Saturday 12th October - Child Gender Clinic Facing Legal Action

The Times ran a series of articles by Greg Hurst about the NHS's child gender treatment service at the Tavistock & Portman Clinic, a clinic which is now facing legal action.

The case is being brought by two women who believe that hormone-blocking treatments are unlawfully administered to children who cannot properly consent. They also feel that parents and patients are being misled about the potential risks and effects of these drugs. They want to prevent the clinic from prescribing puberty blockers to children unless a court deems that taking them is in a child's best interests.

One of the women is the mother of a patient. She wishes to maintain her family's anonymity and so is known as Mrs A.  Her daughter, who is 15 years old, autistic and suffering with a range of mental health problems, is currently waiting for treatment at the Tavistock's Gender Identity Development Service [GIDS]. Mrs A is deeply concerned that the clinic is affirming her daughter's gender identity without giving consideration to the complexities of her condition.

“I have deep concerns that the clinical approach at GIDS means that my daughter will be subjected to an experimental treatment path that is not adequately regulated, where there are insufficient safeguards, where her autism will not be properly accounted for and where no one, let alone my daughter, understands the risks and therefore cannot ensure informed consent is obtained.”

Mrs A is supported in her action by Sue Evans, a mental health nurse and psychotherapist who worked at the Tavistock clinic. She became increasingly alarmed by the clinic's practices and was eventually one of the 'whistleblowers' publicly voicing concern.

Ms Evans was disturbed by the speed at which children at the clinic were assessed and referred for hormone blocking treatment before co-morbidities could be explored. She also feared that treatment plans were being influenced by transgender advocacy groups such as the charity Mermaids.

Mrs A and Ms Evans have written about their case against the Tavistock on the CrowdJustice page they have set up to help fund their legal action.

Sunday 13th October - Children's Charity Rubber Wanker Is 'Let Go'

The Mirror published a story about James Makings, the man at the centre of the NSPCC safeguarding controversy a couple of months ago.

You may remember that this tale first began when James Makings, then the NSPCC's Celebrity & Talent Manager, oversaw underwear model, Munroe Bergdorf, becoming the charity's first LGBTQ campaigner.

There was a great deal of concern about Bergdorf’s suitability for this role due to her propensity to encourage vulnerable children to contact her in private and without their parents’ knowledge, in direct contravention of every safeguarding policy employed and advised by children’s organisations and charities.

This sort of thing probably didn't help.

And nor did this.

The NSPCC removed Bergdorf from the role. This led, inevitably, to accusations of transphobia and bigotry being thrown at those who'd challenged her appointment.

Back to James Makings, the man who thought Munroe Bergdorf would be a suitable influencer for a children's charity... It transpired that he is a rubber fetishist and has posted photographs and videos of himself engaged in fetishistic sexual activity online. This footage was easily found via his LinkedIn account; not exactly private. More seriously, Makings had uploaded a video in which he was wearing his rubber fetish gear and masturbating in a toilet while at work. At the NSPCC.

The news began circulating on social media. Those trying to point out the hugely problematic safeguarding issues involved were, of course, accused of homophobia and transphobia. Three Guardian journalists in particular were quick to vilify anyone raising the alarm over Makings’ behaviour whilst, incredibly, ignoring the whole ‘wanking in rubber fetish gear and posting pornographic footage online whilst at work for a charity which deals with vulnerable children’ issue.

The NSPCC was also far more concerned with reporting the “bullies” drawing attention to this issue than with Makings' behaviour itself.

But now we learn that Makings was fired from his job a couple of months ago. According to the NSPCC, “He was dismissed on the basis of behaviour which was inconsistent with the values expected from an employee.” Was that not the exact point being made by those previously derided as prudes and bigots?

No doubt the apologies will start flooding in any time now.

Monday 14th October - Words Are Transphobic

James Kirkup wrote in The Spectator about a supposed raft of transphobic hate crimes in Oxford.  

Thames Valley Police are investigating a series of "transphobic" crimes committed during the last six months. They are appealing for witnesses as part of an active investigation. According to the investigating officer, a large number of "offensive stickers" containing "transphobic comments" have been placed around Oxford city centre and this heinous crime is being taken "very seriously".

