One week of women fighting back

25th May


Feminist campaign group, Leeds Spinners hosted a meeting in Leeds’ historic Civic Hall. It was the first UK discussion of the “Declaration of Sex Based Rights”.

The speakers at the meeting were author and sociologist, Dr Heather Brunskill Evans, academic, author and feminist activist, Dr Sheila Jeffreys, and lawyer and academic, Maureen O’Hara, who presented The Declaration, which re-affirms that women’s universal human rights are based on their sex.

Panellists discussed how the official use of gender over sex endangers the rights and safety of women and girls and causes discrimination against women in a variety of areas.

UPDATE: Sorry to derail the good news so quickly, but...

And I've just found now that all four women in the above photo have been reported to the police.

26th May

The Times carried a story about The Scout Association revising its transgender policy.

Having been advised by controversial charity, Mermaids, and the less well-known organisation, The Gender Trust, The Scout Association published its policy only 18 months ago. The policy immediately attracted criticism for its approach to safeguarding and was described by one MP as ‘madness’. According to statements issued over the weekend, the policy has changed substantially.

Writing on the Transgender Trend website, Scout leader, Maya Fortaster discussed the new policy and the swinging changes made.

27th May

Looking to defuse the damning story of Rev John Parker and his revealing recording of a Mermaid’s training session, the controversial charity issued a statement on the story. Transgender Trend (an organisation concerned about the social and medical ‘transition’ of children and the teaching of ‘gender identity’ in schools) gave the statement a careful reading.

Although this exercise felt a bit like marking the paper of a very poor student – with mounting horror – the result (a resounding Fail) is not funny. Mermaids is the organisation awarded half a million pounds by the Big Lottery which they will use to set up ‘support groups’ for young children and their parents across the UK. The Department for Education gave them £35,000 to go into our children’s schools to deliver training to teaching staff, such as the session at the C of E school at the head of this piece.

The care of gender dysphoric children must be based on robust medical evidence which can withstand scientific scrutiny. The press statement from Mermaids proves nothing they set out to prove. It does succeed, however, in exposing how ideological belief can overtake reality. This cannot ever be seen as an acceptable basis for the treatment and care of children and young people.

28th May

Feminist campaign group, For Women Lancashire, posted on social media its recording of a speech given by former Girl Guide leader, Helen Watts, at an event entitled “Gender Identity: Safeguarding Children & Young People” last month.

Helen was expelled from the Girl Guides when she questioned the very same safeguarding issues that the Scouts have had to revise.

29th May

Feminist campaign group, Woman’s Place UK, began posting speeches from its rousing and hugely successful event last week, A Woman’s Place is Back in Town, held in central London on 20th May. The first speaker to be posted to social media was Maya Forstater, a researcher, writer and advisor in the areas of business and sustainable development who has worked with organisations such as the Centre for Global Development, UNICEF and the World Bank (amongst others). She’s also a mother, scout leader and co-founder of Let Toys Be Toys.

Maya lost her job at the think tank, The Centre for Global Development (CDG) in London for speaking on social media about women’s sex based rights and proposed gender self id legislation. She is now taking CDG to the Employment Tribunal for discrimination on the grounds of belief, to establish that she should not have lost her job for expressing beliefs about sex and gender on her own Twitter account.

29th May

Feminist activist, Lily Maynard, published her excellent report on an event, “First Do No Harm — the ethics of transgender healthcare” which was held at the House of Lords on 15th May.

30th May

SNP MEP, Joan McAlpine, tweeted a detailed paper created by volunteer group, Women and Girls in Scotland. The document explains why so many feminists on the political left oppose gender self ID because of its deleterious effect on vulnerable women and girls and addresses the exclusion of women class women from policy consideration and policy making.

30th May

Woman’s Place UK continued to upload speeches from its meeting on 20th May. Meghan Murphy, feminist activist and journalist banned from Twitter for saying "that's him" about a predatory paedophile.

Julie Bindel, writer, activist and fearless defender of vulnerable women who has been fighting this nonsense since 2003.

And last but not least Selina Todd gave an eye-opening history of the absurd, anti-science, anti-woman, anti-gay roots of postmodern Queer Theory. "Two, almost three generations of students have been educated have been educated to see the world in a certain way...we need to understand how their education has influenced their world view if we are to set the record straight."