Saturday 7th December - More Stifling Of Debate By The Right Side Of History

The Times reported on the cancellation of yet another academic debate, the third in under four weeks, due to threats made by trans activists.

The University of Essex was due to host a seminar on issues surrounding gender and criminal justice called “Trans rights and justice: complicated contours in contemporary sex, gender and sexualities politics”.

Organisers cancelled the event with just a few hours' notice saying that trans activists had threatened to “obstruct” the discussion.

One of the intended speakers was Professor Jo Phoenix, the Chair in Criminology at the Open University. She has previously spoken at a WPUK event resulting in accusations of transphobia.

This is the speech given by Professor Phoenix. You can judge for yourself if anything she said warrants that accusation.

Sunday 8th December - Rape Survivor Branded Transphobic After Requesting A Female Clinician

The Times published an article about an NHS hospital trust that deemed a patient transphobic because she requested a female clinician to perform her mammogram.

A couple of weeks ago we drew attention to a document produced by the Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust. Its "Guidelines for Supporting Trans Patients & Staff" (produced with the assistance of Stonewall) vilifies women who request female-only clinicians and instructs staff to disregard their wishes.

Clare Dimyon suffered a life threatening sexual assault as a teenager and, understandably, does not want intimate medical procedures to be carried out by male clinicians. So prior to her mammogram appointment in December 2018, she wrote letters to Brighton & Sussex NHS Trust requesting a female medic.

Ms Dimyon found her letters had been included in the trust's trans guidelines and branded as "highly discriminatory” (ironic given that in 2010 she was awarded an MBE for her work in promoting the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people). Whilst her letters had been anonymised, the trust failed to mention that they related to an intimate procedure and were from a rape survivor.  

Clare Dimyon was kind enough to speak to us about her experiences. You can read her interview here.

Monday 9th December - Only Approved Opinions Will Be Published

Professor Kathleen Stock discovered that the USA Oxford University Press has abandoned a book of interviews with female philosophers rather than include two gender critical women.

Tuesday 10th December - Stonewall Complicit In Silencing Academics

The Times featured an article about Stonewall stifling academic freedom.

Over 20 university professors, researchers and lecturers wrote a letter to The Times to describe how many British universities have adopted policies based on Stonewall guidelines which do not allow academics to critique gender identity ideology.

The letter was written in support of artist, Rachel Ara, whose appearance at Oxford Brookes University was cancelled at the last minute after allegations of transphobia were made against her. It states:

Most UK universities, including Oxford Brookes, are members of the Stonewall Diversity Champions scheme, and as a requirement have produced university policies framed by Stonewall’s political position on gender identity. These go well beyond equality law and in our view come into conflict with English and Scottish laws protecting academic freedom.

It goes on to point out that academics who dare to question Stonewall’s rhetoric risk harassment, being no-platformed and having their work cancelled and can face formal complaints from students or colleagues:

Present university policies put academics who question the political position of Stonewall at risk of formal complaint, as well as wider harassment. This is to the detriment of society, for there is general public confusion about sex and gender and their social and political implications.

Wednesday 11th December - Letters To The Editor

There were several letters written to the editor of The Times in response to the Liberal Democrats' plan to reform the Gender Recognition Act.

Debbie Hayton, a science teacher and transwoman, wrote:

"The diagnosis and medical reports that the Lib Dems want to delete from the GRA are essential safeguards that protect women’s spaces from any man who fancies himself as a woman for reasons known only to himself. They also protect transsexuals."
"We do not need easier access to gender recognition certificates issued by the state. Instead we need to maintain and cherish the trust and confidence that existed between women and transwomen for decades."

Biologists Dr Emma Hilton, Dr Colin Wright and Professor Heather Heying wrote about the binary nature of the human reproductive sex classes:

"No anisogametic species produces more than two different gamete types. Thus, there are precisely two reproductive roles in anisogametic species. Thus, there are precisely two sexes — sex is binary."

Thursday 12th December - Former GIDS Clinicians Speak Out Over Trans Kids

Sky News ran an item about the over-diagnosing over children as transgender and the concerns of clinicians who are scared to speak out.

Children with gender dysphoria are treated at the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust.

The Number of children referred to GIDS has been rising rapidly over the past five years and last year the clinic saw 2,590 patients.

According to former staff, the service is "over-diagnosing" children with gender dysphoria and putting them on a medical pathway. However, clinicians feel unable to properly assess patients over fears they will be deemed "transphobic".

Sky News reports that 35 psychologists have resigned from GIDS in the last three years with six of them raising concerns about the prescribing of hormone treatment to gender non-conforming children.

