credit: @jebrux

Aiden Comerford, a failed Irish comedian, spent a great deal of his valuable time recently harassing Charlie Evans, a lesbian and detransitioner. Aiden doesn't like detransitioners, or anyone trying to help them, so of course she had to be suffer his dishonest debating tactics, which involve making up positions, arguing against those made-up positions, and then running away when called out on it.

Just a reminder--Charlie is currently exhausted from working in a biolab on Coronavirus testing kits, and doesn't need to be bothered by D-listers trying to claim the glory they couldn't quite reach in their profession. Charlie even sent him her mobile number so he could speak to her directly. Of course, Aiden is a coward, so he never will speak to this woman he is hounding.

Aiden, leave her alone. Leave women alone. We've had enough of priests, no matter how they identify.