Saturday 23rd November - Women's Rights Erased At NHS Brighton & Sussex

Professor Kathleen Stock drew our attention to a revealing document produced by the Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust. It labels female patients who request female-only clinicians as "highly discriminatory" and seems to be instructing staff to disregard their wishes.

The Trust's Department of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion has produced a document called "Guidelines for Supporting Trans Patients & Staff". Stonewall had a hand in its production, apparently "reviewing and suggesting improvements".

The definitions of 'trans' and 'transition' seem vague, not to mention inaccurate. But they were probably lifted straight from Stonewall's "Language guide".

Furthermore, the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 have been badly misrepresented. The protected characteristic is "gender reassignment", not the meaningless "at any stage of transition" as suggested below. And nowhere does the document mention the single-sex exemptions the act allows.

Skip forward to Page 44. Two letters sent by female patients are used as examples of "unacceptable communications" and are described as "highly discriminatory" because the women who wrote them had the audacity to ask that their intimate care be entrusted only to female clinicians.

So this form of "Equality, Diversity and Inclusion" does not extend to women from certain faiths and cultures, or to those traumatised by male violence, for whom the attentions of a natal male clinician is out of the question.  Or even just those who'd prefer that their intimate medical care is provided by a female.

Also Today - Gender Neutral Policies Render Male Violence Invisible

Euronews reported on an issue in Finland which is affecting victims of domestic violence.

There are approximately 130,000 victims of domestic violence in Finland every year.

Whilst the Finish government has taken positive steps to address the problem, critics say the country's "gender-neutral" policies are impeding these measures since they ignore and mask the fact that it is women who are "More frequently and more severely impacted" by domestic violence.

Iris Luarasi is the vice president of the Council of Europe's Group of Experts on Action against Violence against Women and Domestic Violence. She explained "We have seen that many measures are framed in a gender-neutral way, and in many instances this does not allow the specific experiences of women to become visible and it does not really allow their needs to be addressed."

Sunday 24th November - Lib Dem Leader's Lesbophobia

Liberal Democrat leader, Jo Swinson, appeared on the The Andrew Marr Show and made some startling comments.

When Marr asked her about reforms to the GRA, Swinson gave a resounding "yes" to removing the current safeguards for obtaining a gender recognition certificate. When Marr asked her about changing the Equalities Act 2010 and removing women's rights to same-sex spaces, such as refuges and prisons, she failed to give a straight answer and talked, instead, about individual risk assessment procedures.

She used the example of a woman in a same sex relationship being abused by her partner, escaping to a refuge and then having her abusive female partner try to gain access to that space. Implying that lesbian women pose the same threat of violence as males is not only jaw-dropping lesbophobia, it demonstrates a horrendous ignorance of the levels of male violence against women.

"This isn't about gender", said Swinson. The women in refuges around the country fleeing from a violent man would probably disagree.

Perhaps Jo Swinson is taking advice from Sarah Brown, a trans activist and member of the LGBT+ Liberal Democrat Executive, whom she describes as "So brave and so committed to fighting for equality".

That's Sarah Brown who hounded a victim of male violence out of her Lib Dem role for having the audacity to believe women's refuges should be female-only.

That's Sarah Brown who instructs anyone with whom they disagree to "Suck my Formaldehyde pickled balls".

On this occasion, a lesbian feminist.

That's Sarah Brown who, when on Cambridge Council, unilaterally and illegally rewrote the Equality Policy to remove women’s rights to single sex spaces.

As they say, be better, Jo.

Monday 25th November - Newsnight On Detransitioners

BBC2's Newsnight ran an item about the growing number of detransitioners. It is a must-watch.

The programme featured detransitioner, Charlie Evans, who has set up a support group to help others in the same position. Most of those are young women, same-sex attracted and/or autistic. A common story, Charlie explained, is that these women felt unable to fully consent to their treatment because they were suffering with mental health conditions that were not adequately explored.

There is little research into detransition. Psychotherapist, James Caspian, however, has worked with trans people for over a decade and has spoken to a number of detransitioners. He feels that many of the women he spoke to were using transition as a means of escaping their female body after very negative experiences of being female, such as harassment and sexual abuse.

The programme told the heartbreaking story of Debbie, a woman who transitioned at the age of 44. She had hormone therapy and full gender reassignment surgery and for 17 years lived as a man called Lee.

