(By JL)

Saturday 27th July - The power of Trans Lobbying Groups

Marcus Evans, a psychotherapist and former governor of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust, warned that mental health professionals and counsellors are bowing to pressure from 'Politicised trans groups'.

Evans resigned from the trust in February over its handling of criticism from GIDS staff members. Since then, he says that he has become increasingly concerned that discussions around child gender dysphoria are being shut down by a vocal minority. He has been approached privately by worried parents and professionals who are too scared to speak out publicly.

"I believe the trans political agenda has encroached on the clinical environment surrounding and within the Gender Identity Development Service... Young people need an independent clinical service that has the long-term interests of the patient at heart. To some extent, this requires a capacity to stand up to pressure coming from various sources: from the young person, their family, peer groups, online and social networking pressures and from highly politicised pro-trans groups.”

Sunday 28th July - Guardian Deaf to Concerns of Gender Clinicians

Transgender Trend revealed that in 2017 two GIDS clinicians wrote a powerful letter to The Guardian expressing their alarm over the treatment of dysphoric children. The letter was never published.

"Gender dysphoria is real and painful and sometimes hellish. There are multiple reasons for it, and there will be different ways of managing it. One such meaning and ‘solution’ might be to transition, but these are children not adults. These are young people for whom complex and profound confusion and turmoil is being collapsed into a one-size-fits-all concrete explanation. ‘Trans’ can be used... as a phoney panacea which seeks to shut down textured and nuanced discussion about these children and young people’s internal lives."

Monday 29th July - Public Policy Dictated by Trans Lobby Groups

Edinburgh University’s journal, Scottish Affairs, reported on the influence over Scottish policy makers exercised by powerful transgender lobbying groups.

Taking prison policy and proposed census changes as examples, authors Dr Kath Murray and Lucy Hunter Blackburn describe how Scottish policy-makers have failed to recognise the implications for other social groups due to influence from vocal transgender rights advocates.

“The analysis shows how decision making has been directed towards the interests of one specific interest group, to the detriment of another, women and girls... A small number of influential actors appear to have secured a monopoly on how sex and gender identity are understood within Scottish policy-making.”

Monday 29th July - Woman Condemned For Wrongthink

The Twitter witch-finder generals were out in force and yet another woman was punished for having opinions.

Emma Burnell (a political commentator, campaign and policy-making specialist and Open Labour committee member) merely re-tweeted the perfectly reasonable comment that women have been banned from social media platforms for discussing Jonathan Yaniv whereas men have not so should have their accounts re-instated.

Willuminare (who describes himself as an activist for @UKLabour, @CoOpParty, @PeoplesMomentum, & @OpenLabour) immediately accused Emma of transphobia and demanded to know the "Procedure to censure her".

Other witch-finders were quick to dive on this opportunity to vilify Burnell.

And, of course, Open Labour wasted no time in throwing a match on the pyre when they "Decided unanimously to issue the below statement".

They also demonstrated their breathtaking ignorance about the hugely significant CANADIAN legal case to which the offending tweet made reference.

Burnell then tweeted on numerous occasions to clarify her position on the Yaniv case.

But this was not good enough and eventually she was forced to recant and apologise. A woman is being silenced for saying women shouldn't be silenced.

Monday 29th July - Trans Siblings Choose New Gender Aged 8 & 4

The Mirror reported on a family in California in which two young siblings are both transgender.

James was eight years old when he decided to transition from female to male and now, aged eleven, he is taking hormone blockers and waiting to start testosterone. Olivia was four years old when she said she was transgender and began socially transitioning from male to female aged five.

Now seven years old, Olivia told journalists, "Being trans means you were born in the gender that you don’t feel in your heart – anyone can be whoever they want to be, and it doesn’t matter what your opinion is."

Tuesday 30th July - Damning Report of Hormone Blocker Use

Professor Michael Biggs, Department of Sociology and St Cross College, University of Oxford, wrote a damning indictment about the prescribing of hormone suppressants to children in his paper The Tavistock’s Experiment with Puberty Blockers.

Professor Biggs documents a catalogue of disturbing revelations about the treatment of dysphoric children at the NHS GIDS clinic. He describes, for example, the misleading of parents and patients, clinical trials being held in secret, the suppression of results and treatment being driven by ideology rather than scientific research.

“My conclusion is that GIDS and their collaborators at UCL have either ignored or suppressed negative evidence.”

Tuesday 30th July - School Changes Pupil's Sex After Mermaids Visit

A twitter user drew our attention to the claim that a school changed the sex of one of its pupils.

In a post on Reddit which has since been deleted by moderators, the child's mother gave more detail. Apparently, her daughter, who is mildly autistic, was deemed to be transgender by her school after playing with 'boy' toys. The school then wrote to the child's parents to inform them of their decision to change her sex.

This change was made shortly after a school visit from controversial charity, Mermaids.

Wednesday 31st July - Vital Government Report Gets Deleted

Cardiff Radical Feminists and Cardiff ReSisters revealed that the Equality Impact Assessment for the Welsh Government's trans policy has been permanently deleted.

Having previously been assured that development of the government's trans policy would involve an Equality Impact Assessment, an interested citizen made a Freedom of Information request for a copy of this report.

She received the following response: "I understand that at the time of the development of the action plan an equality impact assessment was undertaken, to be updated throughout the consultation process. A decision was taken at the time not to publish the document until the consultation was completed. We have undertaken a thorough search, unfortunately, it appears that this document has since been deleted from our electronic record system and is not available to access."

Thursday 1st August - Pink News Are Team Yaniv

Pink News continued to fight the corner of a predatory paedophile and vexatious litigant, Jonathan Yaniv.

Even by the standards of a publication oft referred to as "Prick News" and "Penis News", spinning the Yaniv story as "Trans woman denied gender-affirming services" is a bit of a stretch. Can Pink News editors actually believe that working class immigrant women should be forced to handle male genitalia or face the consequences? Or are they so far down the rabbit hole there is no way out?

Friday 2nd Aug - Respected Gay Musician And LGBT activist Falls Foul of the Woke Religious Police

Jonathan Best, a musician, academic and festival director, felt the hand of the Wokerati on his shoulder for voicing his opinions on gender ideology.

Best is a gay man and former director of the Queer up North International Festival. He's also a PhD student and teacher at the University of Huddersfield. Amid thinly veiled smears of 'victimisation' and the usual allegations of transphobia, a student has accused him of contravening the university's social media and trans equality policies. He is now the subject of a formal investigation.