Saturday 26th October - Parents Group Lobbies Government

The Times reported on a group of parents who are going to lobby both the NHS and the government over what they describe as the "coerced medicalisation" of gender non-conforming children.

The newly formed group called Our Duty is comprised of over 30 families whose children identify as transgender. Some of the parents believe that their children are simply gay or lesbian but have been pressured into identifying as trans. In other cases the children decided that they are trans after spending time in internet chat rooms or having been influenced by their peers at school.

Some of the families have children who are on the autism spectrum, which is significant given that new research shows transgender individuals are far more likely to display autistic traits than the wider population. Perhaps most notably, almost all of the parents in the group have daughters, reflecting the soaring numbers of adolescent girls being referred to GIDS at the Tavistock and Portman Clinic.

The parents of Our Duty want to challenge the 'early affirmation' model under which clinicians are encouraged to validate the identities of 'trans children' without other issues being explored. They feel children and young people are being rushed into medical treatment which can cause infertility and put them on a path to transition. One father told The Times that he believed his daughter was being transitioned by a 'cult', adding "If the mind is telling you that the body is wrong, fix the mind, not the body."

Sunday 27th October - Human Rights Law Firm Fucks Over Black Lesbian

The Times reported on a black lesbian barrister who is currently "under investigation" by her employer.

Allison Bailey is co-founder of the LGB Alliance, a newly formed group which campaigns for the rights of bisexuals, gay men and lesbians. The group asserts that LGB people have the right to define, organise and campaign as same-sex attracted people, separate from groups such as Stonewall which uphold gender identity ideology over biological sex.

After tweeting about the inaugural LGB Alliance meeting, Ms Bailey faced a barrage of abuse and harassment, including threats of violence, instigated, in part by Witchfinder General, Owen Jones.

She is now being investigated by her employers who capitulated immediately to the Twitter trans activists.

Ms Bailey told The Times that Garden Court Chambers have “Simply gone along with what the hate mob want” and said she had no faith that they will conduct a fair complaints process.

Garden Court Chambers is a "Stonewall diversity champion".

As detailed in a recent article by feminist campaigner, Helen Saxby, Garden Court Chambers also has affiliations which may explain why they have been so quick to throw Allison Bailey under the bus.

The chambers has links with transgender lobby group, TELI.

Garden Court is also home to Alex Sharpe, a very vocal trans activist who seems to view lesbian 'preferences' (ie being same-sex attracted) as something on which "It may be ethical to reflect".

Sharpe also once wrote in defence of housing sexually violent male prisoners in female prisons and mocked the women wishing to uphold single sex laws and safeguarding.

Garden Court Chambers advertises itself as "Committed to fighting injustice, defending human rights and upholding the rule of law". One might, therefore, expect it to have a better grasp of the Equality Act 2010 and the groups protected within it.

Monday 28th - Another bearded bloke tells women to centre men in their feminism.

According to its website, Cambridge University Student Union's Women's Campaign represents "All those who self-define as women and non-binary people, including (if they wish) those with gender identities which include ‘woman’, transfeminine people and those who feel that they experience structural misogyny". Whatever that means.

CUSU has put together A Guide for Spotting TERF Ideology which, with the usual hyperbole, claims a gender critical view "puts our feminist movement at risk and trans and non-binary people in danger" (though it fails to explain how).

Quite aside from using a misogynistic slur, this "guide" is little more than an incel training manual which gaslights and guilt trips young women into abandoning their sex-based rights and spaces.

It also advocates the prioritising and centring of males in feminism.

Alessandro Ceccarelli, "President of the Graduate Union at University of Cambridge, Chair of the Board of Trustees", is very keen to "endorse this fully".

Alessandro's pronouns are, according to his bio, "he/him".

Tuesday 29th October - Aggression & Intimidation From The "Right Side of History"

The Toronto Public Library hosted a speech by Meghan Murphy called “Gender Identity: What does it Mean for Society, the Law and Women?”. During the preceding weeks the library had faced vociferous and sustained criticism for hosting this event and came under huge pressure to cancel it.

But the event went ahead and Meghan Murphy spoke. A feminist writer discussing legislation which will impact women's rights should not be controversial. And yet her appearance attracted a mob of protesters whose ferocity and aggression were nothing short of horrifying.

This eye witness described masked men amongst the mob.

Women attending the meeting were intimidated and screamed at. Even a victim of male violence suffering with PTSD was not immune from their rage.

This attendee had to leave by the rear exit with police protection and was still pursued by aggressive protesters.

On Facebook another attendee described the aggression he witnessed.

Writing in The National Post, Chris Selley points out that a number of Toronto's public officials were in attendance. A pair he describes as "Arch-progressive city councillors", Mike Layton and Kristyn Wong-Tam, and the mayor, John Tory, were there. Not in solidarity with a feminist speaker or to ensure the protection of free speech, but as part of the protest group.

Also Today - Mermaids Ads In Magdalen Berns' YouTube Channel

Twitter user, @STILLTish, drew our attention to controversial charity, Mermaids, and the target for its advertising.

Back in October we reported on controversial charity, Mermaids, targeting their advertising to young people on YouTube by inserting promotional material into media watched by children and adolescents.

And now Mermaids have chosen to insert their propaganda into the YouTube channel of a recently deceased feminist heroine who fought bravely against the medicalisation of children. An act of vindictive trolling that should tell you everything you need to know about that charity.

