(By JL)

Saturday 31st August - Voices From The Right Side of History

Last week the Vancouver Rape Relief and Women's Shelter was attacked for the second time. On the first occasion a dead rat was nailed to the door; this time, death threats were scrawled across the windows.

Morgane Oger is still trying to blame the shelter itself for the intimidation and vandalism it has suffered.

Oger, who was responsible for the shelter losing its public funding, posted this immediate response to the second attack.

Oger is describing the need of women traumatised by male violence to heal in a female-only space 'hatred'.

Another trans activist, Dr Rachel McKinnon, took a rather different view re the attack on the shelter and concluded that "They're doing it themselves".

"It's your own fault" and "You're making it up", two things rape victims are quite used to hearing from men.  

Sunday 1st September - SNP MPs Dismiss Concerns Of 'Hysterical' Feminists

Scottish National Party MPs, Mhairi Black and Hannah Bardell, spoke to The Herald about their determination to implement self ID legislation in Scotland.

In response to those who oppose the bill because they fear it will adversely impact women's sex-based rights and spaces, Mhairi Black stated, “I do struggle with people who think their world is crumbling over a bureaucratic change about a certificate."

Both MPs dismissed concerns that the proposed legislation will give predatory and voyeuristic males access to female-only spaces. Hannah Bardell told the paper, “I’ve tried really hard but it becomes impossible to have a sensible debate sometimes without people becoming hysterical".

"Hysterical". Another word women are very accustomed to hearing, except usually not from their fellow women.

Sunday 1st September - Trans Guidelines Could See Heads in Hot Water

More news from Scotland; The Times published an article suggesting that head teachers in Scottish schools could face legal action if they won't allow boys to participate in girls' sport.

A guidance document drawn up by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) entitled 'Trans pupils: guidance for schools in Scotland on the Equality Act 2010' was leaked to the media last week. The document indicates that head teachers could be prosecuted if they fail to allow trans pupils to take part in single sex sports or PE lessons in accordance with their 'gender identity'.

The guidelines also strongly encourage schools to install 'gender-neutral' changing rooms, toilets and showers. If such facilities are not available then schools are instructed that trans pupils "Can use the single-sex facilities that align with their gender identity".

The EHRC has been criticised for not consulting more widely on this issue. Kath Murray from policy analysis collective MurrayBlackburnMackenzie told the paper:

“It would be reasonable to expect that the EHRC would consult widely on its own draft guidance, given that it will have an impact on all pupils. If this has not taken place, then that is a matter of real concern.”

Sunday 1st September - Woman Faces Court For Misgendering

The Mirror published the story of a woman who was arrested for misgendering a transwoman on social media.

Kate Scottow was arrested in February, in full view of her young children, following a Twitter argument during which she allegedly misgendered trans activist, Stephanie Hayden. She was then taken to the police station for interview.

She has now been charged with making malicious communications on social media and will appear before magistrates in September.

Kate's husband has set up a crowdfunder page to help with her legal costs.

Monday 2nd September - Child Rapist Demands Gender Affirming Surgery

Website Women Are Human reported on child rapist, Mark Campbell, who now 'identifies as a woman'.

Whilst in prison for his crimes, Campbell began identifying as a woman. He called himself Nicola Rose and was subsequently diagnosed with gender dysphoria by the prison psychiatrist. He was prescribed hormones and provided with female clothing. However, his request for 'gender confirming' cosmetic surgery was denied causing him to file a number of grievances and legal actions against the Wisconsin Department of Corrections and some of the individuals involved.

Mark Campbell was arrested in 2007 for the sexual abuse of his 10 year old daughter. He was later charged with first degree sexual assault of a child, incest, exposing a child to harmful material and causing a child to view or listen to sexual activity. He was eventually sentenced to 44 years imprisonment.

Tuesday 3rd September - Green Party Up To Its Non-New Tricks Again

Twitter user @genderisharmful drew our attention to an astounding piece of word salad on the Green Party website.

