My Twitter experience

Dear All,

I've been receiving a lot of very kind messages from people wondering if I'm ok so here's a quick update.

  1. I've been maliciously mass-reported on Twitter and my account is locked. My fault for not following my own advice and locking down at night. The American members of team 'women can have penises" usually do their reporting at night and it drives them nuts when you lock your account. Do it every time you attract the attention of the Rainbow MRAs.
  2. I'm not deleting the tweets because I don't know what they are. Here's a screengrab.

There's 13 like this. All just http addresses. I'm not deleting because I haven't done anything wrong. Twitter took out Meghan Murphy for 'misgendering' (ie correctly sexing) the predatory conman 'Jessica' Yaniv, even though she said the fateful words, "That's him", before it was a banning offence. I have a feeling something similar is being attempted here.

So yeah, not deleting, and hoping to use the situation to bring attention to the many women who have been driven from the platform for not accepting their demotion to a subcategory of their own sex. Like Rebecca Eddy, Holly Lawford Smith, Claire Graham, Grumpy Scottish Wife, and of course, Meghan Murphy,

3. Last week there was a bit more bear-baiting than usual and I responded to it with my usual grace and easy temper. There are a lot of crazy things flying about at the moment and it's good to have this Twitter break so I won't be able to respond to all of them.

But I will say this: I put my career on the line to speak out about the dangers of gender ideology, ONLY because I was deeply worried about women's rights being removed, their words being erased, their dignity sacrificed and their lives endangered. I never wanted to be seen as a figurehead, I always just wanted to help make it safer for women to speak. To be accused, then, of doing all this for selfish reasons by someone who never risked a single thing publicly, was particularly hurtful.

From the moment I joined the fight, I've been the subject of a series of harassment campaigns of various degrees of intensity. I don't know if people fully understand what it's like to go through that for two straight years but to those of you who have expressed concern, genuinely or sarcastically, you're right, it's not good for one's mental health.

So, I will always appreciate advice from well-wishers, but rude intercessions from people who have been conspicuously silent on these matters is something else entirely. I have always respected the fact that many people do not speak out for self-protection, but really, if you're not speaking out, don't ever presume to lecture those who do.

4. As I say, there's a lot of craziness in the air. Maybe lockdown is giving people the yips. But please remember the successes we've had recently, and the signs that things are moving in a positive direction. Liz Truss has started to undo some of the damage wrought by an ideologically-captured Stonewall, schools guidance from similarly captured organisations has been successfully challenged, and Keira Bell is about to show the world what happens when children are gaslit into believing it's possible to be born into the 'wrong' body.

Comically, even the man who monetised the harassment campaign against me and made 350 grand for Mermaids, now says he is a gender 'agnostic'.

What a shame he raised all that money for an organisation that 'fixes' gender-noncomforming children for the benefit of their homophobic parents. Mad idea I know, but maybe it's a good idea to be certain of your position before you support medicalising kids?

Also, great news from Sweden, where people reporting to gender clinics has decreased by 65% in the first quarter (so, pre-lockdown). Almost as if it was...a fad? What a fad, though. As I've said before, at least bellbottoms didn't make people sterile.

5. I think another reason tempers are frayed is that many people have a different tolerance level to being told that women are actually a subcategory of their own sex class, and people have their own ways of responding to that insult. All of these ridiculous demands were asked of women so rudely that I understand (all too well) the urge to respond rudely. Even if it was my place to criticise anyone for their tactics, I couldn't do it. I wouldn't pull someone up in a siege about how they're conducting themselves.

But I do want to tip my hat to all the women who welcomed me into this fight, and who continue to fight for all women. This list is incomplete but I hope it will make the point that the battle is not being fought by any one individual, but by many brave women doing what they can under impossibly difficult circumstances.

Love and respect to Kathleen Stock, Jane Clare Jones, Meghan Murphy, Helen Joyce, Posie Parker, Julie Bindel, Helen Staniland, Charlie Evans, Selina Todd, Maya Forstater, Keira Bell, Doctor Emma Hilton, Kate Harris, Bev Jackson, Allison Bailey, Jackie Doyle Price, JK Rowling and everyone else who put the wellbeing of their fellow women over their own careers and got their hands dirty fighting the good fight.

Also, my gratitude to all those who fight anonymously. The vindictive cruelty of this men's rights movement is hard to explain unless it's been visited on you, so you'll never hear me criticise anyone for choosing to hide behind the safety of an anonymous account. By the force and clarity of your arguments, you have moved the needle significantly on this issue, and don't let anyone try to persuade you otherwise.

5. Anyway, I'll be posting here for the moment while trying to navigate Twitter's appeal system. Also, I'll be talking to lovely people like Arty Morty whenever they ask.

Stay safe and keep fighting the good fight. I think you're all amazing.