Saturday 18th January - LGB Alliance Launch In Scotland

The LGB Alliance Scottish branch held its inaugural conference in Glasgow. The event was hosted by Malcolm Clark and supported by Women Make Glasgow and ForWomenScot.

Speakers included Simon Fanshawe, Stonewall co-founder, who talked about the necessity for new LGB representation. “We built Stonewall as an authoritative & trusted voice", he said. "Stonewall has betrayed that trust & split the movement."

Kate Harris, co-founder of the LGB Alliance, talked about 'Stonewall Law', ie the inaccurate representation of the Equality Act 2010 which Stonewall pushes on businesses and public bodies via its training programmes.

Nicola Jones, co-founder of ForwomenScot and the late Magdalen Bern's partner, spoke of the young lesbians in UK universities who face attacks on their sexuality and alienation from the LGB movement.

Also Today - Bisexual Woman Thrown Out Of LGBT Club For Wearing A T-Shirt

Following the launch of LGB Alliance Scotland, a young bisexual woman went on to The Polo Lounge, "Officially Scotland's biggest and most fabulous LGBTQ venue".

She was told that her LGB Alliance t-shirt was "discriminatory" and offending trans customers. Bouncers told her to turn the t-shirt inside out so that the logo wasn't visible. When she refused she was forcibly evicted from the club.

This is Paul Anderson, the manager of The Polo Lounge in Glasgow.

Sunday 19th January - Gender Clinic Accused Of Silencing Debate

The Tavistock & Portman is NHS England’s only clinic for trans-identified children. Already the subject of increasing criticism and facing legal action over its prescribing of puberty blockers to minors, it has now been accused of stifling debate.

The clinic has tried to bury a book which challenges the clinical and ethical bases for allowing children to transition.

Inventing Transgender Children & Young People, edited by Michele Moore and Heather Brunskell-Evans, is a collection of essays by clinicians, psychologists, sociologists, educators, parents and de-transitioners, discussing the how transgender children are invented in different medical, social and political contexts.

It has been removed from the Tavistock's library.

Monday 20th January - Ontario Medical Clinic Touting "Top Surgery"
(CW: Graphic photographs of surgery)

The Post Millennial wrote about the exploits of a Canadian clinic which is pushing double mastectomies on vulnerable adolescent girls.

Dr McEvenue of the McLean Clinic poses for a jolly Insta snap

In Canada the ever-growing number of teenage girls who have gender identity issues are being encouraged to have what is euphemistically called 'top surgery' by Ontario's "Leading plastic surgery & non-surgical cosmetic clinic".

The McLean Clinic is promoting irreversible surgery on social media in the same aspirational way other companies market clothing and craft lager. Its Instagram account is full of photographs of salesman-surgeons and ecstatic patients with slogans such as "Ready for a topless summer?!" and "Nice job, Dr. McLean!”

Mastectomies are being sold as a fun lifestyle choice.

Incidentally, one of the McLean Clinic's former surgeons, Dr Giancarlo McEvenue,  is a paid consultant for Johnson & Johnson, a company which supplies products and services for just these types of surgeries.

And this is how Dr McLean himself celebrates his birthday.

Astonishingly, much of the 'top surgery' carried out at the McLean Clinic is being paid for by the government-run Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).

No psychiatric evaluation is required to be approved for OHIP funding; a patient merely needs a diagnosis by a GP or any gender health clinician. And since Ontario law criminalises a medical professional for 'conversion therapy', any attempt to explore co-morbidities such as mental health issues, sexuality or autism etc in patients with dysphoria is illegal. OHIP is effectively funding surgery for any teenager who feels they have an issue with their gender identity.

Monday 20th January - Oxford College Tries to Control Debate

The Telegraph reported on a story about the Oxford college trying to stifle and manipulate academic debate.

Merton College's upcoming “Equality Conversation” is an event intended to explore “Perspectives on trans intersectionality”.

Although the event is free, in order to reserve a place, attendees were told they must sign up to a code of conduct and “Refrain from using language or putting forward views intended to undermine the validity of trans and gender diverse identities”.

The college has since rescinded this code of conduct but with all of the event's speakers being gender identity ideology zealots, it's telling they intended to silence anyone wishing to present an opposing point of view.