Also today: NHS Fails Basic Biology

Dr Jessica Eaton, speaker and writer on forensic psychology, feminism and mental health, tweeted a photograph taken in an NHS x-ray department.

A poster intended to warn pregnant women of the potential harms of x-ray refers not to women but to "Individuals of child bearing capacity".

Wednesday 4th September - 'Irreversible damage' to gender nonconforming children

The Telegraph published an article on the potential risks of medical treatment to children suffering with dysphoria.

The article quotes Dr David Bell, a consultant psychiatrist at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. He believes that children who are medically or surgically treated risk serious and irrevocable damage.

“Many services have championed the use of medical and surgical intervention with nowhere near sufficient attention to the serious, irreversible damage this can cause and with very disturbingly superficial attitudes to the issue of consent in young children.”

Dr Bell also spoke about trans activists and lobby groups exerting undue influence over clinicians and shutting down vital debate.

"And this silencing has been remarkably successful, resulting in a simplification of a very complex problem that needs to be understood at both individual and socio-cultural levels."

Also today: Children At Risk From Misleading Literature

An article in The Telegraph described how children are being misled by books on transgender themes which contain false information.

The newspaper quotes Dr Susan Matthews, an honorary senior research fellow in creative writing at Roehampton University, who feels that books and lesson plans which are supposedly intended to educate pupils about transgender issues “Fail child safeguarding and conflict with the law”.

Dr Matthews analysed a series of books distributed in British schools. She discovered that much of the information about medical transition is inaccurate and that the potential dangers are ignored or falsely presented.

She described a book called Can I Tell You About Gender Diversity? which is aimed at children aged seven and above. It features a central character, Kit, who is 12 years old, transitioning from female to male and using puberty blockers. Kit refers to having been 'assigned female at birth' and tells the reader that 'the best thing about hormone blockers is that if I change my mind then they won’t hurt my body'.

Dr Matthews' research appears in a new book, Inventing Transgender Children and Young People, edited by Prof Michele Moore and Dr Brunskell-Evans. She writes:

“The presentation of unchecked claims about drug-based interventions through books in schools is an irresponsible minimisation of invasive and experimental treatment, which seems only designed to sell it to young people.”

Thursday 5th September - Erasing Women From Reproductive Rights

The Centre for Reproductive Rights, a New York based organisation which has advanced reproductive rights for 25 years, has jumped on the 'pregnant people' bandwagon.

Friday 6th September - Radical Feminists Silenced & Smeared

The Institute of Art & Ideas has withdrawn the work of three lesbian radical feminist academics and writers whilst publishing a statement which likens them to Holocaust deniers.

The IAI commissioned a piece on the polarisation of Western society by the transgender debate and requested contributions from Dr Holly Lawford-Smith (Senior Lecturer in Political Philosophy at the University of Melbourne), Professor Kathleen Stock (Professor of philosophy at the University of Sussex), Julie Bindel (journalist, writer, feminist campaigner and co-founder of Justice for Women), Robin Dembroff (Assistant Professor in the Philosophy Department at Yale University), Susan Stryker (Professor of Philosophy and Senior Research Scholar in the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University) and Rebecca Kukla (Professor of Gender and Women's Studies at the University of Arizona, and Visiting Professor, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Yale University).

After the piece was published, Robin Dembroff, Susan Stryker and Rebecca Kukla  wrote letters to the editor expressing their outrage at being included in the article with the other authors. Consequently the IAI withdrew the original piece and published their retraction statement. This statement likens the points of view put forward by the other writers to Holocaust denial or a belief in corrective rape for lesbianism and grossly misrepresents their work.

Professor Kathleen Stock published a statement which also includes a link to her original piece for the IAI.

"These philosophers are happy to use intimidation of editors,  and  attempted intimidation of gender-critical philosophers, under the guise  of moral outrage, to shut us up, rather than intellectual engagement.  Perhaps they even believe that we are such harmful individuals that any  such tactics are appropriate. Either way, I’m embarrassed for them. Is  there any other area of philosophy in which gate-keeping is so intense?  Why is that, I wonder?"