Monday 18th May - Pink News

Continuing in its campaign to help destroy LGBT acceptance amongst young people, Pink News are continuing to pretend they think JK Rowling is a bigot. This is because they're cynical fashionistas who think their readers are idiots.

This time she was vilified for the heinous crime of 'liking' the following tweet.

The "hideously transphobic" tweet concerns Alex Drummond, a fully intact bearded male who claims to be "Expanding the bandwidth of what it means to be a woman". OF COURSE he is on Stonewall's trans advisory board and, we are reliably informed, has even visited Cardiff schools to tell confused kids all about being a lesbian.

This appropriation might look harmless enough, but by adopting it he promotes an ideology that has had a catastrophic effect on lesbians. We don't think Alex is a bad guy. He's the kind of eccentric that the UK does very well. But by adopting gender ideology as his pole-star , he has allowed his nonconformity to become poisoned, so a likeable, attention-seeking rogue who might actually be a laugh at parties helping maintain an absolutely horrible environment for lesbians.

Alex! It's not too late! Don't be remembered in this way! As a kind of Rachel Dolezal who got away with it for a bit longer, which, by the way, is another example of male privilege, because when Rachel Dolezal was appropriating the lived reality of an oppressed group, at least she made an effort.

"Er, guys? Lesbians can have beards."

Anyway, back to the tweet. Fred Sargeant is a gay rights veteran. He was a key player in the Stonewall riots and an organiser of the first NYC Gay Pride March. The currently fashionable form of the LGBT movement hate his guts, because he keeps undercutting their revisionist attempts to place transwomen at the centre of the riots.

These people, who are pushing gender ideology like it was their murdered father's dying wish, have no hesitation in casting this absolute lion of a man, this LGBT hero, as a bigot. And the proof of his bigotry? JK Rowling liked a tweet by him. And she's a bigot, which means he's a bigot, which means she's a bigot, which means he's a bigot, which means she's a bigot...

TLDR: a pioneer of gay rights objected to a straight man pretending to be a lesbian, JK Rowling approved of this sentiment and the team at Pink News sided with the straight guy.

Also Today - Help Wanted (Gaslighting Traumatised Children)

Survivors' Network, the Sussex-based support service for survivors of sexual violence and abuse, posted a job vacancy on Twitter. The service is currently recruiting a Children's Independent Sexual Violence Advisor to work with survivors of sexual abuse aged 13 and under.

They are seeking only female applicants for this post as being female is deemed a genuine occupational requirement under Schedule 9 of the Equality Act 2010. Of course, it makes sense. Children who've suffered horrific abuse at the hands of a male perpetrator require a female case worker to help them heal.

There's only one problem. Can you guess what it is?

That's right, at the Survivors' Network "Feminism includes everyone". Which means men.

Not only are applications open to "Self identifying women", but "T women are particularly encouraged".

Actively encouraging any male who identifies as a woman to work with traumatised and vulnerable children. What could possibly go wrong?

Children at the Survivor's Network will just have to 'cope'. Maybe Alex Drummond can come in and tell them about being a lesbian.

Tuesday 19th May - Bullying & Harassment at the University of Bristol

Raquel Rosario Sánchez launched a CrowdJustice page in order to raise funds for a legal action against the University of Bristol.

Raquel is a writer, feminist and campaigner from the Dominican Republic. In January 2018 she began a PhD at the University of Bristol.

The following month, Woman’s Place UK (WPUK) organised a meeting in Bristol which Sanchez chaired. An anonymous open letter, calling for the meeting to be cancelled and making defamatory slurs against WPUK, was circulated to university staff and students.

Since then Raquel has faced constant abuse and harassment from trans activists at the university. These have ranged from online threats of violence to masked protesters turning up to events she was attending. She made a formal complaint about the bullying and intimidation she endured but the University failed to take any action and never even questioned the students involved.

Dr Emma Williamson, Head of the Centre for Gender and Violence Research at the University of Bristol, issued a public statement denouncing the way the university handled the situation.

One of the students at the centre of the aggression (referred to in documentation as 'Student B') has form where abusing women is concerned.

Raquel Rosario Sánchez is now now preparing litigation against the University of Bristol for its failure to protect her from bullying and harassment.

"I believe that the University’s failure to protect me is because they have a policy of not properly applying its disciplinary procedures against students who identify as trans rights activists... My case is about how an elite university treats its students when nobody is watching and they believe that they’ll face no consequences."

We're definitely watching now, Raquel.

Wednesday 20th May - Publicly Funded Grooming of School Kids

Shelly Charlesworth exposed a Manchester based LGBT youth charity and its deeply concerning teaching materials.

The Proud Trust is a very well-funded organisation. Its funders have included the National Lottery, local government departments, local councils, EHRC and the Arts Council. It recently received £100,00 from the Tampon Tax Fund to work with disadvantaged lesbian & bisexual women.

The project was based on The Proud Trust's "Sexuality AGender – An Inclusive Sexual Health Toolkit" which is aimed at children aged 13 and upwards. Schools are told this toolkit "Can be delivered as part of your PSHE programme" and that it "Helps you meet your statutory requirements to deliver LGBT+ inclusive RSE".

