I've been following Scott on Twitter for a while now and I recognised, in his urgency and alarm, a similar soul. Scott wants to protect kids and to get across to them and their well-meaning parents the dangers of medical transitioning, but Twitter's character limit and random reach is not ideally suited to the purpose. My depressing blog is probably not much better, but I thought at least it would allow him a few more characters with which to lay out his concerns.

I'm hugely grateful to him for agreeing to this interview.

GL: For people who might not be familiar with your Twitter, can you talk a little bit about who you are?

SN: Sure. I am a 47-year-old transgender man.  I was  41 when I began the process to transition from a woman to a man, and it has begun to concern me greatly that kids as young as my three children are now being encouraged to transition.

Six years have passed since my procedure. I wish I’d known then what I know now. I can tell you that the information out there regarding transition is heavily weighted to one side, and people must have factual information to make decisions regarding the transition process.

During the process of medical transition, I have had seven surgeries, one massive pulmonary embolism, one helicopter life-flight ride, an emergency ambulance ride, induced stress heart attack, sepsis, 17-month recurring infection due to using the wrong skin during a phalloplasty, 16 rounds of antibiotics, three weeks of daily IV antibiotics, lost all my hair, arm reconstructive surgery, handicapped arm, permanent lung, and heart damage, my bladder was cut, I had insomnia induced hallucinations, frequently loss of consciousness due to pain from the 6 inches of hair on the inside of my urethra, significant PTSD that made me a prisoner in my apartment for a year not able, failed phalloplasty, billed $923,980 for medical expenses, I lost my home, car, job, career, wife, and I could no longer care for my kids due to medical complications.

At my lowest point, I joined twitter and met the person who started the 4th Wave, a feminist site helping parents of transgender-identifying children. I started writing comments, attacking them for being bigots, and then I started to read what they were saying, and they were right; every fucking word Marie wrote was the truth.

Marie, the head of the organization, reached out to me, and she contacted me every day, helping me, she even funded my rent when I was about to be evicted. She asked for nothing, didn't challenge my decision to transition; she just saw the pain and what had happened to me and listened. She saved my life, literally.

You see, medical transitioning is brutal on the mind, body and soul, even if you remove all the complications I have had. We are not talking about this, and we need to. We have well-intentioned parents walking these kids to a gender treatment center and they don’t understand that medical transitioning is experimental.

It kills me when people ridicule those who point this out. There is nothing funny about it; it is experimental. For 17 months, I couldn't get a urologist to help me. Every time, it was the inevitable, "Sorry, Mr. Newgent, I don't feel comfortable taking you on as a patient, the phalloplasty, and for that matter, all transgender health, is experimental. Could you go back to the original surgeon?"

The only choice I was given was to go back to the original surgeon that hurt me. It wasn't until my infection became life-threatening that I received help.

I went to 8 different attorneys about that surgeon. Each one wanted to take my case, but after they investigated, they found out there is no baseline for care. We have nothing to compare outcomes for medical transition, so it's a free-for-all, and the medical industry knows this. They stand behind LGBT people chanting "Transgender lives matter," Well, of COURSE they fucking do, so how about we try and supply them with qualified medical professionals?

My surgeon had 9 medical malpractice cases that never went to trial in California. I was unaware of that or I would have never allowed him to conduct surgery on me. Nine, Graham. Not one or two or even three….nine in a span of a couple of years. So, he changes his business name, moves to Texas, and starts over with a new name and no one is any the wiser. This is where the LGBT needs to be picketing; in front of the offices of surgeons like Dr. Curtis Crane around the world, demanding excellent medical care.

You see, transgender health is the gravitative new revenue channel that is drawing in  the horrible surgeons and physicians and mental health professionals. You can be dangerously terrible at what you do,  jump into this arena, and you have a line of people wanting to see you, you have LGBT organisations protecting you from lawsuits and politicians that don't have the guts to stand up and say this is wrong.

The current medical care for transgender health is experimental, and the bottom of the bottom, I mean, the medical professionals that swim in sewage are the ones making a fortune. This is bigotry at its finest. Bigotry is not asking questions and demanding answers. Butchering transgender people, making a fortune and not caring is bigotry.