What sort of hatred and violence did these vile stickers express to motivate Thames Valley Police into taking such decisive action? When James Kirkup put that question to the force a press officer told him, “The content and appearance of the stickers is not suitable for sharing".

The Telegraph, however, was rather more forthcoming about the “offensive” and “transphobic” slogans on those stickers.

Woman. Noun. Adult human female
Women don’t have penises

Also Today - Lib Dems Throw "Trans Widows" Under The Bus

Liz Barker, a Liberal Democrat member of the House of Lords, wants to abolish the legislation which protects the spouses of those wishing to transition.

This comes after the recent Liberal Democrat conference at which the party reaffirmed its intention to abolish the so-called 'spousal veto' (which isn't a veto).

In English and Welsh law marriage is a legal contract between two people of different sexes or two people of the same sex. Any change of status to the marriage contract requires agreement from both parties.

Consequently, when one partner transitions, thereby making a change to the contract, the other must give their consent to that change before a full Gender Recognition Certificate can be issued. If consent is not given, the marriage must be dissolved by divorce or annulment prior to the full GRC be issued to the partner transitioning. (An interim GRC can be obtained whilst the marriage is being dissolved.) It's not a veto, just an opportunity for a partner to withdraw from a relationship / contract to which they never agreed.

It is particularly important for women whose husbands transition (as they are likely to be financially impacted etc) that they have this legal right to be consulted and an opportunity to end the marriage prior to a GRC being issued.

Baroness Barker and the Lib Dems want to take that legal right away from them.

Tuesday 15th October - The Curious Case of Benjamin Butterworth

Journalist, occasional person of colour and self-appointed Defender of the Genders, Benjamin Butterworth, appeared on ITV's Good Morning Britain. He clashed with presenter, Piers Morgan, and transwoman, India Willoughby, over the validity of gender identity ideology.

Do watch the YouTube footage to enjoy his eye-watering wokeness in all its glory.

After telling Piers Morgan that he should be sacked from his job for 'making fun' of gender diverse people (because Morgan refuses to believe that there are 100 genders), Butterworth then ignored, interrupted and talked over India Willoughby who tried repeatedly to explain to him that the gender identity ideology he espouses is harming genuine trans people.

"I no longer identify as trans", India Willoughby told Butterworth, "Because of people like you and what you champion". She went on, "My life is more miserable because of what you're saying... your ideology has damaged my career and turned the whole thing into a joke".

When Piers Morgan pointed out to Butterworth that gender identity ideology harms women, using transwomen competing (and winning) in female sport as a very obvious example, Butterworth responded, "Trans women are women".

Also Today - Language Wrangling In The Supreme Court

Twitter user, CJ Meade, drew our attention to the nonsensical language of Trans Rights Activists being used in the US Supreme Court.

The case in question concerns Aimee Stephens, a male who 'identifies as a woman' and worked as a funeral director at a family-run funeral home in Detroit. Stephens requested permission to wear a skirt at work but his employer refused and Stephens lost his job, apparently for being in breach of the company's dress policy. Stephens successfully sued the funeral home for sex discrimination and the case is now before the Supreme Court.

Not only was Stephen's attorney making constant reference to sex being 'assigned at birth' but so was Justice Kagan. CJ Meade points out that the court transcript suggests she was choosing her words very carefully. In reference to Stephens she commented, "Yes, if she had not been a --if she had not been assigned at birth the sex that she was assigned at birth..." Your sex at birth is observed, not 'assigned' by a doctor on a whim. A Supreme Court Justice denying reality and tying herself in knots to use 'the right' language is disturbing.

Wednesday 16th October - Feminism & Free Speech Not Welcome At Massey University

New Zealand journalist, Rachel Stewart, wrote about the vehement opposition to a feminist event at Massey University. [Since the article was written the event has been cancelled.]

Award-winning journalist, Rachel Stewart, writes a regular column for The New Zealand Herald. The paper wimped out of publishing this particular piece, speaking up for women's rights being such a contentious issue these days. However, feminist campaign group, Speak Up For Women, is hosting the piece instead.

And it is Speak Up For Women to which the column pertains. The group had hired a space at Massey University in Wellington to host an event called "Feminist 2020". The intention was to discuss proposed changes to NZ legislation which will effect the rights of women. Canadian radical feminist writer, Meghan Murphy, was due to speak at the event.

