Graham Linehan

I now realise that in my time on Twitter, I became a sort of Jessica Fletcher figure to various paedophiles on the platform.

As we all remember, in 'Murder She Wrote', Jessica only had to briefly pause at a location for someone to be murdered there. Wedding receptions, baking competitions, book signings--if you saw Jessica at one of them, someone somewhere was about to have their head smashed in.  And just as murderers seemed drawn to any location Jessica presented herself, my opining about women's rights and safety on Twitter appeared to attract the kind of men who can't sit still during a spelling bee.  

First, I tangled with Peter Bright, an Ars Technica writer who loftily poo-pooed my concerns about women and children's safety when I presented some evidence why women are concerned about these things.

Peter is now wearing that striking shade of red that is de rigeur among men who were caught trying to procure children for the purposes of sexually abusing them.

You see, sadly for him, the promised children were merely a figment of the FBI's imagination, and he now looks like what he is: a fat pervert who, until the moment he was caught, was doing his best to discredit feminists or their allies, and paint their concerns around the safety of women and girls as silly, outdated and/or bigoted.

I only have the above excerpt of our conversation because Twitter recently deleted my account for saying "men aren't women". But you should be able to search up his side of it, because while I am no longer on the platform, Peter Bright remains.

And now I find, like Jessica chancing upon a floating, bloodied wig at a duck pond, ANOTHER blue tick man I tangled with on Twitter turns out to be an paedophile!

Ex-Labour MP Eric Joyce has just been charged with possessing category A images of child abuse. That's the worst category, and I don't need to know any more about it than that.

And guess what we were arguing about?

You'll never guess.

"I agree with @Stonewall UK"

I am in this conversation the 'suspended account'.

Again, Eric Joyce remains on Twitter.

Anyway, I'm on Facebook now. Watch out, everybody!

Graham Linehan, today

NOTE:  For pointing this one out, my thanks to @ripx4nutmeg. An essential follow for anyone still managing to navigate Twitter's terms and conditions, which were written by men, for the benefit of men.