I am by now legitimately exhausted from waiting for supposed colleagues to stand up and do the right thing for women as they suffer through this all-out misogynistic assault on their rights, safety and dignity. With a few honourable exceptions, (so few, I can name them all) my male colleagues especially have been a disgrace.

There are women standing up too but I *can't* name them because of course they would be subjected to the same abuse that greets every woman who enters into this debate, as JK Rowling so selflessly and bravely demonstrated. (It's one thing to subject yourself to enemy fire, it's quite another to do it after seeing what befell the troops who went ahead of you.)

These are just a few selections from Rebecca Riley Cooper's Medium post about the abuse Rowling has received. Rowling knows that this is what less famous women than she have been suffering for years, but she still followed them over the top.

Anyway, as to my colleagues, I can only apologise. The ones who aren't misogynists are just incurious and lazy, the ones who aren't lazy are just cowards, the ones who aren't cowards are just extremely stupid. The silence from these people, who opine on everything else under the sun, is deafening.

To my colleagues in entertainment and journalism: stop pretending you can't read. I've become numb to you not standing up for me, but if you can't stand up for JK Rowling and the women she's supporting, then you don't deserve a career. "I don't really understand it" said one particularly pathetic comedian 'friend' recently in a private conversation. Oh, yeah? Never occurred to you to look into it during the three years we've all been smeared as bigots? Thanks, man!

If you portraits in courage don't start speaking up for women like Jo, then you're as responsible for these messages as those who wrote them.

You have all the information.  Beyond this point, your silence is complicity.