Some Massey students were so outraged by a group of women gathering to talk about issues which will affect them that they launched a vociferous campaign to oppose the meeting. They staged a sit-in and (male) student, Charley Myer, organised a petition which thousands have signed.

Then Martin King, spokesperson for LGBT diversity and inclusion accreditation business, Rainbow Tick, got involved. He implied that Massey University would lose its accreditation if did not cancel the event.

As Rachel Stewart writes in her column:

Why is it that some men are angry, abusive, and disruptive around such incredibly important issues to some women? What’s driving their need to shut women up? Why is free speech good for the gander, but not so welcome from the goose? When did an open discussion by women about women’s rights become so threatening? Actually, more to the point, when didn’t it?

Also Today - NY Democrats Find Woke Ways To Exclude Women

Thanks to a resolution Emilia Decaudin raised, the New York Democrats' Committee has abolished the "1 man and 1 woman" state committee requirement for each district.

Previously each district elected two members of the state committee, one male and one female. This requirement was intended to guarantee females an equal seat at the table, women being so woefully underrepresented in politics. Now that requirement has been altered to "2 different genders".

This is Emilia Decaudin.

Also Today - The Pronoun Police

James Kirkup wrote in The Spectator about Julie Cooke, the Deputy Chief Constable of Cheshire Police, and her edict on social media about personal pronouns.

In the year to August 2019 there were more than 30,000 violent crimes in Cheshire and the monthly rate of violent crime has risen by more than 50 per cent in the last year. You'd think DCC Cooke might have more important issues to fill her time than instructing people on pronoun use.

James Kirkup asks:

"Will the fact that a senior officer has used police resources to issue a public statement telling the public to respect the pronouns of others make some people wonder if the police now view “misgendering” as a criminal offence? Will this sort of thing have some effect on free speech?"

While we're on the subject of the Pronoun Police, here is Phil Healy, Superintendent for Coventry, celebrating his force's collaboration with PrismLGBTQ, a youth group with which Aimee Challenor is involved.

Here is Kier Pritchard, Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police, waxing lyrical about mixed sex toilets and "gender fluidity".

And apropos of nothing...

Thursday 17th October - A Monopoly On "Get Out Of Jail Free" Cards

A trans identified male has had his conviction for the possession of child exploitation material wiped due to his struggle with his "adjustment issues".

This article in The Brisbane Times does not name the offender but refers to him throughout as a woman and uses female pronouns.

The offender was found to have child exploitation material on his phone. The images depicted children as young as five posing naked and engaged in sexual activity either with other minors or adults. At his trial he pleaded guilty to one charge of knowingly possessing child exploitation material and was sentenced to two years’ probation.

The offender then lodged an appeal to challenge the sentencing judge's decision to record a conviction. This made him a "reportable offender" and required him to keep police informed of his whereabouts etc.

The Court of Appeal judgement overturned the recording of a conviction citing the offender's "Low self-esteem and lack of confidence due to teenage sexual adjustment issues.” In other words, because 'identifying as female' has been deemed to have caused him emotional problems, his conviction for child porn can be wiped? Just wait until the other sex offenders hear about this...

Also Today - EHRC Won't Reveal Its Advisers Re Trans Guidelines

The EHRC's guidelines about accommodating trans pupils in schools have attracted much criticism. Under this policy male pupils who are not in receipt of any medical treatment but merely 'exploring their gender identity' will be able to use the girls' toilets and changing rooms, compete on girls' sports teams and could even be accommodated in the girls' bedroom on school trips.

Twitter user @clovis_liz contacted the EHRC to find out which organisations it consulted in producing these guidelines. The EHRC has refused to publish that information.

Friday 18th October - Male Sets World Best Time In Women's Cycling

Transgender athlete, Rachel McKinnon, set a new world best time in the qualifying round of the female 35-39 sprint category at the Masters Track Cycling World Championships in Manchester.

Earlier in the day McKinnon spoke to Sky News. Despite being aware of research which demonstrates that testosterone suppression in transwomen has limited effect on reducing muscle strength, she insists that transgender athletes like her must be allowed to compete in female sports. "By preventing trans women from competing or requiring them to take medication, you're denying their human rights."

McKinnon, with a straight face, went on to accuse a woman whose place he robbed of 'bad sportsmanship' .