One former GIDS psychologist told Sky News that children are being over-diagnosed and over-medicalised. Another described staff being under tremendous pressure, having to cope with huge caseloads, but with very little time to properly evaluate the children in their care. They told Sky News, "At the moment there's only one pathway through the service, which is a medical pathway, not a psychological one".

The programme also included an interview with psychotherapist and documentary maker, Stella O'Malley. She explained that as a child she experienced all the symptoms which would now be diagnosed as gender dysphoria. She found that these symptoms desisted after she'd gone through a normal puberty.

Stella O'Malley is deeply concerned by the speed with which children are now being diagnosed with dysphoria and prescribed puberty blockers, putting them on a path to full transition without them being able to understand the implications. An eleven year old, she said, cannot understand the impact of impaired infertility and sexual function, painful orgasms and reduced bone density. "You'll wave them away because you are eleven and because you are child and you have that intense emotional brain."

A representative from controversial charity, Mermaids, was also scheduled to appear on the programme to discuss the issue but, apparently, didn't show up.

Friday 13th December - Powerlifting Mother Defends Women's Sports

World News interviewed Beth Stelzer, an amateur powerlifter from Minnesota who founded Save Women’s Sports, an organisation which campaigns for the preservation of biology-based standards in female sports.

Beth explains that in the USA biological males are competing against women in a range of sports including swimming, cycling, soccer, wrestling, athletics and powerlifting. The policy is robbing women of medals and records and vital scholarships and sponsorships. It is even preventing women from participating at all. She told the site, “I never would’ve started powerlifting if I’d known I’d have to compete against males."

She goes on to describe the abuse she has received since starting the campaign and believes that women and girls are often frightened to challenge the issue publicly. “Transgender activists have invaded women’s social media. They’ll put your name and private information online, call your employers. They’re ruthless.”

Saturday 14th December - Parents To Sue Council Over 'Trans Toolkit'

The Times published an article about the parents who are suing a county council over its guidance to schools on trans inclusion.

Oxfordshire County Council supplies schools with a "Trans Inclusion Toolkit", guidelines for dealing with pupils who identify as trans.

Under the guidelines, male pupils who identify as trans are allowed access to girls' toilets, changing rooms and sleeping accommodation when on residential trips and they're also permitted to compete in girls' sports. Furthermore, the guidance suggests that teachers failing to affirm a pupil's ‘gender identity’ may face disciplinary action and, quite shockingly, it assumes  parents not unquestioningly affirming their child's gender identity should be viewed as harmful.

Three women, one a teacher and one acting on behalf of her teenage daughter, have issued a legal letter to the council, warning that it will be subject to a judicial review if it doesn't withdraw the guidance by 3rd January 2020. They contest that the Trans Inclusion Toolkit is seriously flawed and poses a risk to children. Safe Schools Alliance is in full support of their action.

The group have set up a crowdfunder to help finance their legal action where they explain more about their decision.

One of the women, an English teacher, was kind enough to give us a statement. For obvious reasons, she prefers to remain anonymous. She told us:

"As an English teacher words are very important to me but in this debate they have been much abused. Obfuscation of words is central to this issue, with the two central terms, ‘sex’ and ‘gender’ being conflated. Whereas ‘sex’ refers to which gametes a person produces if all is well, ‘gender’ has long been understood  to mean the imposition of socially constructed feminine roles and modes of behaviour onto females and masculine roles and modes of behaviour onto males, with any variation perceived as deviant.

As a feminist and an old style liberal I wholly reject any kind of coercion and believe that all people should be able to express their personalities in any way they see fit.

From this imposition it is obvious to me that the ideology pushed by trans groups is entirely sexist. Any examination of those who believe they are transgender reveals deeply stereotypical ideas about what being a male or female entails. Despite asserting that gender is a ‘feeling’ the modes of expression are remarkably consistent with the impositions described above: girls are often defined as not liking football and instead liking glittery clothes and unicorns. Trans ideology dictates that if a child likes things typically associated with the opposite sex, then this means  they must literally be the opposite sex. Not only is this sexist and limiting of all human potential but it includes a creeping homophobia; experts at the Tavistock have noted some attempts to ‘trans away the gay’.

This is all important because schools are a microcosm of society. If girls are taught to believe they have no right to refuse boys in their spaces, and this is enforced in schools, then that means we will have a whole generation of females who have been taught that it is rude and offensive to say ‘no’. It is not difficult to see the agenda behind these ideas and I refuse to be complicit in this grooming of girls to accept their own abuse, the erosion of their own boundaries and their dehumanisation by those who do not recognise their personhood.

