Saturday 19th October - What a Busy Day

So much happened we thought it required a post all of its own.

Bonus Story - Heterosexuality Reported As A Hate Crime

The Post Millennial reported on a story from the North of England wherein a wannabe porn star reported a hate crime to Humberside Police.

25 year old trans-identified male, Ria Cooper, posted a 'glamour portfolio' online hoping to attract a role in an adult film. Cooper was soon contacted via WhatsApp by a photographer who suggested that they have sex on camera and sell the resulting footage. However, the photographer soon pulled out of the deal when he discovered that Cooper is male. He told Cooper that he couldn't 'work' with him and that their porn film wouldn't be marketable because of Cooper's male genitalia.

Cooper has hit out at the man's "transphobic behaviour" and likened it to racism. Cooper also contacted Humberside Police to report this incident as a 'hate crime'. A spokesman for the force confirmed they are going to investigate.

Sunday 20th October - Rapists Get To Choose Their Gender

The Times reported the shocking discovery that police forces are recording suspected and convicted rapists as female if that's how they choose to identify.

Feminist campaign group, Fair Play For Women, submitted freedom of information requests to various police forces. It found that six forces, including South Yorkshire and Thames Valley, document the 'gender ' of suspected or convicted rapists according to their chosen 'identity' instead of their biological sex. A further five police forces, including the British Transport Police, would not answer the question re rapists directly but stated that they record gender in line with the person’s wishes.

And yet, by definition, rape can only be committed with a penis. Perpetrators can only ever be male. Why are the police pretending that people who commit violent sexual crimes with their penis can be female?

Such information forms part of the annual data requirement (ADR) which is submitted to the Home Office by all police forces. The ADR is used to record statistics relating to crime and policing. (Transgender status is not usually recorded on the ADR, the exception being if someone is the victim of a transgender hate crime. Trans identities, it appears, can be recorded when the trans person is a victim, but not when they are the perpetrator.)

So the official crime statistics recording male sexual violence are becoming skewed and inaccurate, all in the name of fashionable gender ideology.

M0nday 21st October - Product For Females Marketed To Include Men

Julie Bindel got very angry about Always, the company which produces feminine hygiene products, removing references to the female sex from its packaging.

Previously, trans activist, Ben Saunders, got in touch with Always in June to ask why the company uses 'feminine logos' on their packaging.

Sheryl, an Always representative, contacted Ben to say that the company intends to remove all the offending female-centric packaging. "We listened to you and our marketing team worked a solution! We are glad to inform you that as of December we will use a new wrapper design without the feminine symbol", she told him, adding, "We are absolutely grateful for having people like you voicing their opinions. Thank you for contacting us, your comments help us improve every day!"

Many women contacted Always to express their anger at the decision. But Always appear only to listen when men are voicing their opinion. A spokesperson stated that the company is "committed to diversity and inclusion" and that it "realised that not everyone who has a period and needs to use a pad identifies as female".

In her article in The Telegraph Julie Bindel describes how Always has given in to claims that its branding is discriminatory and explains why removing the Venus symbol from its packaging is a backwards step. Starting their period is an important rite of passage for most young girls but often a time of anxiety and awkwardness, too. Just as the stigma and embarrassment around menstruation begin to be eroded, trans activists are gaslighting girls to believe that their body's reproductive capacity must not be named or discussed.

Trans activists, says Julie Bindel, wield tremendous power; retailers capitulate to even their most extreme demands for fear of reprisals.

"If only us feminists could get a result as significant as a major brand changing its entire marketing strategy so easily. I wish it only took a tweet or two to pressurise advertisers into ditching sexist and demeaning images of women, for example. But, usually, we are simply ignored."

Tuesday 22nd October - Education No Longer Needs To Be Factual

Twitter account @teacher2teacher shared the 'Gender Snowperson' a diagram which is being used to indoctrinate schoolchildren in the gender woo.

