In which we interview feminists and their allies who have been  removed from social networking sites for ideological reasons. Seven has the honour of being our first trans interviewee.

Seven Hex

Who are you and what do you do?

Hi, I'm Seven Hex. I'm not entirely sure I do anything:  I'm transsexual, I have a Web blog where I write about this whole "World  Gender War I" thing from a transsexual perspective; I've done a little  bit of work with Women and Girls in Scotland, and spoke at event for Defend Women's Rights in Newcastle, and also had a wee spot on Scotland  Tonight recently.

Is Twitter important to you? Why?
Twitter is, well was, important to me. I initially joined up to get  involved with the push for Scottish Independence, which sort of trailed  off for a while, but has now seen a resurgence, and happened upon the  gender debate. I was blindsided by the whole thing, as I imagine many  transsexuals were, and to all of a sudden discover that by your very  nature you're somewhat at the fulcrum of it all, was both frightening  and shocking. Twitter was, is, where the fight's happening, and it  became even more important to me: I was able to firstly denounce as  abhorrent, the behaviours and actions of the Trans-Lobby who proclaim to  speak and act on my behalf, and secondly, provide a rational and  reasonable voice to as best as possible counter the trans-lunacy.

What was the tweet that got you banned from Twitter?
I have no idea, and actually not sure it was a tweet, or tweets. So,  I've put in eight appeals and none of the responses seemed to clearly spell out what my infringement was. Anyway, on the last one, I noticed a bit  in their response that said "specifically the twitter rules against  using hateful or sensitive content in your profile". Now, my profile  read something like "Thoroughly pissed off with the state of  humanity….also a male transsexual.." which by my reckoning, means  calling myself a transsexual, would be the reason I got banned....and  that is fucking mental!

Was there a lead up to you getting banned. Can you describe it?
No, I woke up in the morning and had a dm from Fionne asking if I was  banned, I said I didn't think so, only to go check and discover I was.  I'd never had to so much delete a tweet before.....did not see it  coming...

People are often confused by the gender debate. Can you explain it and explain your part in it?

Wow, now  there a question. Okay, so, on the one hand, there are those pushing the  idea that gender - the expression(s) of masculinity and femininity  through adornments, social roles (but not really: one wonders how much  free domestic labour Philip Bunce puts in on his "Pippa" days...),  behaviours and interests, are somehow so innate, that they  actually determine an individual's sex; not things like your actual  reproductive function and genetic makeup. As a consequence, men are  declaring that they are actually women - even going as far as to  declare themselves more woman than women - and insisting women accept  this arrangement; including: accepting men in ALL women's spaces without  exception, and regardless of whether steps have actually been taken to  transition; accepting men taking scholarships designed to increase  women's participation; accepting men smashing records in women's sports  that no woman will likely ever beat - and accepting the risk of men in  their contact sports; and accepting men taking advantage of all women  shortlists, again designed to increase women's participation.        On the other hand, you have those who believe this is insane, and  dangerously so: it doesn't take a genius to recognise the inherent risks  to women and girls - we already have plenty of evidence predatory males  exploit this situation.     So, my part in all  this is to push back against the trans/gender ideology furling all this,  from a transsexual perspective: the trans-lobby does not represent me  or my interests - in fact, the biggest threat to transsexuals like me  right now, is the trans-lobby.

How do you plan to go on fighting?

At the moment I've taken a wee bit of time out to write a book, but I do have my Web blog (  which I will be adding to over the coming months, I've also recently  signed up to Spinster - so looking forward to getting more into that in  the fullness of time, I will continue to work Women and Girls in  Scotland where they feel my input could be valuable, and anyone else who  feels I could have something to add. Once the Scottish Parliament  reconvenes, and we have more information on the new consultation is  available, I'll be able to get handle on what direction I should take to  properly address the matter as best I can.

If you had Jack Dorsey's meditation bell, what would you you like him to meditate on while ringing it loudly beside his ear?
.....he  meditates? Isn't meditation supposed to heighten your understanding of  reality? And provide a deeper connection to the world around you and  those in it? He should meditate on the knowledge he has allowed women's  voices to be silenced; he has allowed his platform to be hijacked by not  only some of the most insidious misogynists, but paedophiles are now  running amok on there too, under the "progressive" guise of MAPs and  NOMAPs. He has facilitated an agenda to push women down and rob them of  their rights, and he should be ashamed of himself.