Any teacher who complies with Oxfordshire’s guidelines, and others like it, is in dereliction of their duty to safeguard children and is, furthermore, complicit in creating a life-long drug dependency and the mutilations of the surgeon’s knife. It is imperative that these guidelines go."

Sunday 15th December - Census Fears As Gender Supersedes Sex

The Sunday Times ran two items about fears over inaccurate information being collated in the next census.

The national census takes place every decade with the next due in March 2021. Its purpose is to provide an accurate analysis of the UK population. But under proposed guidance, respondents will be able to record the sex they believe themselves to be rather than the one they actually are. In effect, it will allow 'gender identity' to supersede the reality of biological sex.

A group of more than 80 academics have written to the census authorities to protest this conflation of sex and gender. Their letter was published in The Sunday Times.

Monday 16th December - Body Positive Children's Book Labelled Anti-Trans

A children's author is considering giving up writing after her new book has been likened to 'terrorist propaganda' by trans activists.

Award-winning children's author and poet, Rachel Rooney, is a trained teacher in Primary and Special Education and taught for 30 years in a variety of schools.

Her book, My Body Is Me is a joyful, body positive picture book for primary age children which celebrates diversity, challenges gender stereotypes and focuses on the healthy acceptance of one's body just as it is.

Of course, those on The Right Side Of History reacted in a wholly predictable way and Rachel and her book were subjected to a torrent of abuse on social media.

A Twitter user @Selenethoa, a “femme-ish non-binary”, uploaded a picture of the book with the comment, “If you wouldn’t let your kids read terrorist propaganda, don’t let them read this".

In an article in The Times, Rachel described how shocked and upset she was by these extreme reactions to her book and is even considering giving up writing.

My Body Is Me can be purchased through the Transgender Trend website.

Tuesday 17th December - GRA Reform Bill Consultation Is Published

The Scottish Government published its Draft Gender Recognition Reform Bill for consultation.

It is a lengthy document but one of the recommendations to note is that a GRC should not require any medical diagnosis. Indeed, it states there need be no medical input whatsoever; a GRC would merely require a three month 'period of reflection' and a three month period in which the applicant has 'lived in their acquired gender'. Whatever that means.

The LGB Alliance issued a press release in response to the draft bill, which they posted in a Twitter thread.

Wednesday 18th December - Not Even Rape Is Gender Neutral

James Kirkup wrote in The Spectator about an astonishing segment of the HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate's Rape Inspection report.

The foreword written by Kevin McGinty, the Chief Inspector of the CPS, states:

"Rape is a crime that is committed primarily by men against women. However, it is also perpetrated against men and boys, so in this report we refer to the complainant and the suspect as “them” or “they”, because penetrative offences are gender neutral."

Penetrative offences are gender neutral?

The Sexual Offences Act 2003 defines the crime of rape in Sections 1 and 5:

Section 1: A person (A) commits an offence if—
a) he intentionally penetrates the vagina, anus or mouth of another person (B) with his penis,
b) B does not consent to the penetration, and
c) A does not reasonably believe that B consents.

Section 5: A person commits an offence if—
a) he intentionally penetrates the vagina, anus or mouth of another person with his penis, and
b) the other person is under 13.

The crime of rape requires a penis. Yet, as James Kirkup points out, the HMCPSI, a statutory body charged with ensuring that such laws are properly upheld and implemented, is stating that rape is ‘gender neutral’.

Nice work erasing male violence, HMCPSI.

Also Today - The Clocks Are Striking Thirteen

Maya Forstater lost her employment tribunal with a shocking judgement which sets a dangerous precedent for women trying to protect their sex-based rights.

Maya Forstater is a researcher in business and international development and used to work for US think-tank, the Center for Global Development (CGD).

She lost her job after engaging in discussion about proposed self-ID legislation and gender critical feminism. Maya subsequently instigated legal action against her former employer.

She lost her case. The judgement by Justice Tayler misrepresents the Gender Recognition Act and conflates intersex conditions with gender identity. He also stated that believing that humans are sexually dimorphic is “Incompatible with human dignity and fundamental rights of others".

So women will be compelled to believe that men can be women if they say they are. We must accept the redefinition of our own sex class and we cannot define ourselves according to the reality of our biological sex (the root of our oppression as women). And if we protest in any way, our employer can fire us.