Tuesday 21st January - The Inconvenient Truth About Transwomen Told By A Transwoman

Transwoman, science teacher and LGBT activist, Debbie Hayton, wrote in Unherd about the dangers to women, girls and transwomen posed by self-ID legislation.

Debbie outlines the problems that the self ID legislation currently proposed by the Scottish government will cause:

Women will lose control over their spaces, organisations and groups etc; if any male can legally be female, boundaries become meaningless.

The inconvenient truth is that transwomen are male, and — as a group — we present the same hazard that men present. Women can no more differentiate nice trans from nasty trans than they can distinguish nice men from nasty men. Allowing us to declare ourselves to be trans and then immediately self-identify into women’s spaces makes the boundaries meaningless. It is a safeguarding nightmare.

Children who are gender non-conforming or struggling with their identity may be gas-lit into hormone treatment and surgery.

Children young enough to believe in the tooth fairy are not old enough to be put on a path that can lead to infertility, loss of sexual function, and medication for life.

Furthermore, trans people will risk losing the goodwill and understanding that has been cultivated over many years and on which they rely.

"Attempts to change the law to our advantage by policing the words — and even the thoughts — of others will not end well for us. If the Scottish Government doesn’t see the problem, others will and those people may find popular support and rebuild society in a way that is genuinely unkind to us."

Wednesday 22nd January - Detransitioned Woman Sues Child Gender Clinic

The Times spoke to a young woman who transitioned as a teenager and is now taking legal action against the NHS clinic which provided her treatment.

Keira Bell was in her mid-teens when, questioning her gender identity, she sought help from the Tavistock and Portman NHS trust. She was prescribed hormone blockers, then given cross-sex hormones and had a double mastectomy to remove her breasts. She says that the experience was extremely traumatic.

Now 23 and detransitioning, Keira is taking legal action against the clinic in a test case that seeks to challenge the prescribing of hormone blockers to children.

“I do not believe that children and young people can consent to the use of powerful and experimental hormone drugs like I did... The treatment needs to change so that it does not put young people, like me, on a torturous and unnecessary path that is permanent and life changing.”

Thursday 23rd January - Academic Needs Bodyguard To Protect Her From Trans Activists

The Telegraph reported on the Oxford Modern History professor who has been supplied with bodyguards due to threats from trans activists.

Professor Selina Todd is a historian whose research focuses on women, feminism and working-class life in modern Britain. Her involvement in women's rights advocacy means she frequently faces accusations of transphobia and trans rights activists contact her Oxford faculty on a daily basis, demanding her dismissal.

But now her very safety is at risk and the university has supplied her with security guards following threats from trans activists.

Two students visited Professor Todd, very worried after witnessing violent threats made against her on their email networks. The university investigated these threats and clearly consider them credible as it provided Professor Todd with security guards to accompany her to lectures for the rest of this year.

Because issuing violent threats against academics is exactly how you behave on The Right Side of History.

Friday 24th January - Schoolchildren Who Don't Believe In The Gender Fairy Could Be Guilty Of A Hate Crime

Campaign group, We Are Fair Cop, drew our attention to a deeply troubling issue regarding the CPS Hate Crimes School Project.

The CPS has updated its Hate Crime Schools Project with the help of Stonewall and Gendered Intelligence. The project is little short of Orwellian; it actually encourages pupils and teachers to report each other for questioning gender identity ideology and is based upon guidelines that are currently under judicial review.

Safeguarding guidelines are being erased and female pupils are being groomed (there is no other word for it) into believing they must allow males into their spaces.

Barrister and Fair Cop spokesperson, Sarah Phillmore, stated:

“Transgender issues need to be discussed freely and openly, and the terms of this conversation cannot be dictated by organisations that seek to prevent debate from happening. The police have no business controlling legitimate discussion anywhere, and certainly not in a learning environment. In creating this project, they have chosen to be advised by groups that push an aggressively anti-scientific agenda and have a proven track record of successfully shutting down discussion of trans issues.”

Saturday 25th January - More On The Oxford Professor & Her Bodyguards

Professor Selina Todd spoke to the BBC about the threats to her safety from trans activists which have resulted in Oxford University providing her with security guards.

