Friday brought the news that Peter Bright, an Ars Technica writer, has been arrested by the FBI for falling for a sting in which he attempted to solicit a 7 and a 9 year old for sexual purposes. Boing Boing is kind enough to leave most of the details out, but the little they share is disturbing enough even if it is about a pair of children who only existed in Bright's diseased mind.

But here's the thing. I met this guy. On Twitter. I posted something to the effect of "here's evidence of the Thing that Never Happens, happening" over a tweet of some disturbed male celebrating sneaking into the women's toilets to...well, I'll let the FBI's latest Person of Interest take over.

There are a few things people say about my activity on Twitter. One is that I'm too angry, which you can see evidence of in the last tweet here, another is that I spend too much time arguing with nutters, which is also evident here, and the third is that none of this matters and why are you so obsessed and what it's got to do with you and so on and so on.

But here's the thing (again). This guy is a monster, yet his views on safeguarding are 100% in line with modern progressive thought and practice. It's an attitude trickling down from Stonewall through every organisation they advise in the form of signs like these.

A whole generation is being told to ignore their instincts and disregard the safeguarding advice that parents have been passing down to kids for generations, all in the name of inclusivity. But when Self ID is fast becoming the unofficial law of the land, what are women to do when finding someone like the man who attacked Julie Bindel in what should be their safe spaces?

This is someone who stole the name of a feminist and lesbian, Cathy Brennan, for harassment purposes. When he attacked Bindel, he shouted "you're a fucking cunt, you're a fucking bitch, a fucking terf".

But he wore a dress, so please don't challenge him.

This is what we mean when we say that trans rights activism and ideology, in its currently fashionable form, is a men's rights movement. It appears to benefit the most "vulnerable group in society", but really it enables predatory or violent men to get away with far more, to trespass further and further into women's spaces, without fear of being challenged.

What we have now is a situation where the ACTUAL Most Vulnerable Group in Society (children, especially girls) are being gaslit to such an extent that they have no idea if they will be called bigots for challenging a male in their spaces. Guidelines such as the ones above disempower women and girls to an extent I wouldn't have thought possible in a modern Western society and progressive organisations and mainstream LGBT figures cheer it on at every step.

So next time some bearded bro tries to hand wave away your concerns on the safety of women and girls, remember Peter Bright. He's going away for a long time, but the danger he represents will always be with us.