I wish it was as easy to get a right of reply in the Irish Times as it is for people to insinuate I’m a bigot, but what are you going to do?

Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to thank John Boyne for apologising for comments in his Irish Times piece of April 13/2019 in which he said that I came across “as someone masking intolerance by promoting myself as a champion of women”.
Mister Boyne subsequently made the following statement on Twitter before what he called ‘trolls’ forced him to delete his Twitter account: “In retrospect, I shouldn’t have referenced @Glinner without consulting him personally or learning his true views. I don’t know him personally and am sure his heart, like mine, is in the right place. I’m sorry, @Glinner that what I wrote offended you.”
I have mixed feelings about this whole situation. There is astonishment that after researching a novel on trans issues, Mister Boyne was apparently taken by surprise by the virulence and vindictiveness of Trans Rights Activists. We who swim in these waters are well used to the threats, the harassment, the boycotts (I believe there is now a campaign targetting Mister Boyne’s novel), the visits by police and all the rest of what comes from publicly opposing the ideological belief that it is possible for anyone to be “born in the wrong body”.
And despite what Mister Boyne believes, these tactics are employed not just by ‘trolls’. Mainstream LGBT and human rights organisations like Stonewall, Amnesty and Glaad are all complicit, either through their full-throated approval of the abuse heretics like myself receive, or through their use of dehumanising language that subtly erases women’s lived reality. Despite working with Amnesty Ireland on the Repeal campaign, for example, I consider it a great betrayal that they announced the result with the chilling words “pregnant people”.
On the other hand, I do feel gratitude to Mister Boyne for inadvertently proving that something has gone badly wrong in trans activism. A very male form of entitlement has taken over, with women and even many trans people the victims. Women are seeing that their privacy, their security, their sports and even the very words they use to describe themselves are under threat. And while the definition of ‘woman’ warps to suit trans activist demands, and the definition of ‘trans’ grows ever-wider to accommodate the various shades of chancer who have glommed on to the movement, transexuals are concerned that the gains they have made will disappear once the inevitable backlash arrives.
I nearly forgot the reason I started writing this letter! While Mister Boyne’s apology was appreciated — and I think the first one I have ever received — I wonder if his article could be updated to include it. After all, his tweet, along with his Twitter account, is now gone, and yet in his piece, I remain guilty of that which he accused me.
I would greatly appreciate the change.
Yours sincerely,
Graham Linehan