Professor Todd appeared on the BBC's Today programme (at 1:42:00) to talk about the threats she has received and the need for open debate in UK universities.

Sunday 26th January - Law Professor Challenges Silencing Of Academics

The Sunday Times published a story about the professor who is demanding an investigation into the gagging of academics over trans issues.

Rosa Freedman is a professor at Reading University, one of the UK’s leading human rights experts and a UN adviser.

She has written to her MP, Oliver Dowden, and the universities minister, Chris Skidmore, asking them to investigate the suppression of academic freedom at certain UK universities where female academics have been blacklisted, silenced and no-platformed because of their gender critical views.

In recent months a number of female academics have had events cancelled or been 'dis-invited' from speaking engagements due to pressure from trans activists.

Professor Freedman says she has been barred from events and lost jobs because of erroneous allegations of transphobia and believes she was prevented from speaking about anti-semitism at Essex University.

When a Jewish woman is barred from discussing antisemitism at a British university during Holocaust Memorial Week, we have to ask what the hell is going on.

Also Today: Half A Million Spent On Research Into Maternity Care For Transmen

The Daily Mail (yes, we know, but the silence of the left wing press on this issue has been deafening) published an article about the £500,000 of tax payers' money to be spent on research into the treatment of 'pregnant men'.

The £502,251 is being provided by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) which forms part of the Government (ie tax payer) funded quango, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI).

The ESRC website gives details of the project, "Pregnant Men: An International Exploration Of Trans Male Experiences And Practices Of Reproduction". Researchers intend to study the ‘practices, experiences, and healthcare needs’ of post-transition transmen who become pregnant and give birth or wish to do so. They also wish to benefit the public by increasing awareness of the issue.

Meanwhile, maternity care for us boring old 'cis' women remains underfunded and understaffed. Only last week Wiltshire NHS confirmed the closure of birthing facilities in the area. And recent news stories from Shrewsbury & Telford Hospital and East Kent Hospitals make the shortcomings in maternity care horrifyingly clear.

Monday 27th January - Threats Of Violence Received By Man Challenging Trans 'Hate Crime' Policing

The Times published an article about Harry Miller, the man at the centre of a landmark legal case, and the threats he and his family have received because of it.

Last year former police officer, Harry Miller, received a telephone call from Humberside Police. He was told that comments he'd made on social media stating that transwomen are not biological women would be recorded as a “hate incident”.

He discovered that these so-called “hate incidents” can be recorded on an individual’s police record, even though they may not actually breach the law, can be based on the word of one single complainant and have never been proven in court.

Miller, a co-founder of the campaign group, Fair Cop, brought a judicial review against the College of Policing to challenge this process. He told The Times that, because of this legal actione he and his family have received violent threats on social media, including threats to flay and rape them.

Because threatening someone's family with violence is exactly how you behave when you're on The Right Side Of History.

Tuesday 28th January - Serial Rapist Seeks Transfer To Women's Prison

Feminist website, Women Are Human, drew our attention to a story from the US; a multiple rapist who is currently seeking to transfer to a female prison.

In 2015 Christopher Dobbs was convicted of 15 counts of second degree rape and first degree sexual abuse for the statutory rape of minor. He is incarcerated at the Snake River Correctional Institution in Oregon and is due for release in January 2027.

Dobbs is now calling himself Amber Danielle Thorden. Last week he filed a lawsuit with the Oregon court demanding that he be transferred to a women’s prison.

The complaint states that his being denied the opportunity to reside with women in a women’s prison means that Dobbs is, “Missing out on the much needed ‘real-life’ experience of living as a female" and that being placed in a female prison is a necessary step in his treatment for gender dysphoria.

Just when you think you've heard everything, a serial rapist demands that vulnerable female prisoners must validate his gender identity.

Wednesday 29th January - Unions Attempt To Undermine Leading Psychotherapist

Stella O'Malley's presentation of a day-long conference about gender dysphoria came with a 'warning' statement from three different unions.

Stella O'Malley is a psychotherapist, bestselling author, documentary maker, and public speaker. Last year she made the Channel 4 documentary, Trans Kids: It's Time To Talk. She suffered with gender dysphoria as a child so has both experience and insight into this issue as well as professional expertise.

