advice per se but the gas-lighting and female-erasing language. Concealing one's penis and testicles is described as something women do. The article is littered with phrases such as, "Countless other women love their dicks", "Though some women fail to get hard, many still can" and "Some girls say a proper tuck disables the penis' ability to become erect".  

No, Diana, they don't. Because no woman has a dick.

Tuesday 5th May - Matt Hancock & The Gender Fairy

Talk Radio host, Julia Hartley-Brewer, tackled Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, over a tweet from his department the previous day.

The tweet in question claimed that the corona virus may be having a disproportionate impact on "certain genders".

So complete is the ideological capture of our institutions that the government department responsible for communicating medical facts is referencing the unscientific notion of gender identity as if it were real. And, in doing so, it is obscuring the reality that it's MEN who may be more susceptible to the corona virus.

Also Today - Pink News Attacks Gender Non-Conforming LGB Pioneer

The online misogyny tabloid is still gunning for pop star and icon of gender non-conformity, Boy George. It's trying to convince readers that he is transphobic. (No link - we're not giving them the clicks.)

"Trans people are being murdered every week" says the headline, with breathtaking hyperbole. The fact is that trans people in Europe are at no greater risk of being a murder victim than anybody else. In the UK, on average, there has been less than one trans murder victim per annum. (And, in most cases, there is no information to suggest the deaths, however tragic, were a result of the victim's transgender status.)

But you know who ARE being murdered on a weekly basis in the UK? Women.

Wednesday 6th May - (Breast) Feeding Narcissism

You might need to take a moment before diving in to this one.

Journalist Anna Slatz drew our attention to an article written by a trans identified male about his attempts to breastfeed his newly born baby daughter.

Dana Fried's piece, My First Time Breastfeeding My Daughter, appeared in The Stranger in June 2017. In it Fried describes getting his baby daughter to suckle his nipples immediately after his wife had given birth.

"When my baby attached to my breast, there was an incredible chemical cascade that ran through my entire body like lightning. Imagine the most electric thing a partner has ever done to you, then multiply it by 10... (And yeah, I kind of got off on it. Don't judge.)"

Fried explains that when his wife got pregnant he was determined to breastfeed the baby himself and embarked on the Newman-Goldfarb Protocol. This is a cocktail of drugs and hormones which was originally developed 20 years ago in Canada to stimulate breast milk production in women who are non-gestational.

The protocol involves using a controversial anti-nausea prescription drug, domperidone, to increase the production of prolactin, a hormone essential for milk production. In 2004, the USA's Food & Drug Administration issued a warning against using domperidone for inducing lactation. It listed a number of possible risks including potential dangers to the child. But this clearly did not worry Fried.

It is worth noting that, according to The New Scientist, the first officially recorded case of a transwoman lactating and feeding an infant was in February 2018. Fried's article was written over six months earlier.

At the end of his article, Fried laments that, due to an illness at the time of the baby's birth, he was not able to lactate and, therefore, couldn't breastfeed. He explains why doing so had been so important to him:

"Having breasts was great, but using them to feed another human being? That was magic. Specifically, it was mom magic. I might have been my daughter's sperm donor, but breastfeeding was how I knew I was going to be a mom. It validated my womanhood as much as any surgery ever could."

Thursday 7th May - Transgender Toolkit Withdrawn After Legal Challenge

Some good news!

The Oxford Mail reported that Oxfordshire County Council has withdrawn its ‘Trans Inclusion Toolkit’ after a High Court deemed that it might be unlawful.

The council issued its guidance last year, advising teachers in schools and colleges that trans-identified students must be allowed to use the changing rooms, toilets and dormitories of their "preferred gender", leaving girls no choice but to share their facilities with biological males.

The decision to withdraw these guidelines comes after an Oxfordshire schoolgirl took the council to the High Court to challenge its unfair policy. However, the girl who brought the case says that the council still hasn't apologised or admitted that it was wrong to issue such policies.

Safe Schools Alliance has welcomed the withdrawal of the guidelines but issued a statement warning that this toolkit, or versions of it, are still being used by many other local authorities. These sentiments were echoed by Transgender Trend.

Whilst good news for Oxfordshire schools, the council's withdrawal of the trans toolkit means that there will not now be a judicial review and such guidelines are still being implemented in schools all over the country.

Friday 8th May - Self ID Introduced Under the Radar

The National reported on new analysis which maintains European governments have implemented self-ID laws “under the radar” and warns that the Scottish government plans to do the same.

The proposed Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill is currently on hold due to the corona virus pandemic. However, the SNP administration still intends to update legislation to make obtaining a gender recognition certificate much easier and quicker. Ministers say they will follow “international best practice”, taking the lead from European governments who have already implemented self ID laws.

A new paper by policy collective Murray Blackburn Mackenzie examines the European countries which the SNP hopes to emulate. It states that their self ID legislation has happened “under the radar” without any consideration being given to other groups whose rights will be impacted.

The MBM paper (published in the Edinburgh Law Review) states:

“Our analysis suggests that those jurisdictions in Europe who have already introduced self-declaration models for legal sex change have tended to do so with very little public scrutiny... The pace and breadth of the uptake of these laws may be attributable to a process of policy capture, whereby policy-making is skewed in favour of one particular interest group at the expense of others."

And this is the "International best practice" to which the Scottish government intends to adhere.

Also Today - The Money Keeps Rolling In

Twitter user @sarahstuartxx described a Stonewall-run workshop called Transforming Futures which she attended prior to the corona virus outbreak.

This project received half a million pounds in National Lottery funding. Stonewall intends to interview about 350 trans people in England (with a financial inducement offered for their participation) to identify the 'big issues' for trans people in healthcare and the criminal justice system.

It really is worth reading the entire thread to get an idea of how this data is being collected and the questionable practices involved. As Sarah says:

"500K is a lot of money based on the opinions of just 350 people, especially when a financial reward is involved."

Saturday 9th May - It's as if Karen White Never Happened

The Daily Mail reported on official figures detailing the number of sexual assaults carried out by transgender prisoners in female prisons.

The newspaper revealed that there have been seven sexual attacks on women prisoners by trans-identified male inmates.

"Although trans women make up about 1% of the 3,600 jail female population, they are to blame for 5.6 per cent of sexual assaults there."

Yes, despite these figures, males are still being accommodated in female prisons according to their 'gender identity' rather than their biological sex.

"Figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show increasing numbers of trans prisoners are being allowed to move to women's jails."

How many more women need to be attacked before the Government questions Stonewall UK's advice, that anyone who claims to be a woman, is a woman?

Sunday 10th May - Nicola Sturgeon Dismisses the Concerns of Women

The Wild Woman Writing Club published the reply they received from Nicola Sturgeon following their open letter supporting the Scottish Poetry Library.

Earlier this year the Scottish Poetry Library (SPL) expressed concern over writers being no-platformed and bullied for their views and it vowed to uphold artistic freedom. It was, of course, accused of "institutional transphobia" and its position was discussed in the Scottish parliament.

The Wild Women Writing Club wrote an open letter to Nicola Sturgeon to express support and gratitude for the Scottish Poetry Library’s stance. That letter had over 500 signatories.

Nicola Sturgeon replied and the WWWC has detailed her response in a blog post:

"It’s not a substantive response in that it doesn’t engage with the points we raised. Instead, it flannels about human rights principles we are familiar with, and ends with an equally familiar admonishment to “be kind”... This kind of non-response is what women campaigning against the capture of government institutions by gender ideology have been up against for years. Even when we are many, we are not treated like any other vocal and organised political group."