This toolkit features the "Dice Game" in which children discuss the potential sexual activity of two body parts which appear on faces of the dice. The body parts listed include anus, penis, vuvla and hands and there's also a side that reads 'object'. There is an accompanying grid to explain the possible activities when, say, anus meets hands or vulva meets 'object'. "Every combination is worthy of a conversation" says the text.

Pupils are told, “There may be some detail around impact of transition healthcare on sexual activity that you are unsure about. This may include the impact of taking hormones on the body & reproduction, lubrication for constructed vaginas etc”.

Remember, this is for children aged 13 and upwards.

And for younger children, primary schools can purchase a 'Trans Positive' kit. This is advertised as being suitable for a PSHE Key Stage 2 programme (ie applicable to pupils aged 7 - 11). Gender woo for kids, all prettily cloaked in stories about aliens.

The teaching materials also turned up in this excellent Downfall parody.

The teaching materials have fucked us all!

Thursday 21st May - They come for the artists

Outpost is a Norwich-based art gallery/studio where painter, Stephanie Douet, used to have a space.

Several months ago Douet read the harrowing story of detransitioner, Keira Bell. Keira believes she was rushed into medical transition as a teenager at great cost to her physical and mental health. This prompted Douet to begin a discussion on the aesthetics of biological sex on her own Facebook page (which is, for a start, not associated with the gallery).

I want to float my view that for someone to want to change gender is a failure of imagination and visual awareness" she wrote. "If you feel you are in the wrong body, surgically altering that body is not the only possible solution. There is more to being a man or woman than just looking like a man or woman."

Woke Stasi member #889438734287 made a complaint to the gallery about the comment. Outpost accused Stephanie of making "explicitly transphobic statements" and of breaching its studio licence agreement. After some email exchanges between Stephanie and the board of trustees, she was given notice to leave her studio.

You can read about this story in greater detail on Stephanie's blog.

"My question is this: how is anyone ever to gain any meaningful understanding, see someone else’s point of view or change their mind - without asking questions?"

Friday 22nd May - "Can all the LGB members of the LGBT community please leave the room"

The teaching materials turn up in this excellent Downfall parody.

Saturday 23rd May - The Homophobia on "The Right Side of History"

Arielle Scarcella pointed out an example of the rampant homophobia so frequently demonstrated by gender cultists.

Ryan John Butcher is the Web Editor at Pink News, a publication which is supposed to  represent gay men, lesbians and bisexual people. They actually boast about how they "Empower people to be themselves" on their website.

Yet here is one of their editors describing same-sex attraction as "literally the dictionary definition of transphobia".

Over to Matthew Greenfield to explain why it really matters when so-called LGB organisations and publications vilify the very people they're supposed to support.

Also Today - These Aren't Just Any Mixed Sex Changing Rooms

DAILY MAIL: Marks & Spencer's 'self ID' changing room policy is putting women and children at risk.

Baroness Emma Nicholson wrote to M&S Chairman, Archie Norman, over his stores allowing males to use female changing rooms if they 'identify as women'. She told him that M&S had misunderstood the legislation regarding single-sex spaces and urged him to change the policy. She also warned that M&S are putting women and girls at risk of predators and voyeurism.

M&S responded to Baroness Nicholson's letter by stating, "We recognise customers will self-identify and respect their right to choose the fitting rooms they feel comfortable in".

Of course women should not have to justify their right to safety and privacy. But were such justification required, this jaw-dropping story of two entitled males blagging their way into the female changing rooms at the M&S Glasgow should be all anyone needs.

As recently as two years ago the dangers to women in mixed sex changing rooms were well-known. Yet retailers are still ignoring women's voices and putting themselves at risk of lawsuits because of the incoherent advice they are being given by Stonewall.

Speaking of which...

Sunday 24th May - Ministry of Truth Silences Social Science Expert

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Stonewall's new CEO, Nancy Kelley, was one of those responsible for 'cancelling' census expert, Professor Alice Sullivan.

Alice Sullivan, a leading social scientist, is Director of the 1970 British Cohort Study and Professor of Sociology at University College London. Last month she was due to speak at a seminar organised by The National Centre for Social Research (NatCen) alongside officials from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), organiser of the 2021 national census.

Professor Sullivan intended to discuss her concerns regarding the proposed ONS guidelines which will allow people to record their 'self identified' gender as opposed to their biological sex on next year's census. She feels that this will compromise the accuracy of important data and have a deleterious effect on the monitoring of inequalities between women and men.

However, the seminar was cancelled and Professor Sullivan never got to make that speech.

NatCen members accused Professor Sullivan of having “anti-trans views” and claimed they were worried that her attendance might reflect badly on the organisation. Emails circulated among NatCen's six-strong leadership team reveal that they were acting on suggestions from its LGBT group.

Nancy Kelley, who takes over as Stonewall's head next week, is currently NatCen's Deputy Chief Executive and Director of the Policy Research Centre.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

See you next week.