Yet when she presented a conference on gender dysphoria at Birkbeck University of London last week, three different unions, Unite, UCU and Unison, felt the need to issue a 'warning' statement about her contribution. This statement sought to discredit Stella's expertise and virtually encouraged attendees to disregard it.

According to the statement, understanding biological sex and wanting to protect gender non-conforming kids from potentially harmful medical treatment mean that Stella O'Malley endorses 'anti-trans' sentiments. Attendees were warned to "Listen to the speaker's views with a critical mindset and not accept them at face value".

Don't believe the trained and highly experienced expert but accept without question the incoherent and anti-science ideology of the gender cult? Got it.

Thursday 30th January - (Yet Another) Violent Male Seeks Transfer To Women's Prison

Another story from Women Are Human, this time from Rotorua in New Zealand, about a violent male seeking access to a female prison.

Wayne Maney is a dangerous man who was convicted of the kidnapping and torture of three women. He repeatedly kicked, punched and used a hypodermic needle to stab one of his victims and stabbed another victim repeatedly with a knife and a pair of scissors.

Maney is now calling himself Blaine and claims to identify as a woman. He is seeking a transfer to a women's prison.

In New Zealand male prisoners can transfer to a female prison based on their “gender identity” provided they have not been convicted of serious sex crimes against women. Wayne Maney was not convicted for sex crimes against women, just for kidnapping and torturing them. There is every chance he'll get his wish and be moved to a female facility.

Friday 31st January - The Thought Police Of Durham University

Julie Bindel wrote in The Spectator about being de-platformed by Durham University.

Julie explained that she had been invited by the president of the Durham University Union to take part (unpaid) in a debate on prostitution laws. She then never heard anything further so contacted the organisers to confirm, receiving "a fudge" in reply. She assumed she had been dis-invited owing to pressure from the gender shills.

Days before the event, Julie discovered that it was still going ahead. So she contacted the organisers, calling their bluff, to say she was delighted to hear the debate was being held after all and that she was still expecting to take part.

In response she received an email from the event organisers explaining 'the rules' for her (unpaid) attendance. She was told that speakers are required to sign up to the ‘Durham University Respect and Inclusivity Agreement’, must accept that the Union Society President will make contact with the Student Union Trans Society in advance of the event to hear any ‘concerns’ they have and must accept that a senior member of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team will attend the event as an impartial observer on behalf of the University.

"I told the organisers where to shove their invitation."

Saturday 1st February - Protesting Against Women Speaking In Public

Feminist campaign group, WPUK, organised a women's conference to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the first Women’s Liberation Conference in London in 1970.

The wokerati just couldn't allow women to gather in peace for a discussion about women's rights. A group of protesters gathered outside the venue at University College London, some with incomprehensible placards, to chant and shout at attendees.

Sadly, this group protesting a women's conference was organised by the UCL Student Union Women's Network. Under his eye...

There were, of course, males protesting at the conference whose presence there was certainly not motivated by their abject misogyny. Definitely not.

Over in Seattle on the same day another feminist event was also being protested. The Women's Liberation Front had organised a panel discussion at the Seattle Library. "Fighting the New Misogyny" was a feminist of critique of gender identity with speakers, Meghan Murphy, Saba Malik, and Kara Dansky.

100s of protesters, some of them masked, blocked the streets around the library. They attempted to intimidate attendees and, once inside the venue, to disrupt the speakers. Such was their determination to prohibit free speech that police had to intervene and arrests were made.

There was plenty of misogynistic language in evidence...

As were intimidation and aggression...

And there was even some male violence against women thrown in for good measure.

Does this really look like the Right Side of History?

Sunday 2nd February - Father Ready To Risk Prison Over 'Trans Lessons'

The Sunday Times published an article about a father from Birmingham who would rather go to jail than allow his son to be taught gender identity ideology in school.

Jabar Hussain may face prosecution after withdrawing his child from school because of classes which teach gender ideology as fact. He has withdrawn his nine year old son, Amin, from Parkfield Primary School in Birmingham because “The school teaches that some children are born in the wrong body".

