Monday 11th May - Well, it's not as if statistics are important

The Spectator published an article focusing on the importance of collating sex-disaggregated data, particularly during the current coronavirus crisis. It expresses concern that increasing numbers of organisations are skewing vital data by conflating sex with gender identity.

In the article, Alice Sullivan (professor of Sociology at University College London) points out: "Sex is a fundamental demographic variable which affects almost every aspect of our lives. Yet for some time now, government agencies have been quietly replacing sex with gender identity in their data collection."

For example, police forces will attribute crimes committed by males to women if the perpetrator 'identifies as female'.

Yes, even rape.

Professor Sullivan points out that the next UK census is due in 2021. For over two centuries the census has collected information about the population based on sex.

"Yet the census authorities plan to advise respondents to the 2021 census that they may answer the sex question according to their gender identity. This will damage the ability of the census to monitor inequalities between women and men."

Tuesday 12th May - An Unsporting Chance

The New York Post reported on a legal case currently underway in Connecticut.

In February, a lawsuit was filed against the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) on behalf of three young female athletes.  

The action intends to challenge the CIAC policy which allows biological male students to compete in the women's divisions. It outlines that the girls' “Opportunities for participation, recruitment, and scholarships” have been directly and negatively impacted by the Connecticut transgender policy.

Connecticut Trans Athletes Terry Miller & Andraya Yearwood

During a conference call in April, District Judge Robert Chatigny instructed the girls' attorneys that they must not refer to the male athletes as male. According to a transcript of the call he stated, “Referring to these ­individuals as ‘transgender ­females’ is consistent with science, common practice and perhaps human decency.”

Well, that's not controlling and prejudicial at all. Oh, no, wait that's exactly what it is.

Chatigny is suggesting that biological males are part of the category 'female' which would suggest he has already reached a conclusion in the case. As Libby Emmons points out:

"The judge’s demand is only consistent with the Orwellian language games of gender ideology, which aim to obscure, rather than disclose, the truth. You don’t have to be a conservative to see this. The scientific truth is that Yearwood and Miller are biologically male. They were born with XY chromosomes, they have male muscle mass and stamina and they have gone through male puberty."

The lawyers in the suit have filed a motion asking the judge to recuse himself. The case continues.

Wednesday 13th May - The Bleedin' Obvious

Sports science expert, Ross Tucker, shared a paper by developmental biologist, Dr Emma Hilton, and Tommy Lundberg, a lecturer and researcher in Clinical Physiology at Karolinska Institutet.

At the moment, many official sports bodies allow transgender competitors to play on women's teams, even at the highest levels, if their testosterone is lowered. However, this paper demonstrates that biological males retain physical advantages over women, ever after testosterone suppression, and that such policies are incredibly unfair to women.

"The data shows that the physical advantage enjoyed by biological males over females is only minimally reduced when testosterone is suppressed as per current and historical policies. Furthermore, the reductions observed in muscle mass, size, and strength are very small compared to the baseline differences between males and females in these variables... This review compels sporting organizations to reassess their policies regarding inclusion of transgender women."

Everyone who isn't insane knows this, of course. Why do we keep having to present the argument?

Thursday 14th May - Gaslighting The Law Makers

MP for Thurrock, Jackie Doyle-Price, has been paying the price for defending women's sex based rights and wanting to protect gender non-conforming children.

The LGBT Foundation in particular has branded her a transphobe for understanding that 'woman' is a biological sex class and refusing to bend the knee to our new space overlords.

The LGBT Foundation is a national charity which "exists to support the needs of the diverse range of people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans". Hard to understand how the needs of lesbians are supported by an organisation which pretends men can be women.

Of course, self-appointed Gender Defender, Adrian Harrop, also waded in to try and keep Jackie in line.

"This is not your place, Jackie..." says the junior doctor to a publicly elected law-maker who spent two years as secretary of state in the Department of Health. But that's men for you! (Sorry, men).,

Friday 15th May - Transing Sexual Predators

Wales Online reported on a paedophile who, only weeks after being released from prison, was back in court for approaching and harassing minors.

