(Thanks as always to JL, who can't put her name this because people on 'the right side of history' would try to destroy her life.)

6th July

The day of London’s annual Pride parade. At last year’s event, a group of eight lesbians attended to protest what they saw as the erasure of lesbianism from the LGBT movement and the destruction of lesbians’ sexual boundaries. This year that group, Get the L Out, were banned from taking part.

An article in the Evening Standard quoted Pride’s co-chairwoman, Alison Camp, who stated that the group had been banned and that police were going to increase security around the parade route. All to ensure that eight lesbians do not express and defend their sexuality.
Angela C Wild is a co-founder of Get the L Out.

While the photography ban was later reversed after protests by journalists, it speaks volumes that the organisers of Pride pursued it. After all, it wouldn't do to see lesbians being silenced and threatened on a day purportedly supporting same-sex attraction.

Following the #PrideInLondon hashtag on social media, it became clear how unwelcome any lesbian daring to challenge transgender ideology would be at the event.

The Labour Party was also busy erasing lesbians.  In recent years it has become politically expedient to attribute the Stonewall riots and the start of the gay liberation movement to two transwomen (who in reality were gay male drag queens) and airbrush the real heroine, a black butch lesbian called Stormé DeLarverie, out of LGBT history. And here is the Labour Party doing just that.

(This detailed thread by writer Lana Hart discusses some of the historical revisionism currently being fed to incurious political leaders.)

7th July

A blogger calling themselves The Lonely Transexual wrote an open letter to Stonewall.

“This organisation is manipulating people into believing a twisted narrative and have time and time again proven themselves to be bullies… Let me start by saying I reject wholeheartedly your representation of me under the ridiculous transgender umbrella. You have made a mockery of the genuine struggles of transsexuals, turning them into some sick game.”

After describing the pain and distress caused by gender dysphoria, the author poses a question.

“Whatever possessed you to think you had the knowledge and expertise to represent a complex psychological illness ? Of course, clearly you don’t have that expertise because the first thing you did was stop it being considered an illness. Thanks. You talk about erasure and rights… what about my right to have my gender dysphoria recognised and treated ?”
“You have sexualised something that isn’t about sex.”
“Women are angry. And guess what ? They are right to be angry. Women’s spaces are being eroded, hard won rights diluted and language is being rewritten. These women, sorry cisgendered cervix havers I’m sure you would prefer, have had enough. But do you sit down and listen ? No. You label them as TERFs, ignore them and plough on regardless.”
“Gender dysphoria is not a fetish. It’s not a sexual orientation. Its a debilitating psychological illness requiring complex multi disciplinary intervention.
Stop pandering to fetishists and misogynists.”

Also today, The Royal College of General Practitioners issued a warning regarding the treatment of gender non-conforming children.

In a ‘positions statement’ the RCGP criticises the significant lack of evidence with regard to the side-effects and possible outcomes of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones and has stressed the need for more research.

Professor Richard Byng, a practising GP and professor of primary care at Plymouth University, commented, “I hope it will provide GPs with the confidence to talk openly and compassionately with patients about the differences between gender identity and biological sex, the limited evidence for the treatments available, and the fact that transitioning can be an irreversible process with lifelong implications.”

8th July
Writing in The Mirror Dr Miriam Stoppard discussed the ‘global surge’ in children attending gender clinics. She quotes Dr Bernadka Dubicka, the chair of the child and adolescent faculty at the Royal College of Psychiatrists; “We are talking about developing guidelines but the answers aren’t straightforward. We need more research in this area across the board.”

Dr Stoppard pointed out that there are fears GIDS is rushing to medicate children with gender dysphoria, failing to take into account comorbidities such as abuse, trauma and mental health issues and ignoring the possibility the child may be homosexual or simply suffering from the anxiety caused by the onset of adolescence.

“There have been accusations the clinic is “experimenting” with children, prescribing treatments such as hormone blockers to delay puberty when there’s little robust evidence of a need for it and risking side effects like sexual dysfunction and infertility...Without that supervision, over-enthusiastic efforts to ease the suffering of young people could have dire long-term repercussions.”

Also today, The Irish Independent published a story about a man being charged with sexually assaulting a 17 year old girl at Cork University Hospital.

Gardaí were told that the girl had been asleep but woke up around 5am when she felt someone touching her breasts and her vagina.

The man charged was sharing a mixed sex hospital ward with the girl at the time of the alleged assault.

9th July
The Telegraph covered the high number of male prison inmates who identify as transgender. Figures produced by the official prisons watchdog suggest there are up to 1,500 transgender inmates among the 90,000 prisoners in England and Wales.

To give you some perspective, the total UK prison population in 2018 was 83,618, comprised of 79,749 men and 3,869 women. If these 1500 men identifying as women were to be moved to the female estate, it would increase the female prison population by around 50%.

The article also references Karen White. Born male, White is a double rapist who was described at his trial as a ‘predator’ and a ‘danger to women’. Now ‘identifying as female’, he sexually assaulted two female inmates while on remand at New Hall Prison in Wakefield.

In a recent video posted on Twitter, SNP MP Mhairi Black suggested that people expressing concerns over vulnerable women being abused in exactly this sort of situation, were cunts.

10th July

A story in The Telegraph claims a doctor lost his role as a disability assessor for the DWP after saying he’d refuse to address a hypothetical tall, bearded man as “Madam”.

Dr David Mackereth told a tribunal that he was forced out of his job because he refused to use pronouns in accordance with gender identity rather than biological sex. He claims he was suspended following a discussion with his line manager who asked if he’d be prepared to refer to a six foot tall bearded man as ‘she’ and ‘Mrs’ if that’s how the man wanted to be addressed.

