This weekend I found out that my Twitter account had been suspended.

Many feminist friends have suffered the same fate, after they highlighted how women’s rights and children’s rights are being undermined by gender ideology and trans rights activism. Women like Meghan Murphy presented their arguments in a calm, reasonable manner, a million miles away from my bull-in-a-china shop approach, but I lasted a lot longer than many of them. That alone tells you a lot about Twitter's institutional misogyny.

Twitter hasn’t told me why my account was suspended. It is a private company that sets its own rules without transparency or accountability. Giant social media corporations are allowed to behave like this, despite controlling what is really a public service.

For many people social media is their only way of getting their message to the public. Twitter should make clear to its users how it applies its rules. Because certain rights do not go away simply because Twitter refuses to respect them.

I have the right to say that a biological man is not a woman. I have the right to express views on this subject that I share with JK Rowling and 95% of the world's population. We can and should respect people with body dysphoria, and support their rights as equal members of society, while opposing the harmful reality-denying ideology and actions of many trans rights activists.

Feminists have the right to draw attention to the relentless harassment women are receiving online from these same activists. This includes telling JK Rowling to die in extremely graphic and sexual detail underneath Twitter posts where she’s praising children's artwork. Lesbians have the right to say that biological men are not lesbians, and that they don’t want to have sex with men who say they are lesbians. The coercion and gaslighting young lesbians are suffering at the moment is one of the scandals of our age.

Women have a right to their own sports, without mediocre men with no sense of shame or decency invading them and winning their prizes, scholarships and places on teams.

Parents like me have the right to draw attention to the recent Newsnight Special on the Tavistock centre. The report included credible evidence that young girls and boys who were gender nonconforming or autistic, or suffering abuse, or simply homosexual, were being referred for gender reassignment procedures, often against the wishes of the clinicians attending them because of their knowledge of these underlying factors. I pointed out on Newsnight last November that this was all happening, and that 35 psychologists had resigned from the centre in two years. This number has now apparently risen to 40.

I will continue to speak out in support of women’s and children’s rights when they are undermined. I will return to Twitter if they accept my appeal against my suspension. I will also continue to use all all other public platforms to highlight this important message.