Teacher 2 Teacher is an online community of educators. On Tuesday its Twitter account, which has 178,000 followers, shared this illustration created by Jonny Cole, the Director of Equity & Student Supports for Lexington Public Schools in the US. It is being used to teach school children about "Identity and language" which means that they are being taught that sex is 'assigned' at birth, "How you feel as a person" affects whether you're a boy or a girl and, perhaps most offensively, it lists the medical condition intersex as a third sex.

Education that is demonstrably false... how did we get here?

Wednesday 23d October - Dad Engages In Legal Fight To Prevent 7 Year Old Being 'Transed'

The New York Post reported on a story from Texas about a father trying to prevent his ex-wife from putting their 7 year old boy on a path to transition.

Jeffrey Younger petitioned the Texas Court to be given sole custody of his twin boys, James and Jude, to prevent the boys' mother, Anne Georgulas, from turning James into 'Luna'. She insists that the boy is transgender prefers to wear dresses and be called by a female name etc, and seems intent on him transitioning.

Georgulas took legal action to restrict Younger's contact with his sons and force him to call James by his female name. Younger responded by petitioning the court for sole custody of the twins.

Younger believes that James doesn't want to be a girl but is being influenced by his mother. He says that when James is with him, he opts for boy's clothes and prefers to be called by his real name. Younger called several expert witnesses to testify that James’ identity far from settled.

Jeffrey Younger with his son, James.

Anne Georgulas has already put plans in motion for James to start treatment at the GENECIS clinic in Dallas which, according to its website, "Provides comprehensive, gender-affirming care to transgender and gender-diverse youth". She also intends for James to begin hormone replacement therapy as soon as possible. Alarmingly, she is a paediatrician.

The jury in the case found for Georgulas, meaning that she would have had sole control over James' medical treatment.

However, on Thursday, Dallas Judge, Kim Cook, ruled that James and his brother will remain under the joint custody of both parents.

Judge Cook also issued a gagging order which prohibits Jeffrey Younger from speaking to the media.

Writing in The Washington Examiner, Brad Polumbo said of this case:

"Do gay people really want our rights tied to a movement that would mutilate any child who strays from gender stereotypes? If this is what the “T” in “LGBT” advocates for, I want absolutely nothing to do with it. In fact, such an association clearly undermines the very case for gay equality."

Thursday 24th October - Stonewall's Failure Leads to Formation of New LGB Organisation

Janice Turner reported in The Times on a new LGB rights group, formed due to Stonewall's woeful inadequacy in representing the interests of gay men and lesbians.

Many gay and lesbian people feel that Stonewall has ceased to represent them since it incorporated trans rights into its bailiwick four years ago. Indeed, it is felt that in recent years Stonewall has actively worked against the best interests of same-sex attracted people by adhering to gender identity ideology.

Earlier this year former Artistic Director of the Queer Up North festival, Jonny Best, launched a petition calling on Stonewall to reconsider its stance in promoting gender ideology. It pointed out that Stonewall's approach is harming women's sex based rights and undermining the identities of lesbian, gay and bisexual people.

And this sentiment is echoed by those involved in the newly formed campaign group, provisionally named the LGB Alliance. In her article Janice Turner describes the attendees at its inaugural meeting in central London on Tuesday 22nd October. They included many prominent gay and lesbian activists, including broadcaster Simon Fanshawe, who was a founder member of Stonewall, and Kate Harris, formerly the American Express vice-president, who was one of Stonewall's major fundraisers.

"Stonewall has ceased to represent them. They say it endorses sexist stereotypes promoting the notion that a “butch” girl or a “feminine” boy is in the wrong body and needs treatment when most gender non-conforming children turn out, like them, to be gay."

Of course, as soon as the LGB Alliance was formed, the usual suspects couldn't wait to vilify the group with the smears and hyperbole to which we have become accustomed.

And those on the Right Side of History subsequently tried to shut down its Crowdfunder page. Trying to nobble the funding of an LGB organisation is what we used to call homophobia.

