(Because it's too exhausting to observe preferred pronouns, our pronoun use in future War On Women posts will be reality-based.)

Monday 1st June - Male Teacher Demands Access to Girls' Toilets

Our attention was drawn to an article by MK McFain which should have everyone's alarm bells ringing.

Vica Steel (formerly Mark Busenbark)

Vica Steel is a trans-identified male formerly known as Mark Busenbark. He is a science teacher at Frank Allis Elementary School in Madison, Wisconsin. In an open letter to Our Lives LGBT website, Steel accuses the Madison Metropolitan School District of transphobia because it requires him to use a different bathroom from the children at the school.

Yes, you read that correctly. Steel is angry that, like all of the other teachers at Frank Allis Elementary School, 'she' is required to use the adult toilets: not being allowed to pee with little girls is transphobic, apparently.

Steel's argument is why shouldn't he be allowed into the girls' toilet when grown women and young girls aren't segregated in toilet facilities in shopping malls, restaurants and museums etc?

Well, two reasons. One is that Vica works in a school, not a mall or a museum, and schools segregate staff from children in bathrooms for very obvious safeguarding reasons. And the other reason is that Vica is male.  

Note that Steel has already colonized the ladies' room at the school; staff members can choose which adult bathroom they use based on their 'gender identity'.  So why is he so keen to access the girls' toilets when there's a perfectly acceptable staff bathroom right down the hall?

"Steel’s open letter argues that since adult bathrooms are sparse in the old Allis Elementary school building, using an adult female bathroom would be an inconvenience. Steel would have to walk “halfway down our long hallways, and down to the first floor” to access an adult bathroom, and argues that all the female staff at Allis use children’s bathrooms without issue."

Also Today - Trauma Not Gender Dysphoria

LOST IN TRANSITION: Jay, a woman who spent almost a decade "identifying as a man" and medically transitioning, explains her decision to detransition.

After years of taking testosterone and undergoing surgery, Jay realised that the roots of her transition lay in childhood trauma.

"I began to see that childhood abuse was a major factor for the hatred I felt for myself and my body... Transition was something that I latched onto in hopes that it would aid in suppression of my trauma which it did, but the cost was high."

In the UK both detransitioners and clinicians have expressed alarm that comorbidities are rarely examined in children seeking help at gender clinics. Other possible causes of a patient's issues, such as abuse, internalised homophobia etc, are not explored.

Jay explains that medical transition actually intensified her body issues and led to a vicious circle of depression and surgery.

"I thought transition would bring the happiness that I so desperately sought. I thought it would bring solace and that this is what I needed in order to find my true self... Transitioning became all that consumed me. I changed my persona. It led me to run from my true self."

And keeping in mind the trauma and physical damage which can be caused to gender-confused young people...

Tuesday 2nd June - Let's Trans Irish Kids!

IRISH INDEPENDENT: A Fine Gael report recommends that all children under the age of 16 should be able to legally change and 'self declare' their gender.

Fine Gael, the third-largest political party in Ireland, has prepared a policy paper for the government formation talks which recommends changing legislation to allow all children to change their legal sex.

Current Irish legislation means only people over the age of 18 are able to legally change sex. Children of 16 and 17 years old can apply to the courts but must have parental and medical approval to do so.

The report drafted by Fine Gael recommends that parental permission should no longer be required for teenagers of 16 and 17 to 'change' their sex. More alarmingly, it also recommends that law should "Permit children aged under 16 years of age to secure legal recognition of gender by removing the ­criterion relating to minimum age".

If we pretend that children are able to make such huge and life-altering decisions, what else might people be persuaded that children can consent to?

Wednesday 3rd June - Ownership Over the Rainbow

Thanks to Twitter account Gender Is Harmful for this example of the narcissism and entitlement which epitomizes trans activism.

During the pandemic, the rainbow has become a symbol of support for NHS staff. Of particular significance and poignancy are the rainbows drawn by children on display all over the UK.

Artmongers is a South London based group of creatives dedicated to working with the local communities to bring artwork to public spaces. They painted a local footbridge with a rainbow as a force of hope and positivity during the lockdown.

Photo Credit: Venice Allan

Of course, the neighbourhood narcissists just couldn't cope with something not being about them. They vandalised this beautiful community artwork with a set of rather shoddily executed stencils.

Photo Credit: Venice Allan
Photo Credit: Venice Allan

Typical of so many aggressive bullies who try to ride the coattails of the gay rights movement, they have revised LGB history. The original gay pride flag did NOT have 6 stripes. The flag originally comprised eight stripes of different colours to which Gilbert Baker assigned a specific meaning. Although designed by Baker, it was the brainchild of activist, Harvey Milk, who wanted a symbol for the gay community.

Learn your history before you presume to lecture others, you entitled, privileged children.