Mr Hussain explained that Amin was already “Confused about the differences between boys and girls” after just one school assembly and did not want him to be further mystified or to start questioning his own sex. "The school thinks this is OK and has to be accepted, even though transgender can mean medical treatment and surgery which could damage my son mentally and physically for life.”

The syllabus to which he objects involves a book called Introducing Teddy. It features a male teddy bear who tells his best friend that he's really a girl teddy because he feels like a girl teddy "in his heart".

This new sex and relationships curriculum becomes compulsory in all English schools from September.

Monday 3rd February - Irish Doctors Claim That Treatment Of 'Trans Kids' Is Unsafe

The Irish Independent revealed that doctors in Ireland have not only expressed concerns over the treatment of trans-identified children but that their worries have been suppressed.

Treatment for children questioning their gender identity in Ireland is provided at Dublin's Crumlin Children's Hospital by clinicians imported from the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust in London.

The Tavistock & Portman is NHS England’s only clinic for trans-identified children. Already the subject of increasing criticism and facing legal action over its prescribing of puberty blockers to minors, it has recently been accused of stifling debate around the treatment of gender confused children.

Consultant endocrinologist, Professor Donal O'Shea, and consultant psychiatrists, Dr Paul Moran and Dr Ian Schneider, all work in gender service provision at St Columcille's Hospital in Dublin. They deal with adult referrals but their patients include those previously treated at the Crumlin by Tavistock doctors.  

At a meeting at the Crumlin last March these clinicians all expressed extremely serious concerns over the treatment being provided to children referred to the gender clinic. They feel that children are being prescribed hormone blockers when they are unprepared or unsuitable for such treatment and say that some patients have mental health issues which had not been properly explored prior to their being placed on a medical pathway.

However, the issues raised by the doctors and their insistence that the treatment should be halted immediately, were omitted from the minutes of the meeting.

Also Today - Child Rapist Seeks Re-Admission To Women's Prison

Website, Women Are Human, published an article about (yet another) dangerous sexual predator, this time in Canada, requesting a transfer to the female estate.

In 2005 Michael Williams was part of a gang which brutally raped and murdered a 13-year-old girl, Nina Courtepatte. Known to the others as “Pyro”,Williams also confessed to trying to set Nina on fire. He was sentenced to first-degree murder.

According to The Toronto Sun, Williams began 'identifying as a woman' whilst incarcerated though he has done little to affect any meaningful transition. The paper states that he has already been transferred to Fraser Valley Institute (FVI) women’s prison once but was returned to the male estate after having sex with female inmates. (How consensual the sex was, the paper doesn't clarify.)

"Pyro" Williams is currently accommodated in Kent men's prison, awaiting a transfer to FVI again. And can you guess which prominent Canadian trans rights activist is right behind him?

Tuesday 4th February - Portsmouth Uni Misquotes Law & Erases Sex

On Twitter Professor Kathleen Stock drew our attention to Portsmouth University's Dignity and Respect policy.

The university has misquoted the Equality Act 2010, replacing 'sex' with 'gender' as a protected characteristic. It is misleading female staff and students with about their legal rights. Apparently, staff have raised this issue but Portsmouth University has ignored their concerns.

Wednesday 5th February - Schoolgirl Pursues Legal Action Over Council's 'Tran Rules'

A 13 year old schoolgirl filed a request for a Judicial Review against Oxfordshire County Council. She is challenging the council's 'Trans Inclusion Toolkit', guidelines for dealing with pupils who identify as trans.

Under these guidelines, male pupils who identify as trans are allowed access to girls' toilets, changing rooms and sleeping accommodation when on residential trips and they're also permitted to compete in girls' sports.

The claimant who, for legal reasons is known as Miss A, explained her actions in a statement:

"Under these guidelines I have no right to privacy from the opposite sex in changing rooms, loos or on residential trips. Sports could end up being unsafe as I am a really small teenage girl and boys are bigger than girls. This guidance could be used in any educational establishment in Oxfordshire, which possible includes sports clubs. The guidance makes me feel that my desire for privacy, dignity, safety and respect is wrong."

