Saturday 7th September - Protesting Against Lesbians

A group of lesbian women organised a Lesbian Strength March & Rally in Leeds.

According to the event's social media and ticket sites the intention was to enable lesbians to "Embrace themselves, to be comfortable with their sexuality and for them to know that they are loved and appreciated just as they are". Also to "Draw strength and inspiration from our rich lesbian and feminist history to recreate and reaffirm lesbian culture and lesbian spaces".

Speakers included veteran LGB campaigner and former Labour Party councillor, Linda Bellos, and detransitioner, Charlie Evans, who provided a powerful statement.

Of course, trans rights activists couldn't allow lesbians a couple of hours in which to gather and celebrate their sexuality. Hours before the march even began Joss Prior was tweeting defamatory comments.

There was also a protest against the lesbian rally which seemed overwhelmingly attended by men, proving that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Sunday 8th September - BBC Instructs Children About Gender Identity

The Times ran a story about a BBC Teach film which 'educates' school children on gender identity.

BBC Teach is a branch of the BBC which provides free classroom resources to UK schools. It has produced a series of nine films which are aimed at school children aged 9-12 to support the personal, social and health education (PSHE) curriculum.

In one of the films a young boy asks, “What are the different gender identities?” and is then praised for asking a 'really, really exciting question'.

The film then features a PSHE teacher explaining gender identity to two small children. “We know that we have got male and female, but there are over 100, if not more, gender identities now."

Stephanie Davies-Arai, author, educator and founder of parent-run organisation, Transgender Trend, told the paper:

“This is made-up nonsense. People are free to identify as anything they like, but this does not change the reality that there are only two sexes. To suggest that being male or female is just a personal identity is false and will inevitably confuse children into believing that their biological sex is a choice.”

Children are being referred to gender clinics in unprecedented numbers with the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust receiving 2,519 referrals of young people to its gender identity development service in 2017-18.

This is the state broadcaster pushing unscientific, absurd nonsense to children who are still trying to figure out the world.

BBC complaints are here.

Monday 9th September - Oppression Olympics at US PATH Town Hall

Youtuber Benjamin A Boyce posted a video from a US Professional Association for Transgender Health conference.

As Boyce describes in his introduction, a group of activists took over a town hall meeting of transgender health professionals. "This intersectional ideology, though it is nominally supposed to uplift marginalised people and bring a sense of shared solidarity, is, over and over again, commandeered by bad faith actors and used to shame, to guilt and to grab power."

Also Today - School Protests "Gender Neutral" Uniforms

The Brighton Argus published a story about the ongoing protest over 'gender neutral' uniforms at Priory School in Lewes.

In 2017 Priory School introduced regulations meaning that all pupils, whether male or female, would have to wear trousers as part of a new 'gender neutral' uniform. According to the school this was due to 'concerns' over skirt-lengths and in order to accommodate the school's transgender pupils.

The school said it would allow pupils who had already bought uniforms prior to the introduction of the new rules to continue wearing skirts but that new pupils had no option but to wear trousers.

However, trousers have now been made compulsory for all students and the school issued a statement on its website stating that students not wearing the correct uniform would have to return home and change. With no skirts allowed at all, many pupils would need to buy expensive items of clothing having already purchased a uniform they cannot now wear.

About 150 pupils and parents protested outside the school's gate on Friday.  Teachers locked the school gates and barred children not adhering to the new 'trousers only' rule from entering. The school even called the Sussex police who were also instrumental in preventing children from getting into school.

Tuesday 10th September - Stonewall's Ruth Hunt Made Life Peer

The former Chief Executive of Stonewall, Ruth Hunt, was made a cross-bench life peer in Theresa May's resignation honours list.

Ruth Hunt worked at Stonewall for 14 years. She spent the last five of years as the organisation's chief executive before stepping down in August.

She and Stonewall have been criticised for abandoning the core aims of the organisation-- ie campaigning for the rights of those who are same-sex attracted-- to push gender identity ideology.

In a 2018 Feminist Current article Julie Bindel wrote:

"The accepted definition of “lesbian” is a biological woman who is sexually attracted to, and has sexual and emotional relationships with other biological women, yet Stonewall’s definition defines homosexuality as “attraction to the same gender.” What this means is those of us that refuse to accept a male-bodied transsexual as a woman are labelled “TERFs” and hounded on social media and beyond.

LGBT activist and former artistic director of the Queer Up North Festival, Johnny Best, set up a petition calling on Stonewall to reconsider its transgender policy. Writing in February 2019, Best said of Ruth Hunt's tenure:

"Since the 2014 appointment of its current CEO, Ruth Hunt, Stonewall has alienated large numbers of lesbian, gay and bisexual people, as well as many transsexuals and heterosexual allies... The root of Stonewall’s failure over the last five years is its endorsement of gender identity and its attempt to coerce society into accepting it."

In a blog post from 2017 transwoman and activist, Miranda Yardley, wrote:

"If feminism is an ideology that centres the interests of females, you know actual girls and actual women, and Ruth Hunt as leader of Stonewall is aligning with and even promoting dogma such as ‘trans women are women’, then both she and Stonewall are anti-woman and anti-feminist. What a sell-out."
image via @crunchcpn

Wednesday 11th September - Drug Dealer & Murderer "Identifies as Female"

The BBC reported on the sentencing of drug dealer and murderer, Gerald Matovu.  

Matovu was the drug dealer who supplied serial killer, Stephen Port, with the GHB he used to murder his victims.

Together with his lover, Brandon Dunbar, Matovu targeted men through the dating app, Grindr, and used GHB to sedate and rob them. They killed businessman, Eric Michels, with an overdose.

Sentencing Matovu to 31 years for a total of 39 offences, Judge Anne Molyneux described him as an "experienced poisoner".

One detail of the story which the BBC delicately tried to gloss over with barely a mention is that Matovu now "identifies as female".

Also Today -  Primary School Installs Unisex Toilets

My London reported on a primary school which has installed unisex toilets.

Deanesfield Primary School in Ruislip has removed its single sex facilities and pupils, who are aged between five and eleven years old, now have to use unisex toilets. This has enraged parents who were not informed or consulted.

Some children are so embarrassed by having to share toilet facilities with the opposite sex that they are refusing to use them.

One parent told London Live, "There’s already been cases of boys looking over the tops at girls on the toilet. Children are so inquisitive at school age. Girls are being forced to hold themselves until they get home which could damage kidneys. My friend's daughter has been holding herself all day because she’s so embarrassed."

Thursday 13th September - The Book They're Trying to Ban

Trans rights activists are doing everything in their power to prevent publication of a book, because that's what you do when you're on the right side of history.

Also Today - Male Sex Offender in Women's Prison (Again)

The Irish Mirror reported on a male sex offender who is being held in a women's prison.

The prisoner, who has had no surgery and is not receiving hormone treatment, has a Gender Recognition Certificate and is legally female according to Ireland's 2015 Gender Recognition Act.

This sex offender was convicted of 10 counts of sexual assault and one count of cruelty against a child and was originally remanded in Dorchas Centre Women's Prison in Dublin.

Dorchas is the only institution in the country to accommodate babies born to female prisoners.

He has since been moved to a women's prison in Limerick.

Friday 13th September - Farewell To Our Fearless Warrior Queen

Courageous radical feminist/lesbian warrior, Magdalen Berns, died today.

Trans activists responded with their customary grace and humanity. You might want to wear a hazmat suit before clicking the link.