(Assembled by JL who can't put her name to this because trans activists would try to destroy her life.)

15th June

Transgender Trend published an account of a teacher training session held at the Hayward Gallery in London. The session was co-hosted by the gallery and trans charity, Gendered Intelligence.

According to its own website, Gendered Intelligence is a non-profit charity, established in 2008. “We work with the trans community and those who impact on trans lives; we particularly specialise in supporting young trans people under the age of 21”, it says. However, the organisation has received a great deal of criticism, with many accusing it of indoctrinating and confusing the school children for whom it provides training.

The training session was aimed at primary, secondary and higher education teachers. It was intended to “Explore ways of talking about gender and identity, using Hayward Gallery’s Kiss My Genders exhibition as a discussion starter” and to “Build skills to discuss key topics of trans awareness and gender identity, drawn from the exhibition, in the classroom”.
The Transgender Trend article describes how Dex, the trainer, identified himself as being non-binary and using they/them pronouns.  Dex told the assembled group of teachers that there was no time to discuss the legislation around single sex provisions. He did, however, have time to provide some factually inaccurate information, telling them that sex is assigned at birth, that doctors "diagnose sex”, that 1 in 100 people are trans or intersex and that it causes physical harm to pupils if schools fail to provide ‘gender neutral’ toilets.

The exhibition itself appears to contain some overtly sexual and sexually explicit material, including pieces based around rubber fetishism and gang rape scenarios. These exhibits, don’t forget, are supposed to inform discussions in primary school classrooms.

Gendered Intelligence has been delivering training in schools, including primary schools, since 2008. In itself, confusing young children about biological sex and eroding boundaries between the sexes through pretending that sex is not real, should be something that rings alarm bells for anyone concerned with safeguarding and child protection. This exhibition though, and Gendered Intelligence’s involvement with it, is yet more evidence that ‘gender identity’ ideology is queer theory, which normalises kink, BDSM, fetish, porn and extreme sexual practices.”

15th June
The BBC website reported on the story of a hidden camera being found in a unisex toilet at a Chelmsford coffee shop. Essex police are investigating after a woman discovered the camera taped beneath the toilet’s sink.

15th June

Janice Turner wrote in The Times about the harassment she received for her one tweet challenging Munroe Bergdorf’s appointment to the NSPCC. She described being vilified in newspapers such as The Independent and The Guardian for suggesting that a Playboy model whose profession involves being photographed in fetish wear and lingerie is not an ideal ambassador for a charity charged with the safeguarding of vulnerable children.

(It’s worth mentioning that US-based Actress Jameela Jamil called Janice a “Monster” and accused her of blackmailing the NSPCC in a post which attracted 2,800 ‘likes’ on Twitter.)

In her article, Janice points out how transgender ideology is causing women’s concerns over the safety of women and children to be summarily dismissed and how the women expressing such concern are scorned and derided as prudes and bigots. “Thus sex, a protected characteristic under the Equality Law, is erased, and with it all thought for girls.”

16th June

The Sunday Times broke a deeply concerning story about controversial charity, Mermaids. The charity was forced to report itself to the Information Commissioner's Office following the discovery that it had published families’ personal data online. Not only were extremely personal emails relating to vulnerable children freely available, but the names of parents and children, their addresses and intimate details of medical treatment also appeared.

The Sunday Times discovered the information could be viewed by simply typing the word “Mermaids” and the charity’s number into a search engine. In addition to client emails, there were a large number of internal communications, many of which expressed a concern by trustees about Susie Green’s leadership and others which revealed parents had described Mermaids as a ‘cult’ and believed residential weekends put children ‘at risk’.

16th June

Another story in The Sunday Times described how top academics believe Stonewall is using its influence to stifle debate at the country’s universities.

According to a letter to The Sunday Times signed by more than 30 academics, the training provided by Stonewall to universities is a threat to academic freedom. “Tendentious and anti-scientific claims are presented . . . as objective fact.”

The academics describe an inhibiting and intimidating atmosphere on campus which stifles debate. Selina Todd, professor of modern history at Oxford, told the paper that this issue, “Is really pushing an agenda which is dogmatic and completely overruling freedom of speech”.

A Freedom of information request to 40 UK universities revealed that in a five year period between 2013 and 2018 they spent almost one million pounds on training from three campaign groups; Stonewall, Gires and--them again-- Gendered Intelligence.

16th June

The Natural History Museum seemed to be denying basic biology in a series of tweets intended to coincide with LGBT Pride month.

Dr @FondOfBeetles (a developmental biologist, research fellow and lecturer) explains the situation more fully:

In admirable support for LGBT communities during Pride month, the Natural History Museum this week published a series of tweets intending to highlight the fascinating diversity of form and behaviour in various animal species. In doing so, the NHM managed to promote the unfounded premise that sex – that is, the division within species by reproductive capacity or potential – is “not binary”.