Thursday 6th February - Autistic Teen Charged With 'Hate Crime' For Asking a Police Officer's Sex

Women Are Human published an article about an autistic teenager who has been convicted of a 'hate crime' and hit with a hefty fine for asking if a transgender police officer is a boy or a girl.  

Transgender police community support officer (PCSO), Connor Freel, was born female but identifies as a man. Last October Freel was on foot patrol in Mold town centre when Declan Armstrong, a nineteen year old man who has Asperger's, shouted "Is it a boy or a girl?" at him.

Armstrong was subsequently convicted of using abusive or insulting words to cause harassment. He has been placed under a nighttime curfew and ordered to pay £590 - including a payment of £200 in compensation to PCSO Freel.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) described the incident as a ‘hate crime’ and according to Judge Roger Lowe, Armstrong's original public order offence was uplifted to medium-level due to its 'transphobic nature'.

Disability rights group, Action for Asperger’s, has condemned the prosecution. CEO Elaine Nicholson said, “It’s not fair to punish someone with Asperger’s for communicating honestly and directly – it’s part of who they are.”

Friday 7th February - Mum Of Two In Court Over Hurt Feelings

The Daily Mail ran an article about a Hertfordshire woman who was in court this week after allegedly mis-gendering a transwoman.

Stephanie Hayden

Kate Scottow had a visit from the Hertfordshire police at her home in Hitchin in December 2018 following an online argument with trans rights activist, Stephanie Hayden. She was arrested in front of her two young children, detained for a lengthy period in the police station and subsequently charged with making malicious communications on social media.

Ms Scottow is currently on trial at St Albans Magistrates Court for ‘making persistent use of a public electronic communications network’ for the purpose of ‘causing annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety’. She has pleaded not guilty.

The Judge agreed with the defence counsel's request that evidence of 'bad character' about Hayden could be submitted. So the court heard that Hayden had been before criminal courts on 11 occasions for 21 offences, had spent six months in prison for obtaining property deception and has a previous conviction relating to an affray with a golf club in 1999.

Defence counsel, Diana Wilson, also raised the issue of Hayden's penchant for legal action, pointing out that Hayden had been involved in three court cases in just one week. "I am litigious", said Hayden. "I put my hands up."

Saturday 8th February - Trans Activists Protest An Anti-Rape Demonstration

Transactivists tried to disrupt a flash-mob which is part of a worldwide movement against rape and male violence.

The "Rapist In Your Path" movement began in Chile and has united women in protest against male violence and rape culture.  Its anthem is heard across the world.

On Saturday feminist groups, including the Trafford Rape Crisis Centre, gathered to perform a flash-mob to sing the Rapist In Your Path anthem and to protest against the systems which enable male violence.

Trans activists turned up to try and disrupt their action.

Thankfully, they weren't very successful.

But is this seriously how those on The Right Side of History behave?

Also Today - The Starbucks & Mermaids Blend

Douglas Murray wrote in The Telegraph about the collaboration between Starbucks and controversial charity, Mermaids.

"Personally I view Mermaids as one of the most sinister charitable organisations in the UK. Starbucks simply says that the group supports “young transgender and gender diverse people and their families”... In fact everything that Mermaids pushes is deeply controversial and with implications which need to be properly interrogated."

Murray then goes on to describe the issues which should cause concern:

  • There is no agreed definition of 'gender diverse people'. It means everything and nothing.
  • Mermaids propagate the myth that children can be "in the wrong body” and must be helped to 'change sex'.
  • Mermaids use the threat of child suicide against parents who question their wisdom.
  • Anyone (including parents) who dares to challenge the rhetoric is painted as bigoted, reactionary and trans-hating.
  • Studies show that around 80% of children diagnosed with ‘gender dysphoria’ will grow up to be happy in their own bodies.
"The fact that multinationals like Starbucks can so easily jump on board with the agenda that Mermaids is pushing is just the latest demonstration of how fast this new orthodoxy is being accepted."

Sunday 9th February - No Privacy For Women At Labour HQ

The Labour Party is scrapping sex-segregated toilets at its headquarters in Westminster. Facilities will become 'gender neutral' ie mixed sex. So now Labour women (and female visitors) will have no choice but to share their spaces with men.

