Monday 6th July - Transgender Teenagers Arrested for Murder

WOMEN ARE HUMAN: Two trans-identified teenagers have been arrested following the murder of a woman in Colorado.

44 year-old Bridget Kenner was found stabbed to death at her home in Colorado Springs in April. She had suffered two puncture wounds to the chest and her naked body had been draped in a blanket.

Police later made two arrests in connection with the murder. The suspects were 16 year old Emma Kenner, a trans identified female who calls herself Kenny, and her boyfriend, 19 year old Cohen Heath, a trans identified male who calls himself Vinn Elise. The former is the victim's daughter.

Both teenagers are now facing charges of murder, accessory to murder and tampering with physical evidence.

Tuesday 7th July - Mixed Sex Bathroom Advocate Guilty of Making Child Pornography

BBC NEWS: Former MP, Eric Joyce, has pleaded guilty to making indecent 'Category A' images of children.

Eric Joyce was a Labour MP before stepping down prior to the 2015 general election. In recent years he has been a vociferous advocate of gender identity ideology, calling biological sex "A construct well past its sell-by date".

He is very keen on erasing the "Conservative notion of a binary divide".

And, of course, he is all in favour of males having access to spaces where women and girls are naked and vulnerable. Here he is, sneering at women who protested the introduction of mixed sex facilities for school children.

Joyce was arrested in November 2018 having been found in possession of a film which "Depicts a number of children", one said to be only 12 months old. The material was designated 'Category A', the most serious there is. He was granted bail, ordered to sign the sex offenders register and will be sentenced in August.

As Maya Angelou said, "When someone shows you who they are, believe them".

Also Today - Irish Children's Minister Advocates Transing Kids

IRISH INDEPENDENT: Ireland's new Children's Minister is going to make it easier for children under sixteen to "change their gender".

Roderic O'Gorman is Ireland's new Children's Disability, Equality and Integration Minister. He has announced that the coalition government will not only make it easier for 16 and 17 year olds to legally "change their gender", but will also examine ways to enable even younger children to do the same. These aims were outlined in the Programme for Government document, Our Shared Future.

O’Gorman stated that the government is being led by 'experts' in a review group which had already advised on the Gender Recognition Act. The review group in question was actually put together under the previous government by former Fine Gael minister, Regina Doherty. It was led by LGBT activist, Moninne Griffith, who has no medical or clinical expertise but is the CEO of BeLonG To Youth Services, "The national organisation supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI+) young people in Ireland".

Indeed, none of the 'experts' in the review group have any expertise in children’s medicine or psychology. There is one doctor on the panel, Dr.Tanya Ní Mhuirthile, but she is a doctor of law. One member of note is trans rights activist, Sara Phillips, chair of trans lobby group, Transgender Equality Network Ireland. Only a few months ago Phillips appeared in a podcast hosted by disgraced former GP Helen Webberley whose licence to practice was suspended when her private gender clinic was found illegally prescribing sex-change hormones to children as young as twelve.

These are the 'experts' whose findings O'Gorman wishes to implement.

Wednesday 8th July - Senior Social Worker Sues The Tavistock

THE SPECTATOR: Are whistle-blowers being silenced at the NHS gender clinic?  

Sonia Appleby is a social worker with decades of experience in safeguarding and protecting children. She is currently the Named Professional for Safeguarding Children and the Safeguarding Children Lead at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. She is now taking legal action against the trust.

From Sonia Appelby's CrowdJustice site:

Sonia Appelby

In June, BBC's Newsnight broadcast details of interviews conducted with staff at the Tavistock's Gender Identity Development Service during an official review of the service. Several staff members stated that GIDS director, Polly Carmichael, discouraged them from seeking Sonia Appleby's advice when they had concerns about the children in their care.

"I've had some consultations with Polly Carmichael about some of the young people I was seeing and some of the concerns I'd raised and Polly told me very directly told me not to go to Sonia to share those concerns."

If you would like to contribute towards Sonia Appelby's legal costs you can do so at her CrowdJustice page.

Thursday 9th July - Males Welcome to Volunteer at Rape Crisis Centre

The Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre is recruiting volunteers for its helpline and email support team. Not only are 'self identifying' women eligible, but applications from transwomen are 'especially welcome'.

But CRCC is not unique. The Sheffield Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre actually admits males to the service. It is open to "All genders", it says, and welcomes "All who identify as women".

Perhaps they need to read Karen Ingala Smith's excellent piece on the subject.

"It’s not unusual for women who’ve been subjected to men’s violence to develop a trauma response... After trauma, the brain can be triggered by something that would barely register for someone else, interpreting something that for many people would be unthreatening as a serious threat or danger."

Like hearing a male voice at a rape crisis centre, for example?

Friday 10th July - Wokespeak at the BBC

THE TIMES: The BBC is encouraging its staff to add "Trans-friendly pronouns" to their email signatures.

Guidance posted on the BBC's intranet site suggests that its 22,000 employees should add their preferred pronouns to their email signature in order to to make transgender and non-binary colleagues feel more "welcome".

"It lets colleagues know your pronouns and shows that you respect other people’s too", the guidance states. Staff are encouraged to "Help to create a culture where everyone feels comfortable introducing themselves with pronouns”.

Coercion into a belief system and the control of language should be dystopian fiction, not a policy implemented by the publicly-funded national broadcaster.

July 11th July - Twitter Hates Women #807,789,456

Twitter user, Glass Hammer, revealed that she had been suspended from the site for making the statement "Only females get cervical cancer".

Cervical cancer kills approximately 850 women in the UK every year. When the disease is detected and treated early enough the 5-year survival rate is 92%. However, according to NHS information, 1 in 3 women do not take up their routine cervical smear test and many do not understand the importance of such screening.

Truthful conversation around cervical cancer is vital, even life-saving. It is a disease that will only ever affect females and we should be able to say so. But Twitter deems that "Hateful".

Sunday 12th July - Detransitioners: The Canaries in the Coal Mine

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Laura Dodsworth spoke with a number of female detranistioners about their rarely-discussed experiences.

"When I told people I was going to create a photographic series about trans men who wanted to 'detransition' and become women again, I was told to expect a backlash. Actually, I was told I would be crucified."

Trans activists react badly to public discussions about detransitioning because it challenges the validity of gender identity ideology. It particularly throws doubt on the 'affirmation only' policy applied by so many trans lobby groups to dysphoric children and indicates that young people are being pushed into transition far too early.

In recent years there has been a huge increase in children, especially girls, identifying as trans. Back when she was the Women and Equalities Minister, Penny Mourdant promised an inquiry into massive rise of young girls seeking help from gender clinics. There has been no sign of it.

There are no accurate figures to indicate just how many people who once chose to transition have since changed their minds. Laura Dodsworth spoke with a number of experts in this area, including clinicians and therapists. Nobody wanted to speak on the record but in private they expressed the view that we are going to see a large increase in the number of detransitioners. "This is just the beginning."  

Dodsworth's interviews and wider research demonstrate much common ground shared by female detransitioners; many girls have suffered sexual abuse, are on the autism spectrum, reject feminine stereotypes, internalise lesbophobia or just plain hate occupying a female body that society both vilifies and sexualises.

"I fear that the detransitioned women I interviewed are canaries in the coalmine. Not only for detransitioners, but for womanhood. They all, in some combination, found being a woman too difficult, too dangerous or too disgusting."

How many women have felt like that at some time in our lives?

See you next week.