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Saturday 3rd August - NSW Erases Women From Abortion Law

Australian feminist, Janet Fraser, drew attention to a bill which could decriminalise abortion in New South Wales.  The proposed historic Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill 2019 is nine pages and 2000 words long but does not mention the words “woman” or “female” at all.

Instead, it makes reference to 'pregnant people' throughout.

Developmental biologist Doctor Emma Hilton said

"Removing all mentions of women from discussions, decisions and policy-making surrounding issues that only impact women undermines the fact that women have particular needs and rights because of their biology. It allows men to stay at the forefront of decision-making about female bodies and what happens to them. It is literally female erasure."

Sunday 4th August - Lesbians Face Abuse at Leeds Pride

Yet again, lesbians trying to define their sexual boundaries were attacked and silenced at an LGBT pride parade. At Leeds Pride, a group of lesbians were deliberately blocked, intimidated and, at one point, had people singing "I'd rather be a pervert than a TERF!" at them...all because they were carrying banners describing lesbianism as female homosexuality.

Writing about the event on Maria MacLachlan's site, Peak Trans, Lara Adams-Miller states:

"Our lesbianism is now subject to male approval. How is that okay? Men telling us when and how we’re allowed to choose only our own sex to date. We’re being forced to call our sexual orientation a GENITAL PREFERENCE as if the women who draw us are no more than vaginas. Lesbians are becoming “terfs” because you won’t leave us alone and just let us be lesbians! We want spaces for our community, and sovereignty over our definitions of ourselves and our identities. Men have rewritten the definition of “lesbian,” and we’re not supposed to mind??"

A former girl guide leader is to launch a landmark legal case against Girlguiding over her expulsion. Katie Alcock, a mother of two small children and a lecturer and researcher in developmental psychology, had been a guide leader for 10 years before she was expelled for criticising the organisation's safeguarding policies.

Girlguiding now allows any male to be a member or an adult leader if they identify as female. This means that girls, potentially as young as five years old, may have to share bathrooms, toilets, sleeping accommodation etc with physical males on trips away without their parents even being informed.

Alcock objected to these guidelines, believing that they will impact on girls' safety. She was expelled last September together with another guide leader, Helen Watts, who had also raised safeguarding concerns around the guidelines.

"You can’t say the Guides is a single-sex movement and yet take in boys and men as members.”

Alcock is now bringing a legal action against Girlguiding as she believes that she is being discriminated against on the grounds of her belief that humans cannot change sex. She also feels that Girlguiding is discriminating against her 5 year old daughter; as she cannot be present to support her daughter at initial meetings, outings, and sleepovers etc, the 5 year old will be unable to join the organisation.

If you'd like to contribute to Katie Alcock's legal fees, you can do so through her CrowdJustice funding page.

Monday 5th August - Arts Venue In Gender Neutral Toilets Row

Glasgow's Tramway arts venue caused controversy last year after doing away with certain single sex toilet facilities. It altered the signs on its ground floor male and female toilets to read "Cubicles" and "Cubicles and urinals".

The venue carried out an Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) recently, concluding there was "little or no evidence" that the change to 'gender neutral' toilets would have a negative effect. However, this assessment failed to record or take into account that police were called to the Tramway after a man was found behaving in a sexually threatening manner in the former women's toilets.

The venue is in the news again this week with bosses being described as "exceptionally dishonest" after the 'gender neutral' ground floor toilets were altered to accommodate a religious event. The toilets in question were returned to single sex spaces during last weekend's Sufi Festival after a request from the organisers.

Susan Smith of campaign group Forwomen.scot told The Herald:

"This underlines how partial and incomplete the Glasgow Life EQIA was as it failed to identify that religious groups were clearly likely to take issue with this policy. It is also exceptionally dishonest of Tramway to make exceptions for some protected categories but remain resistant to the concerns from others."

Tuesday 6th August - A Bit Of Good News

Some good news at last. Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans announced that the claim of 'hate speech' brought against her by Natasha Handley has been dismissed.

In May Dr Brunskell-Evans spoke at an event hosted by feminist campaign group, Leeds Spinners. Subsequently, for discussing women's sex based rights, she and the other speakers at the meeting were reported for 'hate speech' to West Yorkshire Police by Natasha Handley.

Handley is the co-ordinator at advocacy group, Trans Leeds, and the policy and engagement officer at controversial charity, Mermaids. She has the ear of MPs, the NHS, prison services, employers, councillors etc on the subject of gender identity. In this Youtube film, for example, Handley is in the offices of DealTrak UK Ltd telling its employees that, amongst other things, "There are literally an infinite number of gender identities".

Also, on this day, James Kirkup wrote in The Spectator about the almost Orwellian power of trans advocacy groups to silence any challenge to their doctrine.

He points out that so many organisations, charities, businesses, councils, etc are happy to disregard the most basic safeguarding principles and ignore the needs and rights of women whenever trans issues are cited.