GL: What is your greatest concern at the moment? I feel like I know this from your twitter feed but I just want to get your words on it.

SN: Children, children are my main concern.

About ten months ago my daughter made a joke, "I'm probably trans because I don't like female puberty." I jumped up out of my chair like a jack-in-the-box and said, "What in the hell has you saying that?"

She allowed me to see the website she was on, and it was telling her all the reasons why she was transgender. I flipped. We had a good heart-to-heart, and the conversation was over. She is not transgender by any stretch of the imagination. Since I had front-line knowledge of the process, I was able to disarm her, investigate, throw that notion to the ground and move on.

That night though, I couldn’t sleep. Every time I closed my eyes, I thought of these kids. Their parents, fathers, mothers, all desperate to do the right thing, but having no idea of the reality of transitioning.

So, I sat down and began investigating. The knowledge of the process mixed in with being a parent made me quite a force, and it didn't take me long to see that this is a new revenue channel in the oldest industry in the world.

The effects of puberty blockers are *not* reversible. They market it that way, but you have to read between the lines. Unfortunately, when the letters LGBT are involved, people are quick to lend ‘support’ without investigating the facts, and that, quite frankly, is dangerous.

The facts are that Lupron is not FDA approved to treat children with gender dysphoria. I believe the reason they are not pursuing FDA approval is that it will let the cat out of the bag, and an immediate stop order would ensue, preventing Lupron being administered to gender-confused children.

The human body has a timeline, an internal clock that starts different developments during childhood. When our DNA is structured, that timeline is created and our bodies will attempt to adhere to that. DNA from our parents and ancestors is ingrained, and it is not a question on how tall we are going to be, it is a question of when and how our bodies will get there.

If you remove a period of time within that timetable by blocking signals, it will result in you not getting where you were intended to be. You are never going to get that time back, so, to use height again as an example, you’ll forever be shorter than what was written in your DNA.

And of course that's just the beginning. Lupron affects cognitive maturation, it reduces bone density  and there's a long list of common, nasty side effects. Essentially what the drugs do is they put young girls through an artificial menopause.

Parents need to know the truth rather than a clever marketing scheme that obscures it. We are giving  children of the world this drug during a crucial time of brain development… bone strength is developing, critical thinking…. I mean I could go on and on. So, what does that mean for the future of these kids?

We are using a generation of children as guinea pigs to tell us what will happen to an XY biological boy who takes the opposite birth sex hormone for life. What happens to a male's body on estrogen over the long term? Again, we don’t know. Doesn't that scare you? It should. It is not transphobic to ask these questions. It is not transphobic to state the truth and demand honest answers regarding the health of our children.

I have a transgender friend in London who began to transition in ‘83. She’s now in her early 60s, disabled, is unable to walk, living in unrelenting pain. Her quality of life is not good, pain levels off the map. She had surgery on her spine in ‘76 to treat an abscess, but over the years she has developed Degenerative Disc Disease, a separate issue that has been accelerating at an alarming rate. Her physicians think that it may be due to the transition all those years ago. She was 26 years old when her life changed, & at 62 she is a physical wreck.

We have to stop being delusional as a society; men cannot become biological women, and women can not become biological males. What we can do is create an illusion that makes some able to walk with more comfort in this life, and that's something to be celebrated. Reality is not hateful; living outside of reality is a mental illness. We need to address this the same way we should with everything, with kindness. Unfortunately, I believe the leading activists pushing the trans agenda are mentally ill and need help. The transgender community needs new leadership, plain and simple.

Parents need to know that the only long-term study on medically transitioned people was a Swedish one following 324 people for 30 years. The fact is that suicidal ideation among the group surpassed the levels they felt pre-transition. Plainly...suicide is more common with medically transitioned people than transgender people that have not medically transitioned.

But, if you read the gobbledygook, it will tell you that starting to medically transition a gender-confused 12-year old will halt suicidal ideation. Of course it does. At first. We’ve all experienced the present opened on Christmas morning and the obsession with it, and then two months later, it’s in the trash, and a new passion emerges. Are we all blind to the natural progression of childhood?

