(By JL. NOTE: Unfortunately, we can't change this still image from the first video, so it's important to point out that Nick Rogers from Tottenham CLP was actually standing up for women when he spoke, and got jeered and booed for his efforts. Thanks for your bravery, Nick.)

Why do so many left-wing men hate women in general, and left-wing women in particular?

This week, feminist campaign group, Woman's Place UK, held a meeting in Brighton to coincide with the Labour Party Conference.

Conference delegates and members of the public were invited to hear speakers discuss the WPUK Manifesto which focuses on women's rights and issues. The speakers were Dani Ahrens, founding member of Brighton Pride and Labour activist, Kay Green, socialist activist, Onjali Rauf, founder and CEO of 'Making Herstory' (an organisation which tackles the abuse and trafficking of women and girls worldwide) and Kiri Tunks, trade unionist and founder of WPUK.

This meeting was disrupted by a mob which gathered outside the venue. The protesters, some of them masked, intimidated attendees by crowding and shouting at them and, in some cases, hurling projectiles. They then hammered on the windows and shouted abuse for the duration of the event.

The day after the WPUK meeting, Tom Barringer of Tottenham CLP strode to the conference podium not, as one might hope, to decry the thuggish tactics of those disrupting a feminist meeting with such aggression and scant regard for democracy, but to condemn the meeting itself.

He described WPUK as "A transphobic hate group", called on the CAC to ensure such a meeting could not go ahead at any future conference and described the aims of WPUK as "inimical to our own". (The objectives of a feminist group to further the rights of women are harmful to the aims of the Labour Party?) He ended by trying to humiliate those who had attended the meeting, shouting "shame on you" at them.

His words were met with rapturous applause by those assembled.

Our next exhibit involves the curious case of Benjamin Butterworth.

On Tuesday 17th September The Times published a story about parents who are raising their child as 'gender neutral'.

Hobbit Humphrey and Jake England-Johns are keeping the sex of their 17-month-old child a secret, even from their own family. They refer to the toddler by the pronoun “they” and plan to allow them to choose their own gender.

Journalists Sonia Poulton and Benjamin Butterworth discussed this story on Sky News. They talked about the projection of harmful gender stereotypes onto children and the conflation of sex and gender before turning to the idea that one can be born in the wrong body.

BUTTERWORTH: Of course some people are born in the wrong body.

POULTON: No, no. I have to take complete issue with that. That is a really dangerous statement.

BUTTERWORTH: You don't think transgender people exist?

POULTON: You've just taken a leap that is inappropriate, Ben... First of all, the idea that we're born in the wrong body, I think, is an absolute betrayal to children. A real betrayal. Rather than tell children that you are allowed to be a feminine male or a masculine female, we're actually doing what amounts now largely to some sort of conversion therapy with children. You know that's taking place. We're putting children on a pathway at the age of even three, four, and by eleven we're giving them hormone blockers that we haven't even got long term studies about.

BUTTERWORTH : Well, they can't start that til sixteen.

POULTON: That's not true. They're doing it at eleven now. Like I say, I've just made a film. I've got all the evidence.

BUTTERWORTH: Some people are born into the wrong body and the truth is the conversion therapy that they face is that if you're born with male parts but you identify as a woman you deserve the right to be yourself as much as anyone else. And I think that is a tolerant and progressive thing to do and we should all have to freedom to be ourselves.

POULTON: Tolerant and progressive is completely accepting people for who they are without making them alter themselves surgically or physically in any way. Just fully embracing who people are.

BUTTERWORTH:  Those people were born into the wrong body and deserve the right to be themselves.

POULTON: It is not possible to be born in the wrong body and that is a myth. In the same we say that gender was assigned at birth, that is also another myth. It is observed just like sex is.

So, Butterworth believes that a gender identity supersedes the reality of biological sex and he ascribes to the frankly bizarre and unscientific notion that it's possible to be born in the 'wrong body'. What does that mean? How can a body be 'wrong' when we ARE our bodies? And why is it only ever sex and nothing else (size, shape, age, race...) which seems to make a body 'wrong'?

Rachel Dolezal is now infamous as the white woman who identified as black and became the Washington state president of The National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People. When the truth of her race was revealed she was vilified in the press, accused of cultural appropriation and ousted from both her job as an instructor in Africana Studies at Eastern Washington University and from her role at the NAACP. She was even charged with fraud.

For some reason, identifying as a different sex is stunning and brave, but identifying as a different race makes one a pariah.

Benjamin Butterworth should have some sympathy with Dolezal. Several years ago Butterworth, who is extremely white, also 'self-identified' as black and took the place of a black delegate at the NUS LGBT conference.

LSE students wrote an open letter to Butterworth, asking him to stand down and give his place to a black delegate. He did not.

Butterworth no longer identifies as black. But after pulling a Dolezal for such a brief period of time one wonders if he considers her racial identity valid? Does he continue to believe that people can identify into a different race from that which they were born?

And if he doesn't, why is he so convinced that identity can trump reality where biological sex is concerned? Why are so many young leftie men convinced of this unscientific nonsense to the extent that they will betray and smear left-wing women attending a meeting to talk about their rights?

Something is wrong with young left wing men and we need to talk about it.