I really think it's important to study Aiden Comerford's twitter feed for anyone who is on the fence about gender ideology. You'll see his circular arguments, his contempt for women and trans people who don't agree with his positions, and his desperate desire to smear the opposition in any way he can. He's recently been bullying Charlie Evans, who is not only working in some biolab doing stuff I don't understand about the Coronavirus, but has made the world a lot safer and a lot less lonely for detransitioners like her.

Look at the way he talks about her because she stopped tweeting during a pandemic!

But brilliantly, Charlie makes the same offer that transwoman Fionne Orlander made, a conversation on-screen to discuss the issue with him one-on-one.

Aiden hilariously said that Fionne's positions were too crazy to grapple with, and he'll come up with some similarly lame excuse for not speaking to Charlie as well. He hides on Twitter using various means and he knows that there will be nowhere to hide on camera. He knows his positions are ridiculous, and he lives in fear of meeting someone who understands the issues.

So if you ever find yourself targeted by him, just remember the words to the magic spell that will make him instantly disappear:

(Update: Aiden and his flying monkeys managed to get this taken down from Mumsnet. Unfortunately for him, the moderators of this site (me) have examined the issue and have found nothing in this post which breaches our guidelines)