Two weeks ago, I was made aware of a 19-year old transwoman who had committed suicide. This young transwoman completed medical transitioning and realized what she had done to her body meant she was never going to have children, and she took her own life. This shook me, because I made a prediction that this was coming. What I didn’t know was how soon it was going to start.

When a transition is over, it forces you to look into the mirror and analyze the positives and the negatives, and it's not all puppies and rainbows. Problems that were eliminated by medical transition are replaced with different issues, and more often than not, medically transitioning is too high a price to pay.

GL: How has this situation arisen, do you think?

SN: Graham, it’s not difficult to connect the dots here, but it’s stuff people don’t want to face. A study was done in a small section of the world that had 97 children on Lupron for medical transition. The revenue generated was a little over 2 million. Fast forward just a couple of years and that same area has jumped to a little over 4000 kids. The revenue jumped from 2 million to over 100 million, now multiply that by the world’s population. This is about money.

I often say that we have the perfect storm in terms of what we are doing to children, and in any other period of time, this would have never become a dangerous epidemic. The LGBT has become a force within the community, and they should be, deserve to be, but it has silenced other voices that need to be heard as well.

What do we know about this generation of parents that are dealing with the transgender phenomenon? What is the most significant factor in history that these parents experienced? Think about it; the 28-45-year-old parents are the ones that were children when gay and lesbian people were fighting for rights. We all remember the horrible coming-out stories, the beatings, the venom that was spat by fundamentalist Christians.

These parents today, the ones who are medically transitioning their kids, if we met them as children what would we see? We would see these parents huddle with their childhood friends swearing that if their child were ever gay, they would never do what they were seeing parents doing to homosexual children. These parents are being tricked into believing this is about rights and bigotry and it has nothing to do with that. It has to do with the oldest industry in the world, the medical field, discovering a new billion dollar industry.

Sometimes I imagine what my life had been like had I never transitioned.  I imagine talking to my daughter as “Kellie,” the lesbian mother, and that story plays out very differently. When people ask me why I care so much about medically transitioning children, it takes me back to the day when my daughter made that joke about being transgender. The fact is that if I had not transitioned,  I would have been one of the first parents to race my child to the gender clinic. I would probably be an activist hating the exact person I am today, and it's a heavy burden, knowing that.  My intense passion is to inform the person I would have been if I had never transitioned.

What do you think about the influence of social media on the spike in young girls experiencing dysphoria?

Really? Are you sure you want me to answer this? Ok, it is going to piss off a lot of people making a lot of money.

I believe that social media is being used by huge corporations to influence homosexual youth to medically transition and, they are fucking marketing geniuses at it. They not only are affecting these kids they are influencing ignorant adults who believe this is about rights to stand up for and push children to medically transition. I can see people in a hundred years time  saying, “How in the fuck did that happen.”

The truth here Graham is the number of those people that benefit from medical transitioning is minimal because, as I say, you swap problems, and the challenges you get are often more significant than the ones you left.

Our baby homosexuals, as I call them, our precious butch girls and femme boys are being sucked in, and they are hearing that something is wrong with them. There is nothing wrong with a butch lesbian; in fact, they are like Gods in the gay community, I mean women fall at their feet, nothing sexier than a confident, beautiful butch woman. Femme boys are cherished in the community as well, but outside the community, these two types of homosexuals are not revered, and growing up, they are isolated and left to feel something is wrong with them.

We need to give these baby butch girls and femme boys time to experience the gay community and to understand how much they are loved. People on the outside of the community need to tell these baby homosexuals that they are needed and loved as well. Until we do this, the trans agenda is going to suck a ton of these baby homosexuals into their revenue channel.

You see, this is about bigotry, but not the way it is played out in the media. The prejudice is what these baby homosexuals are feeling. Very few people are stereotypical males or females, and we have to stop telling our children than men and women come only one way. The majority of people don’t fit, and that’s ok, that’s life, and that’s the way the world is. We HAVE to tell our baby homosexuals that WE LOVE YOU AND NEED YOU!

So let me be the first;

"To all the baby butch girls and fem boys, I love you, and I need you, we all do; just the way you are, I can't wait to see all the wonderful things you accomplish with your unique lives."