Maya was accused of 'misgendering' so-called trans councillor, Gregor Murray, who identifies as non-binary. That's the Gregor Murray who is so committed to respectful interaction that he was suspended as an SNP councillor for Dundee following a stream of misogynist abuse on Twitter in which he referred to feminists as 'scum'.

Justice Tayler referred to Maya's ‘misgendering’ of Gregor Murray in his judgement. He said it demonstrated her ‘absolutist’ views on gender and stated that the belief Gregor Murray is male "violates dignity" and is "not worthy of respect in a democratic society".

This is Gregor Murray:

For an overview of Maya's case, its background and implications, please read Professor Kathleen Stock's excellent This Is Not A Drill.

Thursday 19th December - Harry Potter & The Resilience Of Biological Truth

Harry Potter creator, JK Rowling, tweeted in support of Maya Forstater.

Twitter trans activists and their pet wokerati had the inevitable meltdown.

As Jo Bartosch wrote in The Morning Star:

"While the reaction on Twitter is disturbing, the legal case that prompted it is a serious threat to freedom of expression... The fact that a court case needed to be held to establish something that has been known since the dawn of humanity, that there are two sexes, is a testament to the capture of government and statutory bodies by those promoting extremist and unscientific transgender ideology."

Friday 20th December - Teenage Transwoman Murdered By Homophobic Man

The Mirror reported on the tragic story of a 17 year old transwoman who was murdered in Vancouver earlier this year.

Nikki Kuhnhausen went missing last June. She was confirmed dead after her remains were found in Washington on 7th December.

25 year old David Bogdanov was arrested and charged with second-degree murder a few weeks later. Police believe that Bogdanov conversed with Nikki on snapchat and then met up with her, intent on a sexual liaison. They think he killed her in a violent rage after finding out that she is transgender.

David Bogdanov

A police officer on the case wrote in a probable cause affidavit: “I believe that David became enraged at the realisation that he had engaged in sexual contact with a male whom he believed to be female and strangled Nikki to death."

Also Today - NHS Bristol Policy Written by Abusive Misogynist

Elsa Egret wrote a Medium article about the trans activist who is shaping policy at NHS Bristol.

Cheryl Morgan is a Bristol-based trans rights activist who has described gender critical feminists as an “infestation”, referred to them by the misogynistic insult “TERF” and called them "maniacs".

Cheryl Morgan

Morgan is the director of the Diversity Trust and in this capacity has produced guidelines on "Supporting Trans People: best practice guidance for health and care practitioners" for use by the Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset NHS Clinical Commissioning Group.

The guidance advises that patients who do not want to be on a ward with someone of the opposite sex should be ‘educated’ and must be motivated by ‘transphobia’. It makes no mention of the need for women to be in female-only wards and have only female clinicians.  Indeed, there is no reference in these guidelines to the needs of any other group protected under the Equality Act.

Where children are concerned, affirmation is put forward as the only pathway as "Doing nothing or delaying treatment CAUSES HARM (original emphasis)". Breast binding and genital-tucking are presented as entirely normal for 'trans children' and the only safeguarding issue mentioned is that of unsupportive parents.

Saturday 21st December - Transgender Paedophile Demands NHS Treatment

An article from The Times described how a trans-identified convicted paedophile sought gender reassignment surgery funded by the NHS.

The 60-year-old, referred to only as KK for legal reasons, was found guilty of making indecent images of children. He has previous convictions for possessing or downloading indecent images of children and for the sexual assault, committed over a four year period, of a girl aged between 12 and 16. He is serving an indefinite sentence for public protection and has been incarcerated for over 10 years.

KK began 'identifying as a woman' in prison and in 2011 raised the issue of gender reassignment with a doctor, claiming that it would make him less likely to re-offend. He claimed that the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust in London breached his human rights by denying him treatment but Mr Justice Supperstone stated in a High Court written judgement that the trust had acted within the law.

One of the clinicians at the London Gender Identity Clinic who had assessed KK told the newspaper, “It was always difficult to assess prisoners particularly those with sexual offences as there are a variety of motivations behind seeking a social change of gender role in prisons".

Sunday 22nd December - From The "You Couldn't Make It Up" Files

Nicholas Hellen wrote in The Sunday Times about the transwoman who is being accused of transphobia.

Debbie Hayton is a physics teacher and trades unionist. She is a transwoman who fully transitioned, undergoing surgery and hormone treatment, in 2012. She is facing expulsion from the LGBT committee of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) for acknowledging biological facts.

Attending a Fair Play for Women event in July 2019, Debbie wore a t-shirt bearing the words "Trans women are men. Get over it!". In addition to being a factually accurate statement, the slogan is a side-swipe at Stonewall's anti-science rhetoric, which is not up for debate but frequently printed on t-shirts.