Thursday 4th June - Hormones Not 'Safe' or 'Reversible' After All

THE SPECTATOR: The NHS has (very quietly) changed its guidelines on the prescription of hormone treatment for children.

BEFORE: "The effects of treatment with GnRH analogues are considered to be fully reversible, so treatment can usually be stopped at any time."

AFTER: "Little is known about the long-term side effects of hormone or puberty blockers in children with gender dysphoria.

Although the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) advises this is a physically reversible treatment if stopped, it is not known what the psychological effects may be.

It's also not known whether hormone blockers affect the development of the teenage brain or children's bones. Side effects may also include hot flushes, fatigue and mood alterations."

Regular readers may recall that even over a year ago accusations were being made against the NHS's Gender Identity Development Service for suppressing research into the potential harm caused by hormone treatment for children.

They may also remember that in recent years a number of clinicians have resigned from the Tavistock and Portman clinic (including former Governor, Marcus Evans) over serious concerns about the use of this hormone treatment for children and the pressure put on GIDS by the trans lobby to prescribe it.

In his piece, Kirkup asks two very important questions:

"Given that the NHS now says that hormone therapy for gender-variant children has unknown long-term effects on the physical and mental health of those children, why is the NHS still using such treatments on children?

And what are the children and parents who were reassured by those earlier NHS words supposed to think now that the same service that issued those treatments is now admitting it doesn’t know what their long-term effects will be?"

Friday 5th June - Woke Labour MP Betrays Women & Girls

In April, the Minister for Women and Equalities, Liz Truss addressed the Women and Equalities Select Committee. She described her three priorities regarding the Gender Recognition Act; protecting adult trans rights while maintaining proper checks and balances, upholding the rights of women and girls to single-sex spaces and protecting children from irreversible harms caused by medical intervention.

All perfectly reasonable, one might think.

Zarah Sultana is the Labour MP for Coventry North and a member of the Commons Science and Technology Committee.

On Friday she tweeted a letter to Liz Truss, taking issue with her recent comments. It is littered with the usual unsourced references to suicide rates and hate crimes and a lot of vague numbers and percentages are bandied about accompanied by the familiar hyperbole. There was talk of the "widespread abuse of trans people" and the "fear and trepidation" of thousands.

Sultana referenced the feminist groups and individuals who have campaigned to maintain women's sex-based rights and safety and protect vulnerable gender non-conforming children from potentially harmful medical treatment. She described them as 'hateful' and accused them of 'hysteria'.

Saturday 6th June - Scottish Government Redefines the Word "Woman"

It's not just English politicians who seem determined to steamroll over the female half of the electorate. In Scotland this week, law makers were determined to render the word 'woman' meaningless.

In March 2018 the Scottish Government introduced its Gender Representation on Public Boards Act. The intention of this legislation, to improve the representation and numbers of women on the boards of Scottish public authorities, seems quite admirable on the surface.

However, the Scottish government has now published its Statutory Guidance to the Gender Representation on Public Boards (Scotland) Act. As campaigners feared, this act will be absolutely futile given that, within it, the word 'woman' includes males. Blogger, Andrew R, has examined the wording of the guidance.

Andrew points out that the definition of 'woman' not only means "Anyone born female" as per the UK's Equality Act 2010, it includes those who meet the following criteria:

  1. Have the characteristic of gender reassignment, as defined in the Equality Act
  2. Be proposing to undergo, is undergoing or undergone a process (or part of a process) for the purpose of reassigning their sex to female
  3. Be living as a woman

"Be living as a woman'? What does that mean? Well, according to the guidance the subject doesn't even need to dress or look a particular way; using female pronouns and calling himself Susan is enough for a male to be considered a woman under the terms of this legislation.

So, the board of a public body could be comprised of 50% men and 50% men who like to be called 'she' and that would satisfy the terms of this 'Gender Representation' act.

Sunday 7th June - She Who Will Not Be Shamed

On Saturday night, JK Rowling tweeted her objection to women being described as "People who menstruate" in an article about menstruation.

She then made further comments stating that whilst, she supports the rights of any trans person to live the way they wish to, denying sex is real is erases the experiences of women and those same-sex attracted. "It isn't hate to speak the truth."

Of course, on Sunday Trans Twitter and its cabal of flying monkeys reacted in predictable style with the usual accusations of hatred and transphobia.

And OF COURSE a Labour MP couldn't wait to leap on the bandwagon. Kim Johnson MP was "appalled".

Then, there was the plain old fashioned woman-hating rage to which we are accustomed.

Juno "gay men really want to be women" Dawson's spin actually implied that JK Rowling wishes to remove transwomen from public life. Quite a reach.

And one Liverpool medic was so outraged he had to mute a fictional wizard school.

Next week we'll be devoting our whole week to JK Rowling, who is being as heroic as her characters at the moment.