Debbie now deeply regrets the decision she made and is detransitioning. She believes that the path she took was a way of dealing with the trauma of the sexual abuse she endured in childhood. "I remember breaking down", she told Newsnight. "This was a mistake, it should never have happened."

Also Today - The Truth About The Scottish Trans Alliance

Thanks to Dr Jane Clare Jones for sharing an excellent thread by @LiviaBurlando with some deeply troubling revelations about a powerful Scottish trans lobby group.

The Scottish Trans Alliance (STA) frequently appears whenever there is trans-rights story in the media story and it seems to wield considerable influence over trans-related issues. It is often quoted in the media from The Herald to The Times.

According to its own website, the STA provides trans awareness and equality training for public bodies (such as the police, the NHS, local councils, the crown office and the fire and prison services). It also develops good practice guidance for employers and service providers in order to "improve gender identity and gender reassignment equality, rights and inclusion".

Furthermore, the STA seems intent on robbing women of their sex-based rights and spaces; it submitted a written submission to the UK Women & Equalities Committee Transgender Equality Inquiry to request the removal of the single sex exemptions from the Equality Act 2010.

The ScotGov Equalities funding page lists the Scottish Trans Alliance as an ‘intermediary body', however it has no corporate or legal existence; it is a government funded project.

The STA is operated by Equality Network (EN) which describes itself as "A leading Scottish lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) equality and human rights charity". The EN also supports and campaigns for self-ID legislation.

The funding of both groups bears examination; the Equalities Network receives 91% of its funding from the Scottish government and the Scottish Trans Alliance receives 100% of its funding from the Scottish government, last year trousering a grant of £181,000. To all intents and purposes, these groups are subcontractors of the Scottish government.

Put it on a post-it: when the Scottish Government quotes one of these 'independent bodies', they are quoting themselves.

Also Today - Gilead Lives Up To Its Name

Remember the item from last week's "War on Women" about a US drugs giant called Gilead Sciences?

To recap, Gilead is a multi-million dollar biotechnology company that has just pledged to donate $4.5 million to 15 different trans advocacy organisations, altruism that seems out of character for a company which inflates the price of its HIV medication and has been accused of withholding much safer versions of its drugs from the market in a patent-timing scheme to maximise its profits.

Well, look what health and medication publication, Stat, has just reported:

Gilead sought FDA approval to market its new anti-HIV therapy, Descovy, as a PrEP regimen (a breakthrough strategy proven to be hugely effective at preventing sexually acquired HIV). However, the company felt that enrolling and monitoring a sufficient number of women on a trial wasn't worth the cost involved. So the data which Gilead presented to the FDA was from a clinical trial involving only men and transwomen.

Consequently, the FDA approved Descovy for PrEP but only for homosexual men and transwomen. It did not approve the drug for those "At risk from receptive vaginal sex” ie women.

There are approximately 38 million people living with HIV around the world. Of those, more than half are women. And women, especially younger women, are at greater risk of HIV infection than men due to a variety of factors such as poverty, sexual and sex-based violence and restrictive laws which limit women’s ability to protect their own health. But still Gilead saw fit to erase women from a vitally important clinical trial because it couldn't spare the resources.

Did we already mention the $4.5 million dollars they are donating to trans groups?

Tuesday 26th November - What happens when young women step out of line.

A young gender critical Labour activist posted comments on Twitter about the preserving of female-only spaces.

The usual barrage of abuse and insults followed, and from all the usual suspects.

Sophie Wilson, Labour's parliamentary candidate for the Rother Valley jumped in with customary illogical hyperbole. That's the Sophie Wilson who called Rotherham sex abuse survivor, Sammy Woodhouse, "SWERF trash" and is no stranger to insulting other women on social media.

Twitter's self-appointed Witchfinder General, Adrian Harrop, couldn't resist an opportunity to denigrate a young woman with opinions. He deemed it "bigoted and hateful" that women want spaces without men in them.

He even demanded that Phoebe should be thrown out of the Labour Party and encouraged his followers to report her. Quite rich given Harrop only recently joined the Labour Party after leaving the Tories.

Phoebe: Over the last week I have had responses which on the most extreme end of the spectrum say that I should be attacked if anyone sees me in the street, that I deserve to be killed, and that I should be raped by a trans women so that I can understand "that females can have penises."