Kirkup believes that organisations and business adhere so doggedly to blanket trans-inclusivity because of the skilful lobbying by trans-rights groups. These groups not only provide training in schools, public services and workplaces, but also affect law-making by exerting pressure on politicians. Furthermore, fears of being deemed transphobic and having one's job threatened also keep people from speaking out.

"The well-meaning drive to do better for transgender people can leave women feeling silenced. Strikingly, the organisations responsible pride themselves on being progressive, inclusive employers who would never dream of treating women so poorly in other circumstances... Politicians have either refused to engage in the complex, emotive debate about sex and gender, or have simply signed up to the trans-rights orthodoxy without question or scrutiny. The results are bad for women and transgender people alike."

The Post Millennial reported that Canadian authorities had arrested and searched the home of vexatious litigant and predatory troll, Jonathan Yaniv.

The Royal Canadian Mounted police raided Yaniv's home following his appearance in conversation with Blaire White on Youtube. During the broadcast Yaniv brandished a taser at the screen and boasted of possessing a pepper spray.

Yaniv was detained in a holding cell while police searched his home for illegal weapons. Following his release he called the RCMP to claim that an image of child pornography had been sent to his computer via Facebook messenger. A spokesperson for the RCMP stated that allegation is now the subject of an ongoing investigation.

Incredibly, Yaniv isn't the worst example Canada has to offer in demonstrating how far down the rabbit hole self-ID can lead. Madilyn Harks is a sex offender who identifies as a woman. Formerly known as Matthew, Harks was convicted of assaulting three young girls under the age of eight. On his release from prison he lived in a women's half-way house in the town of Brampton.

Wednesday 7th August - The Tavistock's Puberty Blockers Experiment

Communication expert, educator and John Maddox Prize nominee, Stephanie Davies-Arai, wrote about the Tavistock's puberty blockers trial in The Morning Star.

Davies-Arai describes the Tavistock's early intervention study and highlights the huge concerns around the research and the subsequent decision to lower the age at which puberty blockers can be prescribed from 16 to 12.

"Despite a host of known and unknown risk factors — the unforeseen, exponential rise in referrals, especially of teenage girls, the change in presentation from childhood-onset to adolescent-onset gender dysphoria, with its associated co-morbidities, the emerging evidence that blockers may serve to create persistence, and recent evidence of irreversible harms to the developing brain — the GIDS trial has not been halted. In fact, quite the reverse: a trial with as yet no published result has been rolled out for all children and has come to be seen as the standard pathway for any child experiencing distress or confusion around their gender."

The flipside to Stephanie's position can be seen in a TED Talk by Dr Tandy Aye, in which she virtually celebrates the fact that 18 year old biological male, Avery, has been effectively sterilised by blockers. “Avery’s testes never developed. In fact, she does not make any sperm. And her reproductive capability to be a biological parent has been eliminated."

Dr Aye's argument seems to be that as Avery's adult body and reproductive capacity have already been ruined by taking hormone blockers, so why not just perform sex re-assignment surgery anyway.

Twitter user, Adrienne Cohea, celebrated the 'achievement' of frightening a woman in their place of work.

In a society where the threat of male violence against women is ever-present, being confronted by a male-bodied person brandishing a sword in an enclosed space would make most women feel unsafe and frighten them into leaving.

It soon emerged that 'Adrienne' has something of a fetish for dangerous weapons.

Thursday 8th August - The Death of Women's Cricket Down Under

Cricket Australia announced its new policy for the inclusion of transgender and gender diverse people in cricket at both community and elite levels.

Players can now join a team "In line with their gender identity, whether or not this aligns with the sex they were assigned at birth". Cricket Australia said it been consulting with "Key stakeholders" since last October. Were any of these 'key stakeholders' the female players whose sport is going to be changed so fundamentally?

Cricket Australia's new policy also dictates that parents who run suburban and country cricket clubs could face prosecution if they fail to allow anyone who 'identifies as female' to compete in a women’s team.

Feminist MK Fain, was fired from her job as a software engineer for publishing a article on her personal website. Her Philadelphia-based employer said her article was "offensive" and a violation of its "social media policy".

You can find more information about and support MK Fain's work through her Patreon site.

Some good news.

The next Scottish census, to be held in 2021, will maintain its binary male/female sex question. National Records of Scotland, the body responsible, decided against its controversial proposal to include a third option.

Friday 9th August

'The Cotton Ceiling' is the disturbing term used to describe the 'problem' of lesbians not wanting to sleep with transwomen. Gender critical transwoman Miranda Yardley writes powerfully about it here.

Despite the documented coercion, harasssment and shaming lesbians face for not accepting male-bodied people into their dating pool, Trans Rights Activists tend to diminish or excuse it in a number of ways that amount to gaslighting.  One of those of those methods is to pretend that it simply doesn't happen. Well, no-one told this particular game designer who has his characters detail exactly how a lesbian not wanting to date a 'trans girl' is guilty of hate.