Monday 25th May - Follow the Money

Arielle Scarcella made a video about the medical transitioning of gender non-conforming young women and girls.

She begins by looking at the huge sums of money involved in treating teenagers who have issues around gender identity and how much profit there is to be made out of them.

Arielle then describes the huge increase in young women, and especially young lesbians, seeking treatment for gender related issues. She speaks to Leoaica Motanelul, a 30 year old woman who is detransitioning after undergoing six years of testosterone. Leoaica has also has a mastectomy and a hysterectomy.

Leoaica: "Puberty sucks. For everybody. And just because you have those thoughts of 'It would be better if I were a man, it'd be easier', it doesn't necessarily mean you're trans. It doesn't necessarily mean that you're not supposed to be a woman. Wait a little. Take some time. Go to therapy. Think this through... It's not unusual to be a gender non-conforming female and to hate your female body."

Tuesday 26th May - GMB Caves in to Bullies & Cancels Mumsnet Q&A

The GMB is a trade union which is supposed to represent all workers. It has 620,000 members, over half of whom are women.

In light of the Covid 19 crisis, the GMB arranged to host an online advice session with Mumsnet to discuss, among other subjects, the issues women are currently facing in the workplace, including pregnancy and childcare.

Such discussions are extremely important at the moment since female workers are more likely to be in keyworker jobs such as social care, nursing and pharmacy and, therefore, at high risk of exposure to the corona virus. Furthermore, women are far more likely to be impacted by home-schooling and childcare issues during lockdown.

The GMB was subject to a bullying campaign by those on The Right Side of History, who objected to its working with Mumsnet. The usual misogyny was deployed.

The same old accusations about hatred and transphobia were thrown around:

Of course, no proof of the accusations being made about Mumsnet ever materialised. But the GMB caved almost immediately.

Thanks to Bill Baggins for investigating the two Twitter accounts which were responsible for making most of the noise.

The union issued a statement about pulling out of the Q&A:

"We will immediately pause our Mumsnet work... We are committed to rebuilding trust with our trans members and redoubling our efforts to challenge transphobia and end discrimination in all workplaces and beyond."

The GMB claims it abides by the wishes of its members. Perhaps its female members need to remind them that they exist?

Wednesday 27th May - Standing Up To Trans Cult Bullies

FAIR COP: A gender critical woman revealed how she had to fight to keep her job following a training session at her workplace organised by rainbow shysters, Gendered Intelligence.

The author explained that she works at a Russell Group university where she attended a "Trans Awareness" workshop, intended to explore what “trans” means and to promote trans inclusion in the workplace. The obviously male trainer claimed to be “non-binary” but told his credulous audience he had chosen to present as masculine in order to be “Authoritative”.

Because men are authoritative and women are...who knows? Something else, anyway.

During the Q&A session, the author asked the GI trainer to comment on the increase in young girls identifying as trans and the growing number of detransitioners. The training was hastily brought to an end.

A month later the university received a formal complaint from Gendered Intelligence, accusing the author of unprofessional and aggressive behaviour, harassment and transphobia. Thus began an investigation and a six-month-long disciplinary process.

"I could not have imagined the spurious and outlandish allegations that followed. Gendered Intelligence’s account not only misrepresented events, it was a work of shameless invention, presenting one falsehood after another. They demanded that the university “hold the individual to account” and “take appropriate action against them.” They went further, asking the university to examine and strengthen its procedures, which can only be regarded as a blatant attempt to silence dissenting voices at any future events."

Luckily, the woman was eventually cleared of any wrong-doing but no thanks to Gendered Intelligence and their attempts to muzzle an uppity women who challenged their unscientific, baseless, misleading bullshit.

Thursday 28th May - TransgenderTrend's Stonewall Report

Transgender Trend published their deeply alarming report on the guidance Stonewall provides for schools.

Over the past 5 years Stonewall has produced no less than TEN different sets of guidance for schools on "Supporting LGBT young people". TransgenderTrend's report shows that all Stonewall reports deviate from scientific fact, contain misleading information about the Equalities Act 2010, promote baseless gender identity ideology, adhere to regressive sex stereotypes and disregard vital safeguarding processes.

Even more worryingly, the latest Stonewall guide also has an entire section dedicated to neurodivergent children and children who have learning challenges.

A staggering 48% of children referred to the Tavistock & Portman clinic have ASD traits to a greater or lesser degree.  And yet, instead of questioning why this might be, Stonewall are advising that young people on the autism spectrum should be encouraged to discover their 'gender identity', sending even more of them down a medicalised pathway.

this might be a good time to remind everyone of the Mermaids slide which purpoprted to identify the 'signs' that your child might be trans.

The word 'may' doing an awful lot of work there.