People have called for me to be kicked out of the Labour Party for having a different opinion to them - the most ironic of which was Dr Adrian Harrop (ironic because he has only just recently joined the party from the Tories). I've had people making hurtful comments about my physical appearance, saying that I look like a skeleton (this is significant because I have been open about my struggles with body image and disordered eating), as well as casting prejudiced assumptions on my mental health.

The creepiest and most bizarre claim that was made was that I had lied about attending a failing secondary school - though I attended an outstanding school for sixth form, I attended an extremely deprived and failing school from years 7-11; the account who made these claims subsequently deleted their tweets, but not before over 600 people had interacted with it, which shows how easy it is to lie about women on the internet. Not only this but googling my name is frankly creepy and bizarre behaviour, and shows a level of obsession with women who express gender critical views.

Phoebe's full statement is here.

Wednesday 27th November - PIE & The Politicians

An interesting photograph from 2012.

A number of people appear in this photograph, many of them of them vocal supporters of gender identity politics.

Firstly, there's Jo Swinson who, as we've mentioned above, seeks to erase women's sex-based rights and spaces and whose party has made it very clear women who object are not welcome.

Another person in the photograph is Green Party MSP Patrick Harvey, no stranger to insulting and attacking women who want to protect their sex-based rights.

He is also a big fan of GRA reform and self-ID legislation. Speaking at Edinburgh Pride he described the Scottish parliament as "A platform for transphobic hatred and bigotry" simply because it chose to give further consideration to changes to the GRA legislation before making any firm decision.

The third person of interest in the photograph is Tim Hopkins, the Director of the Equality Network (EN).

Those paying attention will know that the EN  is also mentioned in our item above. It's a "Leading national charity working for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) equality and human rights in Scotland" which is almost solely funded by the Scottish Government and operates the powerful lobby group, Scottish Trans Alliance.

For a so-called LGBTI charity, it seems a bit confused about what 'lesbian' means.

Of course the EN is a big supporter of self-ID legislation and finds it 'shocking' and 'transphobic' that women want to preserve their sex-based rights and spaces.

Back to the photograph and the three people in it who are all determined to erase female rights, demolish established safeguarding procedures and allow males access to women and girls. The figure standing alongside them is John Hein, member of PIE, the Paedophile Information Exchange.

As described in this BBC article, the Paedophile Information Exchange operated quite openly for around a decade in the late 70s and early 80s. Its main aim was to legalise and validate adults having sexual relationships with children. It garnered support from professional bodies, academics and liberal groups, was invited into student unions and even enjoyed some sympathetic media coverage.

How? Because those involved cleverly inveigled its cause into the fight for gay rights. Despite the vast majority of gay people being, quite rightly, horrified at any suggestion of a conflation between homosexuality and those with a sexual interest in children, PIE piggy-backed the gay rights movement and used the campaign for sexual liberation to advance its own aims.

Were sexual predators intending a similar coup now, gender identity politics would provide them with a perfect Trojan horse.

Also Today - It Never Happens

In discussions around gender identity politics, we frequently hear the falsehood that other countries have already passed self-ID legislation without issue. Website, Women Are Human, reported on a shocking case from one such country; Argentina.

In October 2017 27-year-old Gabriela Nahir Fernández, a divorced male with a history of domestic violence, was convicted of “gender-based injuries and threats”. He was sentenced to three years and two months.

Fernández then began 'identifying as a woman' and changed his name on the Civil Registry. Under 2012 legislation in Argentina sex can be legally changed without the individual having to undergo any psychiatric or judicial assessment or any medical treatment. So when Fernández requested a transfer to a female prison, he was moved to the women’s section of Bouwer prison in Santa María, Córdoba.

While he was there, relatives of female prisoners constantly filed complaints about Fernández's behaviour, particularly that he strutted around the prison naked with his male genitals on full display. Not surprisingly, several female detainees said they were “uncomfortable” with Fernández around, especially in the shower.

It then transpired that Fernández was having sex with some female prisoners, though it is not known whether the acts were consensual. One of the women became pregnant and it is alleged Fernández beat her when he discovered this.

So when people tell you that self-ID has never caused any problems for the countries which have adopted it, point them to Agentina.

And Ireland. And Denmark.

Friday 29th November - Burn The (Misgendering) Witch

TV presenter, Alison Hammond, accidentally misgendered Caitlyn Jenner.

We will bring you more on this story as it develops.