Also Today - The Truth About Rachel McKinnon

Madeleine Kearns wrote about Rachel McKinnon. He's a cheat and a bully, she says. So why are we humouring him?

Kearns begins by explaining why she will not use female pronouns for McKinnon and why she will not, as others do, maintain the illusion that he is a woman.

"This is precisely the well-meant, tragically naïve logic that has enabled a structure of lies and tyranny to be erected around us, a structure that most cannot opt out of without incurring an enormous social cost. It is a structure in which cheating and viciousness are rewarded while civility and truth-telling are punished. Rachel McKinnon is the perfect example of how this structure works and operates, as well as why we should resist it."

Kearns describes many of the occasions McKinnon has attacked or tried to intimidate anyone who dares to challenge his involvement in women's sport, including LGBT rights pioneer and tennis legend, Martina Navratilova. And the time he celebrated the tragically premature death of feminist activist, Magdalen Berns.

Rachel McKinnon was a male called Rhys for 29 years; he reaped the benefits of a male puberty and enjoys all the physical and physiological advantages being a male bestows. In his 30s he took up competitive cycling and has since stolen several high profile titles from female athletes.

"By pretending that McKinnon is not a man, we have allowed him to cheat at sports at the expense of his female competitors. Because McKinnon being a man is directly relevant to the argument that he should not compete against women, in calling him something other than a man, we obfuscate that argument — and all for the sake of a very recently invented set of blasphemy norms (e.g. “misgendering” and “deadnaming”) that don’t apply to us non-believers."

Wednesday 30th October - No Feminist Deed Goes Un-Punished

Only a day after Meghan Murphy's speech at the Toronto City Library, city councillors voted in favour of a motion which will ensure any similar events are now extremely unlikely.

The motion was tabled by Kristyn Wong-Tam and seconded by Mike Layton (remember the "arch-progressive city councillors" who were amongst the baying protesters at Toronto Library?). It effectively hands the power to decide who does and, more importantly, who doesn't get to use and speak at Toronto's public spaces, including its libraries, over to the leaders of "LGBTQ2S+" groups.

When speaking at the City Council meeting (starts 2:39:00), Kristyn Wong-Tam discussed this motion almost entirely with reference to the "Trans and non-binary people" of Toronto. The city has to make amends to them for allowing Meghan Murphy to speak at the library, she insists. She ended by saying that she believed the event should not have gone ahead, adding, "Let's find a way forward to fix this so it does not happen again".

In the UK many female MPs have said they are standing down from their roles, citing the constant abuse and threats they receive as the reason for doing so.

Eighteen female MPs are standing down at the next general election in December with a number of them naming the horrendous abuse which comes their way as the cause. According to Rachel Reeves MP, death and rape threats are a daily occurrence for women parliamentarians. Women are still woefully under-represented in government and now female MPs are being hounded from their seats.

Meanwhile in Canada elected officials are falling over themselves to prevent women from taking an active part in public life.

Thursday 31st October - Cosmo (Still) Hates Women

Last month we reported on a Cosmopolitan article vilifying gender critical feminists with the usual misogyny, wilful ignorance and hyperbole we've come to expect.

And now Cosmo are at it again with this article about the proposed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act. (N0 link - we're not giving them the clicks.)

It promises to cut through the "transphobic rhetoric" to provide a "Comprehensive guide to the Gender Recognition Act reforms and what they really mean for trans and cisgender people".

What follows is an inaccurate piece of propagandist nonsense which presents as gospel the views of Pink News, Gendered Intelligence and Stonewall. It even quotes trans activist, Helen Belcher, of Trans Media Watch.

But at least the feminist groups which oppose the GRA reforms do get this mention:

Friday 1st November - Aimee Challenor & (Yet Another) Safeguarding Story

The Coventry Observer ran a story about former Green Party member and trans activist, Aimee Challenor, being suspended from the Lib Dems amid safeguarding concerns.

It seems that Aimee Challenor has been removed from their role of Diversity Officer at the Coventry Liberal Democrats. A local party source told the newspaper that Challenor has been suspended pending the outcome of an investigation by national party officials. This investigation surrounds "Fresh complaints, internet allegations and safeguarding concerns".

In August 2018 Aimee's father, David Challenor, was found guilty of torturing and raping a 10 year old girl in the attic of the family's Coventry home. When Aimee stood as a Green Party candidate for Coventry South in the 2017 election, David Challenor was Aimee's election agent. He was appointed after his arrest for the horrific crimes for which he is now serving a 22 year sentence. He was also Aimee's election agent during the 2018 local elections, whilst he was awaiting trial for the rape of a child.

The Green Party subsequently financed an independent investigation, carried out by Verita, and suspended Aimee Challenor from the party. Aimee immediately resigned from the party, citing transphobia as the reason for doing so, and soon after joined the Liberal Democrats. Verita's report, published in January 2019, found that David Challenor had posed a "Major safeguarding risk" when he held roles within the Green Party and that Aimee Challenor had committed a “serious error of judgement”.

And now Aimee is suspended from yet another party pending yet another safeguarding investigation.

Greens member Andy Healy has fought a lonely battle after being thrown out of the party for clashing with Aimee and David Challenor. It's high time his suspension was lifted and he received the apology he deserves.