This is kind of incredible. Let's go through some of the things this clueless rape apologist doesn't know about the charity for which he raised £350,000 quid.

  1. Its CEO admitted that she transed her gender non-conforming son because he played with girls toys and his father didn't like it.
  2. As soon as her son hit 16, Green took him to Thailand to have the operation. Here she is, laughing about how the drugs she had had him on throughout his childhood made his penis so small that the doctors had trouble using it to make the neovagina.
  3. Doctors at the Tavistock said some parents came in who were openly homophobic, looking to 'fix' their kids of their gender non-conforming behaviour. Despite this, Green said, in a tweet that is still up, that psychological assessments are not necessary before a child has these irreversible procedures. She also said, shockingly, "Removal of the sterilisation clause is key" (Lupron, an end-stage cancer treatment which is also prescribed to young girls, destroys reproductive capacity).
  4. Puberty blockers are experimental, yet this dipshit raised 350,000 for a 'charity' with an ever-present hard-on for prescribing them to kids. In fact, a doctor who worked for them, Helen Webberly, had to escape to Spain when she was caught running an unregistered clinic.  
  5. In my recent interview with him, transman Scott Newgent talks about the kinds of doctors who would prescribe untested drugs to children. "...transgender health is the gravitative new revenue channel that is drawing in  the horrible surgeons and physicians and mental health professionals. You can be dangerously terrible at what you do,  jump into this arena, and you have a line of people wanting to see you, you have LGBT organisations protecting you from lawsuits and politicians that don't have the guts to stand up and say this is wrong."
  6. Helen Islan, another Mermaids employee, is not trans, yet she hilariously tried to have transwoman Miranda Yardley arrested for transphobia, a case that the judge laughed out of court after one day.
  7. This might be the worst thing they've done that we know about.

So, here's my idea. Feel free to hate me as much as you want, I'm used to it by now, but next time you decide to harass me, try not to hurt a huge amount of children in the attempt, especially if you "don't know anything at all" about the issues.