Dr Mackereth eventually left his job after an email exchange between him and his supervisor during which he was warned to follow the ‘process’ discussed in his training and told that he had the right to leave his contract if he did not want to adhere to this instruction.
In a statement to the tribunal, Dr Mackereth stated, “It is only recently that transgenderism has been recognised as normal and such delusional beliefs accepted at face value. What is responsible for that change is political pressure, not scientific evidence.”

Also today, The Northern Echo included a comment article by feminist campaigner Emma Chesworth following Middlesbrough Council’s decision to trial ‘gender neutral’ toilets in its buildings

“Despite the Equality Act 2010 specifically allowing for single sex provisions, there has been a stealth-like move by organisations to bring in what are routinely called gender neutral facilities… Every day women’s only services are being opened up to anyone who self identifies as a woman in a bid to be seen as inclusive.”

Emma went on to discuss the Middlesbrough Council decision specifically.

“Two men had a discussion and a trial is implemented after which the same two men will have a further discussion to look at what will then happen.”

Believe it or not, these are some of the 'gender neutral' toilets at the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith

11th July
Twitter user and barrister @RadFemLawyer brought our attention to new guidelines issued by the Crown Prosecution Service. “

“Prosecutors must now address trans victims, witnesses and defendants according to the affirmed gender and name, using that gender and related pronouns in all documentation and in the courtroom.”

So any male, even one standing trial for extreme sexual violence, must now be referred to as ‘she’, ‘her’ and ‘Miss’ in court and on all documentation if that is his wish.

12th July

The following started life as a thread and forms a powerful statement from someone who works with young people suffering from gender dysphoria. He can't put his name to it but it’s very powerful. He has rewritten it slightly so I can post here. (Thanks to @porridgehead2 for bringing the following to our attention).

I would like to convey that those of us who work in the field literally have seen hundreds of young people and their families, and such total immersion in this field simply cannot be replicated elsewhere. Everything I have learnt has been through observations through direct clinical experience.
My take home message is not any dispute about the existence of gender dysphoria as a set of symptoms and attendant experience, but rather the conflation of gender dysphoria with transgender. The young people and children we see are a heterogeneous group, with their own histories, personal circumstances, family dynamics and social contexts. Many of them experience hatred of their sexed bodies; many of them feel profoundly uncomfortable with the gendered behaviour and presentation they understand society expects of them; some are aware that their same sex attraction would be unacceptable to those around them; some are experiencing the misery of abuse and neglect: complex trauma, attachment difficulties, depression and anxiety; some are diagnosed with ASD, ADHD and / or another psychiatric co-morbidity; some are simply lost, isolated and miserable teenagers or confused young children.
Parents can genuinely feel that early social role transition has been the most compassionate response to their so called gender non-conforming children; and that physical treatment to correct the misery of ‘being trans’ is entirely appropriate if the misfortune is understood to be something along the lines of having been ‘born in the wrong body’. However, just as there are multiple routes into gender dysphoria there will be many routes out of it. Transitioning socially and medically will be one treatment pathway, but it simply cannot be possible that a unitary solution is appropriate for everybody.
For the abused boy whose penis has been violated and who has witnessed male enacted domestic violence, hatred and fear of his penis is an appropriate response - he might well want to cut it off, and understand that desire through the lens of ’trans’. For the girl with undiagnosed ASD who has always felt different, isolated, confused by ‘femininity’ and the social landscape of ‘girls’, whose tendency has been to dress, look and behave in ways which the adults around have designated as the way boys carry out these things, why would she not conclude she would be a better boy than a girl, and rigidly adhere to that belief?
For the 4 year old boy who wants to dress in material fashioned in such a way that it is called a dress, and sing, and dance, and leans towards the more yielding and comfortable group of children called girls, and whose parents worry and convey fear of his effeminacy, and what it might mean, how much easier for everybody if it turns out he’s really a girl. This is what we have seen. And this is just the external world of these children and their families. When we bring into the mix identification. projection, unconscious symbol formation then we have multi-layered aetiology resulting in complex presentations.
Let’s keep complexity at the heart of this.

Again, we can’t say who this is, but we can say who it’s certainly not. It’s not Doctor Stewart Lorimer of the Tavistock clinic, here photographed at Pride walking with Susie Green of Mermaids.

13th July

Feagaiga Stowers, who escaped an abusive marriage prior to competing in weightlifting, had her first place position at the Pacific Games stolen by Laurel Hubbard, a male who identifies as a woman.

After escaping her abuser, Stowers took refuge at the Samoa Victims Support Group where she used weightlifting as a means to express her anger.

41 (!) year-old Hubbard 'beat' Stowers, aged 18, and Luniarra Sipaia aged 25, into overall second and third place. Hubbard is now hoping to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Hubbard, whose father is millionaire businessman, Dick Hubbard, recently tried to suppress a news story about a dangerous driving charge. Hubbard was driving in Queenstown, New Zealand and skidded on a sharp bend, hitting a car driven by a couple in their 60s. The driver of the other car sustained serious injuries requiring major spinal surgery and spent several weeks in hospital. Hubbard fought a nine-month battle to keep their name out of the media over this incident.

Here, finally, is a photo of Charisma Amoe Tarrant, the woman who came fourth and was robbed of her place on the podium.

(A quick apology to the extremely principled Jon Ronson for publicising this story. I know he has strong feelings that men who call themselves women should be allowed to have whatever sporting achievements they desire.)