Also Today - Sadistic Murderer is a Woman Because He Says So

DAILY MAIL: A trans-identified male and his accomplice were sentenced for the kidnap, horrific torture and murder of a 17 year old girl in Auckland, New Zealand.

Shane "Ashley" Winter and Kerry Te Amo were found guilty of murdering Dimetrius Pairama in Auckland last year. They subjected the teenager to a prolonged and horrific ordeal, beating and burning her, then hanging her with a makeshift noose at a derelict Auckland house. This week they were both sentenced to life imprisonment.

Kerry Te Amo (left) & Shane "Ashley" Winters (right) Photo : RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly

Both an eye witness and a police officer testified that Winter was the instigator of the violence. Justice Brewer said that Winter was the 'dominant offender' and 'in charge'. Crown Prosecutor, Natalie Walker, stated that Winter had not accepted responsibility for the crime and was at high risk of re-offending.

Throughout the reporting of this case, Winter's transgender status has rarely been mentioned. He is referred to as 'she' and 'her' in most media reports, so once again, a horrendous, male crime has been attributed to women.

Friday 29th May - JK Rowling & The Echoes of McCarthyism

The woke stasi had children's author JK Rowling in its cross hairs again. The assault began days earlier when she launched her latest children's book, The Ickabog, free online and then invited children to design illustrations for the published version.

This prompted transwoman and former Canadian Green Party candidate, Nicole Spurling, to make a breathtaking accusation.

It didn't take long for self-appointed Witch Finder General, Adrian Harrop, to jump onboard this particular bandwagon, comparing the children's author with a notorious serial paedophile.

However, it turns out that trying to intimidate women into silence isn't quite as effective when you're bullying a millionaire with very powerful lawyers. Both Spurling and Harrop had to retract their statements, albeit with poor grace and a sullenness worthy of any hormonal teenager.

But, of course, trans activists took to Twitter to repeat the accusations using the hashtag #CantSueUsAll.

Some of the usual suspects got involved, too.

Then JK Rowling stirred the hornet's nest of trans activism even further when she accidentally tweeted about the violent assault on a 60 year old woman by a trans-identified male in his 20s. (The subsequent court case saw the female victim being instructed to refer to her male attacker as 'she' and 'her' whilst giving evidence.)

Those on The Right Side of History reacted to JK's interest in the case with their usual outrage, threats and hyperbole.

There were the standard sex-based insults we've come to expect.

This guy, a journalist from The Independent, talks of JK being 'radicalised'.

There was the usual 'right to exist' bilge and, of course, accusations of Nazism.

There was even an attempt to hijack the hashtag associated with JK's latest book (which children were using to send illustrations) and flood it with "Dicks and stuff".

Saturday 30th May - The DARVO Tactics of Trans Activism

UNCOMMON GROUND MEDIA: Jennifer Bilek wrote about the gaslighting tactics of trans activism and their overwhelming similarity to those of men's rights activism.

"We need to disavow ourselves of the idea that “transgenderism” is anything but a men’s rights activist agenda using tools of manipulation to present themselves as victims. All the rights being openly fought for by TRAs are men’s rights to violate women’s rights and bodily integrity."

Jennifer points out that over the last decade women's rights, spaces, opportunities and even safety have been eroded using classic DARVO (deny, attack, reverse victim and offender) tactics. Men now have access to women's prisons, sports, scholarships, colleges and facilities, men are no longer just speaking over women, they're speaking as women, male violence is being attributed to women and even the very language women use to describe our lives and our bodies is being erased.

"We are dealing with a dangerous agenda... There are rich, powerful men driving this technological, biophobic, gaslighting, program across the globe and we are the victims. All of us are the victims. The tech gods have spoken and the sacrifice they want is your humanity – literally your physical sex. Are you going to give it to them without a fight?"

Sunday 31st May - Ah, Entitlement, Thy Name is Woke Bloke

Dr Jane Clare Jones posted a thread on Twitter, highlighting a conversation she'd had with a PhD student at Cambridge University.

Joe's rhetoric and behaviour are indicative of the sort of unthinking lefty woke bloke attracted by trans activism. His misogyny is revealed almost immediately by describing the state of being female, ie having female reproductive capacity, as "diminishing". He then completely dismisses Dr Jones' explanations, makes unfounded accusations of hatred, fails to engage in the argument or present proof of his claims, resorts to personal insults and, finally, blocks.

This, as Dr Jones points out, demonstrates the standard of analysis and argument of those being trained to think by the best universities in the country.

"We are in an extremely precarious point of human history. We are dealing with extreme sovereigntist far-right nationalism all over the place. And you've decided this is a good moment to put left-wing thought in a blender and start religiously churning out this pious anti-materialist patriarchal bullshit that is a precise mirror image of what you think you oppose. You are a fucking disgrace and I am never going to forgive you for this shitshow."


See you next week.