In which we profile feminists and their allies who have been removed from Twitter for wrongthink.

Who are you and what do you do?

I am a middle-aged Scotswoman with 2 nearly adult children.  Despite being separated I still do the finance and IT for the independent legal firm set up with my husband 16 years ago.  I’m aiming to get back into a proper IT career next year.

Is Twitter important to you? Why?

Twitter is very important to me. I joined in February 2015, not long after the 1st Scottish independence referendum, as a means to connect with other independence supporters as it was already very clear our mainstream media was incredibly biased. I was already aware of the issue of trans identifying teens but had no idea of the scale of the problem.  I “peak transed” around a year ago when I saw news of a certain male cyclist cheating his way to a woman’s championship. That was when I entered the rabbit hole. I was appalled to discover the Scottish consultation on GRA reform had been and gone so I started following more and more GC feminist accounts.  As well as being a source of information I love the sense of humour and camaraderie in both independence and GC Twitter.  I found groups such as and have travelled to Edinburgh and Glasgow to attend a number of great events.  I’ve also made some great friends both on and offline through Twitter and have had the pleasure to meet the likes of Prof Rosa Freedman, Meghan Murphy, Joan McAlpine and Joanna Cherry.

What was the tweet that got you banned from Twitter?

In response to a tweet by @IAI_TV about surgery options were empowering the trans community to be more authentic I said: “No amount of plastic surgery and hormones will make him a woman. Men need to accept their non-conforming brothers as the men they are.”

Was there a lead up to you getting banned. Can you describe it?

I have had a 12 hr and a 7 day restriction before but there was no warning about my permanent suspension, just the e-mail saying my account was suspended due to violating their rules against hateful conduct.

People are often confused by the gender debate. Can you explain it and explain your part in it?

I’m very late to the party compared to many others!  I see the gender debate as ideology versus reality and it is very clearly a top-down movement.  Most women’s rights have only been hard won within my lifetime and we’re now being told they can be given away to men on their say so.  It is the biggest trick the patriarchy has ever played telling women they are the oppressors of men.  The sheer scale and speed of changes to laws around the world in order to appease a tiny minority of the population is staggering.  

My biggest concern is for children, especially the irreversible damage that is being done to their healthy bodies.  As the mother of a non-conforming gay son it terrifies me that had this ideology been around when he was wee he would have been transed in a heart-beat.  How many like him are being permanently damaged to line the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry?  Girls are now being told to remove their boundaries or be labelled as bigots.  All of our children, whether trans or not, are being failed by this ideology. I’ve seen an increase in awareness in Scottish independence Twitter circles and many are now challenging the woke bro types who appear to have been given carte blanche until very recently and I would like to think I’ve played my part.

How do you plan to go on fighting?

As a member of I will take part in any and all initiatives such as this week’s one to contact members of the Census Committee. As a member of the SNP I am going to start attending my branch meetings as I suspect most people have no idea what is being done in their name to women’s rights.  As I’m in the same branch as a certain women’s and equalities convenor who blocked me on Twitter that could be interesting…  I will also continue to peak trans whoever I can in real life!

If you could speak to Jack Dorsey, what would you say to him?

Does your mother know how much you hate women?