Also Today - Male Wins Female Athlete of Week Award

Sports coach, Linda Blade, alerted us to a story from the US. College runner, June Eastwood, has been honoured with the title Female Athlete of the Week by The Big Sky Conference (a collegiate athletic conference affiliated with the NCAA).

Formerly known as Jonathan Eastwood, June now competes in women's events and, funnily enough, is doing rather well. Eastwood beat eight other nominated competitors (all biological females) to the title Female Athlete of the Week.

The Big Sky Conference did not acknowledge Eastwood's transgender status in bestowing the title. Similarly, when issuing a press release about the event, the University of Montana's media team completely failed to mention that Eastwood is biologically male.

Whilst a title from an athletic conference handed out weekly to college students may seem inconsequential, it must be remembered that fledgling athletes in the US often rely on sports scholarships / sponsorship and competition for them is fierce. Being Female Athlete of the Week could make the difference between an opportunity to train and compete in one's chosen sport and disappearing into obscurity.

Friday 25th October - Advocate of Child Transing Taken In By Moral Panic Sham

Psychologist, Ray Blanchard, drew our attention to a shadow from the past of Diane Ehrenshaft, a vociferous proponent of transing children.

During the 1980s the United States became gripped by a so-called 'Satanic panic'. There were numerous allegations of the physical and sexual abuse of children committed as part of occult rituals. Conspiracy theorists believed that a worldwide satanic organisation, operated and protected by society's elite and powerful, was routinely abusing and murdering children. The media fanned the flames of this moral panic and sham therapists were quick to jump on the bandwagon.

In 1986 the Presidio US army base was caught up in the hysteria and staff at its day-care centre, one of the many involved in this witch-hunt at the time, were accused of abuse in a multi-million pound lawsuit. In 1992 Diane Ehrenshaft wrote an article called Preschool Child Sex Abuse: The Aftermath of the Presidio Case which "Discusses the experience of the preschool victims of sexual abuse linked to occult rituals at the Presidio Army Base Child Development Center".

Official investigations of the 'satanic panic' phenomenon never turned up any evidence to substantiate the widespread conspiracy theories and allegations. Some accusations led to criminal trials with varying outcomes but, where cases resulted in convictions, many were later reversed. Only a small number of verified crimes were even remotely similar to the ritual abuse being alleged.

Diane Ehrenshaft appears to have been one of the professionals swept up by this mass frenzy.

For those not familiar with her work, Diane Ehrensaft is a founder and director of the UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Child and Adolescent Gender Center Clinic which "Offers comprehensive medical and psychological care, as well as advocacy and legal support, to transgender, nonbinary, and gender-expansive children and adolescents".

She believes that toddlers, even those too young to talk, can have an inherent gender identity and will communicate this through non-verbal signals. She cites as as an example a 'transgirl' pulling open the fasteners on a babygrow to form a skirt.

Also Today - Male Violence Handily Re-Classified Thanks to Gender Woo

The Miami Herald reported on a violent male who doused a woman with accelerant and set her on fire. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the paper referred to the perpetrator as "A Tallahassee woman".

32 year old "Mia" Williams walked into a Taco Bell restaurant, covered a woman in gasoline and set her alight. He then went on an arson rampage, setting two cars and a church ablaze. Williams was eventually apprehended and arrested after threatening a police officer with scissors.

Williams at the Taco Bell restaurant.

With only one brief reference to his being born male, The Miami Herald refers to Williams throughout the article using female pronouns and repeatedly calls him a woman.

Saturday 26th October.  More from the man with the semi

Remember Emilia Decaudin? Emilia stole a place from a woman on the New York Democrats' Committee and got excited about it on stage.

Well, the reaction hasn't been as affirming as Emilia would like, and today he hit back at critics with a very revealing tweet.

'Truscum' is a popular slur among today's breed of fashionistas who identify as 'trans'. It means transexual.

See you next week!