Continuing our series of interviews with women who have been removed from the public square for not holding the approved opinions.

Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Skylar Gwynn, I was known on Twitter as @ForeverMagdalen. I am an artist and spend my time on a mountain in North Carolina, USA. I am a 60 year old lesbian who did not ‘come out’ until I was 58 years old. When I attended Pride events I found that, much to my surprise, lesbians are no longer welcome in the LGBT++ ‘community’. The T has completely captured the LGB movement and turned it into a homophobic organization. I firmly believe in the LGB Alliance UK, and look forward to the LGB Alliance USA.

Is Twitter important to you? Why?
Twitter was extremely important to me. Twitter was my VOICE. I have spent my time on Twitter attempting to save our youth from homophobic transitioning. I listened to detransitioners who told horror stories about how they were indoctrinated in our schools and then pushed through the system to be sterilized and cut up by charlatan ‘doctors’. My pinned tweet was attacked furiously. Why? Because I told girls to be proud, to be butch girls, not pretend boys with harmed bodies.
We cannot change sex. We do not need to try to change sex to be ourselves. We can love clothes sold for men, sports, fast cars, motorcycles, and we can love women. We can do everything without hurting our bodies.

I was trying to bring awareness to how this cult was working within schools. Basically, it's state-sanctioned indoctrination of our children. Transitioning children is homophobic conversion therapy. Giving end-stage cancer drugs like Lupron to healthy children is child abuse. Cutting of the healthy breasts of young girls is child abuse.

From the Instagram of the The McLean Clinic, a plastic surgery clinic that performs 'top surgery' on young women

I have spent my time on Twitter trying to get people to think of women for once. Just for a while, to think of women, not men, not men pretending to be women, but real women. I asked one fundamental question on Twitter that I liked to put to everyone:
Does the man in the example below have more rights than the women in that locker room?

via Reddit

Do I, as a multiple rape survivor, have a right to safe female lockers, without a man’s penis in them? I created a poll on Twitter. 99% answered that I DO have a right to spaces away from naked men. How do you see it? Because this IS the crux of the problem. Women are saying, “No”, to men. Men are very angry that we are doing this.

I also spent my Twitter time fighting against the horrendous corrective rape/conversion therapy that is being forced on lesbians from within their own supposed ‘community’. Lesbians are being told that men are lesbians, this is ridiculous. Lesbians are female homosexuals.  Lesbians are being excluded from the LGBT community in the name of inclusion. Apparently inclusion is just for men.

Lesbians have been the cannon fodder of this whole war, from the start. If you want to understand what is happening to us, go and watch Magdalen Berns' videos.
She was brilliant, a young lesbian fighting back against the men that would abuse us.

I also worked to inform women that they are being REDEFINED without their consent. I discovered that trans rights activists moved in stealth, capturing our organizations and governments, without the public’s awareness. Women, you are being redefined as a subset of of your own sex so that men can be included as the other subset.

We are being called ‘cis’ women. I refuse to be redefined without my consent, especially for the benefit of men.

What was the tweet that got you banned from Twitter?
I was banned for quite a few, apparently. I spent a lot of time being actively abused by men claiming to be women. I was a very visible presence, intentionally. I used my real name and my real photo. I spoke up loudly and with honor and integrity. I told a man that he is a middle-aged man, not a lesbian. This is considered hateful conduct. It is NOT hate to tell the truth. After receiving the below response from Lauren Pleska, a middle-aged man pretending to be a lesbian, I understood that some of these men ‘get off’ on abusing women.

My responses to his abuse are what got me banned. Twitter gives abusers like Lisa Mullin, Lauran Pleska, Owen Thompson the privilege of saying whatever they want to women. If women respond? We are permanently banned. We are SILENCED.

Twitter's ToS allow abusive men to get women banned for less than nothing

Was there a lead up to the ban?
I received a ‘limit’ almost every day for approximately a month. The limit was that my tweets would only be seen by my followers. It was the first step in their silencing of my twitter voice. It backfired on them. I went from about 1k followers to 2.6k followers in that time. Now? They have silenced my voice permanently. I have appealed and in that appeal I told them I am talking to lawyers about a sex discrimination lawsuit. I would attempt to make it class action, including
some of the other women that Twitter has discriminated against.

People are often confused by the gender debate. Can you explain it and explain your part in it?
I spent a long time studying this and have come to the conclusion that the ‘gender debate’ is not a debate at all. It is an attempt to make the rest of the world validate the delusions of a group of people that do not think sex is real. This is not a debate. It is men telling women that we have no rights at all. It is women saying, no.

It is also NOT a civil rights movement. I peak transed (stopped believing) last year, upon my return from NYC World Pride. When I attended the two day Human Rights Conference I went to the ‘Herstory’ session. This is supposed to be Lesbian history. Instead the panel was three gay men and one trans-identified male. Not one Lesbian on the Herstory panel! I was in shock.

Half way through the trans-identified male says, “I look for the day that EVERYONE is either trans or genderfluid.” When they tell you what their plan is pay attention to them. This is a TAKEOVER not a civil rights movement. What civil rights movement have you ever seen that behaves like this to women?

My part in this is simple. I am a woman that they cannot scare into silence. I am a lesbian that they cannot scare into silence. I am a voice of women in this wilderness, calling out to women everywhere: Stand up! Do not let men define you! We MUST fight back! For our daughters, our granddaughters. They deserve to have us fight as if their lives depend on it, because their lives do depend on it.

How do you plan to go on fighting?
I am a member of the Women's Human Rights Campaign. We are working quietly, behind the scenes, building a women’s movement. Join us! I am also on Facebook as Skylar Gwynn. Please follow me if you want to be up to date on the battle for women’s sex-based rights. I am just one woman on the side of a mountain in NC,
USA. But my voice has been amplified by millions. That is how we fight. We speak out. We speak often. We tell everyone we meet what is happening. Many people are not on social media. The WHRC is going to bring this fight to the streets where it belongs. We ARE rising up.