In May 2018 Joshua Harvey was jailed for five counts of attempting to incite a girl to engage in sexual activity. A sexual harm prevention order was also imposed, banning Harvey from having any future contact with children.

Shortly after his release from prison, Harvey was observed approaching young boys at a Remembrance event. He also scared teenage girls working in a fast food outlet, making them feel unsafe and telling them he had a 'surprise' for them.

Harvey admitted to two breaches of his sexual harm prevention order at Cardiff Crown Court and was sentenced to two years. He is currently in HM Parc Prison (a category B male prison) in Bridgend.

Throughout the article Harvey is referred to as a woman and described as 'she' and 'her'.  Apart from one oblique reference to his change of name, the Wales Online piece completely omits to mention that Harvey is a male.

Apparently Gwent Police declined to provide Wales Online with a custody image of Harvey. Why not?

"Leah" Harvey

Also Today - The Baroness v The Gender Fairy

Twitter user Alan Henness drew our attention to a letter written by Baroness Nicholson defending women's rights and opportunities.

Baroness Nicholson wrote to the President of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) concerning a recent article in RPS publication, The Pharmaceutical Journal. The article was seeking nominations of female pharmacy professionals to be on the RPS "Women to Watch" list.

Celebrating the women of an industry in which females make up the majority of the workforce but are hugely underrepresented in senior roles? Sounds like a good idea. Just one problem; the RPS doesn't actually know what a woman is.

When Alan challenged the RPS, their response made it quite clear that their definition of the word 'woman' includes those "born male".

Saturday 16th May - Teenager Challenges CPS's Stonewall Bias

Greg Hurst wrote in The Times about the 14 year old girl threatening legal action against the Crown Prosecution Service because of its association with Stonewall.

The schoolgirl at the centre of the action has already been responsible for Oxfordshire County Council withdrawing its schools 'trans toolkit' guidelines. The policy allowed 'gender identity' to supersede biological sex and meant male pupils could be accommodated in female bathrooms, changing rooms and dormitories.

This new case concerns the CPS promise of an internal review of these guidelines, which, the girl's lawyers maintain, are reminiscent of Stonewall's campaign objectives and do not reflect the Equalities Act 2010. (The act currently lists sex and gender reassignment as characteristics protected under law, but not gender identity, as Stonewall would like and campaigns for.)

The CPS is part of Stonewall's “diversity champions” programme and, as such, is expected to extend its support for LGBT staff outside the workplace. Stonewall encourages members like the CPS to be “advocates and agents of positive change”. Lawyers have issued a pre-action letter to the CPS’s maintaining its association with Stonewall and participation on this programme puts it in breach of the law by failing to demonstrate impartiality.

The teenage girl told the paper:

“I do not believe the CPS can be fair as they are listening to Stonewall, who are misrepresenting what the law says about my rights to female-only spaces. I do not trust them to focus on the safety, privacy and dignity of girls.”

It didn't take long for those on the Right Side of History to mobilise an attack.

Shon "Enjoy your erasure" Faye employed a breath-taking false equivalence to promote the notion that 14 year old kids can understand and consent to life-altering and irreversible medical treatment.  

Juno Dawson and Darren Styles, owner of Attitude magazine, attacked the teenage litigant herself. The former accused her of being funded by fundamentalist church groups, the latter suggested legal action to have her declared her a vexatious litigant.

Remember, they are talking about a 14-year-old child who is trying to secure for herself and her classmates a space where they can be sure there are no male-bodied people present.

Who would oppose this?

Why do they not want to answer questions about their positions?

What exactly is happening here?

Sunday 17th May - Stonewall's Ministry of Truth

The one remaining grown-up at Stonewall must have been in charge of the Twitter account, at least temporarily, on Sunday.

They tweeted "The word 'Homo' comes from the Greek word 'same', it includes anyone who is same-sex attracted". This is a statement which should be in no way contentious, especially coming from an organisation which allegedly  exists to support the needs and rights of lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

Yet less than half an hour after this totally innocuous statement was made, the tweet was deleted.

'Same-sex attraction', according to various heavyweight LGBT intellectuals (or, to put it another way, 'gender grifters'), is now problematic because it excludes straight people from homosexuality.

So it had to go.