In August twelve members of the TUC's LGBT committee submitted a complaint to general secretary, Frances O’Grady, about Debbie's t-shirt and she is now facing expulsion.

The complainants claimed that Debbie was “Propagating hate speech against the trans community” (of which, they seem to forget, she is a member).

Debbie was subsequently bombarded with vitriolic abuse on social media. One of those diving on an opportunity to bully a gender critical transwoman was Helen Islan, who works with controversial charity, Mermaids.

For someone who claims to be a passionate supporter of trans rights, Helen Islan doesn't seem to like trans people very much. Last year she accused Miranda Yardley, of harassment, resulting in a transwoman being accused of transphobia. District Judge John Woollard dismissed the case after just one day stating, "There is no case and never was a case".

Monday 23rd December - London School Pushing Trans Agenda

Thanks to Twitter user, Chief Brody, who drew our attention to a series of shocking tweets from the social media account of a North London school, Woodside High.

Woodside High School describes itself as "A mixed 11-16 comprehensive school, serving a truly multi-cultural community, where every student is valued and treated as an individual."

Though clearly not the female pupils who cannot or do not want to share their toilets, changing rooms or sports teams with males. They'd be deemed TERFs at this school.

Does the "No debate" rhetoric sound familiar? That's probably not a coincidence.

In addition to the misogynistic hate speech and hyperbole, Woodside High has also been tweeting some breathtakingly anti-science nonsense. (Note the conflation of intersex conditions with gender woo.) Are there no biology teachers at this school?

If you're concerned about Woodside High School's social media content, you can make a complaint via Ofsted here.

Tuesday 24th December - Twitter's Ministry Of Truth

On 11th December 2019 Twitter disabled the 4thWaveNow account, claiming the group had engaged in “hateful conduct”. This "hateful conduct" appeared to be describing a natal male as a "natal male".

The tweet also linked to an article by Chiara Canaan, the daughter of 4thWaveNow's founder, in which she discusses formerly identifying as trans and her de-transition.

Also this week Benji, a young detransitioned woman who speaks frankly about her experiences in the LGBT community, her gender dysmorphia, transition and detransition, lost both her Twitter account (@gnc_centric) and her Medium site.

If you're not familiar with Ben and her work, why not start with this recent interview she did with Benjamin A Boyce.

Wednesday 25th December - Big Sister Is Watching You

Jonathan Yaniv, serial harasser of teenager girls, posted on Twitter about his plans for the year ahead.  

Yaniv, creator of the semi-naked swimming (no parents allowed) session for minors, wants to be a 'big sister' for Canada's BBBS mentoring programme.

According to its website, the BBBS Big Sister scheme "Provides girls and young women with a role model to talk to and share the experiences of growing up with." Let's hope they have a thorough vetting procedure.

Thursday 26th December - Male Wins Female Athlete Of The Year

Outsports announced that transgender hurdler, CeCé Telfer, has won its Female Athlete of the Year award.

Cece Telfer is male and competes in the USA’s NCAA [National Collegiate Athletic Association] championships. When competing among the Division II men in the 400m hurdles, Telfer ranked 200th in 2016 and 390th in 2017. Now identifying as female and competing with Division II women, Cece is the national champion.

Despite what Outsports describes as "An abundance of choices for Female Athlete of the Year", they chose a male. Hard to imagine what could prompt such a decision, other than rampant misogyny, that is.

By the way, the managing editor of Outsports is a trans identified male, Dawn Ennis, formerly Don Ennis, a father of three and erstwhile producer at ABC News.

Ennis seems to have experienced some issues with his gender identity in the past.

And with reality.

Friday 27th December - Sex, Lies & Stereotypes

Helen Joyce drew our attention to a shocking article on the NBC News site about so-called transgender children.

Citing 'a recent study', the article states that, "Transgender children may start to identify with toys and clothes typical of their gender identity from a very young age... Their gender identity is generally as strong as that of cisgender children".

For the study, researchers interviewed 317 'transgender children' aged 3 to 12. Yes, you read that right; 'transgender children' who are just three years old. The 'transness' of these children seems based on nothing more than their failure to conform to rigid and outdated gender stereotypes.

"The transgender kids showed strong preferences for toys and clothing typically associated with their gender identity, not their assigned sex, the study found".

In addition to asking about their clothes and toy choices, researchers asked the children "How much they felt like a boy or girl or something else".

Happy new year and see you next week.