I was profoundly disappointed to see a reputable science education institute deny basic scientific facts in its support of human diversity. It is incumbent on science educators, particularly those held in such high esteem as the NHM and whose word is, perhaps more than others, cited as “gospel”, to navigate the sometimes difficult path of social responsibility while remaining true to scientific principles.  

The NHM is both an esteemed research institute and a British institution we should all be proud of. Its public engagement and science education activities are beyond compare, but not always, as we have seen this week, beyond reproach.

Thankfully, Dr @FondOfBeetles was on hand on Twitter to put the Natural History Museum right.

This excellent thread can be viewed in its entirety here.

17th June

Local newspaper, Teesside News, ran a story about a Middlesbrough councillor who is determined to make all of the city’s public toilets ‘gender neutral’. Cllr Dave Smith, Conservative member for Coulby Newham, is calling for Middlesbrough to become a gender neutral town and is asking the mayor to make a start by designating all council buildings toilets as gender-neutral.

Cllr Smith accepted there would be opposition to the plan but stated, “The risk does not increase once public toilets become gender neutral. In fact, if anyone has any intention in committing a crime at present, they will do so”. He added, "This is about creating a much more safer environment for transgender and non binary people”.

On the same day, Scottish newspaper, The Edinburgh News, reported how a seven year old girl had been assaulted by a sexual predator in the toilets of a West Lothian restaurant. The little girl was washing her hands when 31 year old Scott Beattie barged into the toilet. He pushed her into a cubicle and locked the door before exposing himself and trying to remove her trousers.

Beattie pleaded guilty to this offence and also to an earlier offence in which he had followed a woman into the same toilets earlier in the year and spied on her from a neighbouring cubicle.

18th June

Feminist campaign group, A Woman’s Place UK, posted a guest blog by an anonymous Irish writer about the introduction of self-ID in Ireland.

“I feel like I am going mad”, the woman begins. “I’m Irish and I live in Ireland. We introduced self ID in 2015. At the time, I was supportive of it because I believed what I was told.”

Since the introduction of self-ID the author has witnessed extreme misogyny on social media, men bullying and insulting gender critical women, and use of the slur, “Terf”. She has investigated what is meant by ‘gender identity’ and found it’s nothing more than an adherence to harmful stereotypes, and she has realised that if a man entered the female changing rooms at her local swimming pool (as once happened to her) she would no longer be able to challenge his presence there.

“The worst thing is, I can’t talk openly about any of this… Even if I say trans women are biologically male, I will be accused of hate speech.”

19th June
Three female high school track athletes in Connecticut are taking legal action over having to compete against boys who ‘identify as girls’.

Three girls from Connecticut have filed a federal discrimination complaint regarding the state policy on allowing male transgender athletes to compete against biological females. They claim this policy has cost them races, top finishes and opportunities for college scholarships. The complaint filed with US Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights asks for an investigation and cites the federal Title IX rules aimed at equal rights in sports for female athletes.

Christina Holcomb, legal counsel for the law firm representing the girls, said, “Women fought long and hard to earn the equal opportunities that Title IX provides. Allowing boys to compete in girls’ sports reverses nearly 50 years of advances for women under this law. We shouldn’t force these young women to be spectators in their own sports.”

An anonymous Mumsnet user posted about a witch-hunt targeting Professor Michele Moore.
Michele Moore is an expert in Inclusive Education and Disability Studies. She leads human rights projects across the world to support children and their families and she is the editor of the journal Disability and Society.

Because she has advocated for a cautious approach to the medicalisation of gender non-conforming children, she is being hounded by trans rights activists and attempts are being made to force her out of her editorial role. An online petition to have her removed describes her as “anti-transgender” and her writing as reproducing “Dangerous transphobic tropes”.

Transexual rights advocate, Miranda Yardley, has written in Professor Moore’s defence.

“Michele has always advocated for a fact-based and compassionate approach to transgender people in society. I support this approach absolutely”, writes Miranda. “In my opinion Dr Moore is being subjected to a witch hunt by individuals who are prioritising ideological purity over scientific evidence.”

20th June

A convicted sex offender was found wandering the corridors of a school in County Tyrone whilst dressed as a woman. 35 year old Geoffrey Rainey Kelly was wearing a white skirt, pink jacket, a string of pearls and a blonde wig when he was caught walking around St Ciaran’s College and trying door handles on 17th June.
Staff confronted him and he claimed to be looking for a pupil. He left in a vehicle which police later discovered. Kelly was at the wheel, still wearing the female attire. When he appeared at the magistrates court police objected to bail based on his previous offences; two sexual assaults on a female and indecent exposure to a teenager.

21st June
The Indy 100 posted a story about a Scottish schoolboy who was forced from his classroom for insisting that there are only two genders.

The 17 year old pupil secretly filmed his teacher as he was being reprimanded. In a clip lasting 3 minutes the teacher tells the boy that he’s been excluded from class for insisting that there are only two genders. He tells the boy that his ‘opinion’ is not school policy and that he must not express it. When the boy remonstrates that the policy is not scientific, he is told, “Not every policy is scientific”.