General Secretary, Jennie Formby, announced this decision to mark the start of LGBT History Month.

Insiders told The Daily Mail that staff are angry at this decision. "There are plenty of men and women who simply prefer to keep toilet arrangements separate."

Monday 10th February - NHS Child Gender Rules Built On Sand

The Times wrote about the NHS rules which govern the prescribing of puberty blockers to children who believe themselves to be transgender.

The paper has heard that the NHS rules for the treatment of children with gender dysphoria are based on advice from clinicians with close links to transgender groups and lack robust evidence.

The current treatment model leans heavily on international guidelines. An NHS contract with the Tavistock trust issued in 2016 states that it will “conform” or “broadly conform” to standards of care issued by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) in 2012.

However, according to The Times:

"WPATH has been accused of conflicts of interest by receiving income linked with its guidelines or of working at universities or clinics that received funds from advocacy groups or drugs companies that favour certain treatments or receive grants and publish research on transgender care."

Also Today - A "Global Epidemic" Of Transgender Teens

Bernard Lane wrote in The Australian about the surge in numbers of teens identifying as trans, described by one Queensland academic as an "Epidemic".

The youth gender clinic at the Queensland Children’s Hospital has seen a huge increase in children and teenagers identifying as trans. According to new Freedom of Information (FOI) data, there has been an increase of 1,172% since 2014.

Last year alone, the clinic prescribed controversial hormone treatment to at least 216 patients. The clinic will not reveal birth sex data of patients but 94% of the under-18s who were taking cross-sex hormones were taking testosterone, so clearly female.

Patrick Parkinson, the University of Queensland law dean, said the explosion in transgender-identifying teenagers, the vast majority of them girls, is an epidemic that had “So far escaped public attention”.

Tuesday 11th February - It Never Happens

The BBC reported on the Scottish government's plans to allow people to 'self identify their gender' from as young as sixteen.

The item included an interview with Rhona Hotchkiss, the former governor of Cornton Vale women's prison near Stirling. She told the BBC that she has witnessed aggression from trans inmates, including threats to rape female staff and prisoners.

"My experience is that it is always an issue to have trans women in with female prisoners. You have to think beyond the obvious things like physical or sexual threat, which are sometimes an issue, to the very fact that the presence of a male-bodied person among vulnerable women causes distress and consternation."

Wednesday 12th February - Labour Losing Women

The Independent reported on a huge rift in Labour Party caused when leadership contender, Rebecca Long-Bailey, and MP Angela Rayner effectively told the party's women to give up their sex-based rights or piss off.

Angela Rayner & Rebecca Long-Bailey urged party members to sign up to 12-point plan put forward by a group called the Labour Campaign For Trans Rights.

This "Trans Charter" labels feminist group Woman's Place UK and the LGB Alliance as "trans-exclusionary hate groups" and also calls for the expulsion from the party of those with "bigoted, transphobic views" (ie those who believe biological sex is real). The banning of free speech, the defaming of perfectly legitimate campaign groups and the erasure of women's rights all in one fell swoop.

The following day Lisa Nandy, another leadership contender, threw petrol on an already raging fire by appearing on BBC Radio 4's Today programme. She further smeared Woman's Place UK as a 'hate group' and called for its co-founder, Ruth Serwotka, a trade unionist and active party member, to be expelled.

Ruth Serwotka responded with this open letter.

Thursday 13th February - Burn The Witch!

Staff and students at the University of Kent attempted to no-platform Professor Selina Todd from speaking on working-class and feminism.

Friday 14th February - Good News & Bad News From The Courts

Harry Miller won his case. The judge, Mr Justice Knowles, deemed that Harry's tweets were lawful, demonstrated no evidence of hate and that the police did interfere with his Article 10 rights. He told the court:

“In this country we have never had a Cheka, a Gestapo or a Stasi. We do not live in an Orwellian society.”

Sadly, the news from the St Albans Magistrates' Court was not so good. Kate Scottow was found guilty. She was given a conditional discharge and has to pay a victim surcharge of £21 and £1000 costs. The verdict will likely end Ms Scottow's career as a forensic psychologist.

District Judge Margaret Dodd told Ms Scottow that she should be kind.