(Thanks to JL, who can't put her full name to this as disturbed zealots would try to destroy her life.)

29th June

Andrew Gilligan wrote in The Times about the surge in young girls ‘switching gender’.

The article reports on figures produced by the country’s only gender clinic for children, The Tavistock or Gender Identity Development Service (Gids). The statistics, which cover the year to April 2019, show that three quarters of children seeking help to ‘change their gender’ are girls, the highest proportion recorded.

There has been a steep rise in the number of children seeking treatment over the past year with this increase accounted for entirely by females. The number of boys referred over the last year is 624, the same as the year before, whereas the number of girls has risen to 1,740.

The article reminds readers that, “Last year the equalities minister, Penny Mordaunt, ordered a review into the surge in girls seeking transition, but little has been heard of it since”.

The numbers also demonstrate marked rises in much younger children seeking treatment. For the first time over half of the patients referred to the clinic are aged 14 or under. The ages of the children being referred to Gids is demonstrated very clearly in this graphic provided by the Transgender Trend website.

And no, your eyes do not decieve you: ten cases involved children between 3 and 4 years of age.

30th June

Several publications ran a story about a transgender teenager who had been taking hormones provided by an unregulated online gender clinic and tragically took her own life last September.

An inquest into the death heard that 18 year old Jayden Lowe was spending £30 per month on hormone treatment and receiving testosterone by mail. However, Jayden’s mother, Claire Lowe, has called for a second inquest after discovering that Jayden had received the hormone treatment from GenderGP, which operated without a licence between March 2017 and February 2018.

The website was run by husband and wife, Mike and Helen Webberley, who were associated with the charity Mermaids. They have both been suspended by the British Medical Council, pending investigation, but Helen Webberley, who treated children as young as twelve, has already been found guilty of illegally providing healthcare services from her home.

1st July

FairPlayForWomen published a guest post by the Greater Manchester Resisters called “Are Lesbians Welcome at Pride? The Answer at Lancaster Pride is No”.

In a story that is becoming all too familiar at Pride events, the authors describe how a group of lesbians and allies went to Lancaster Pride on 22nd June in order to protect and define their sexuality but were silenced and intimidated.

They stood on the steps of the Town Hall, holding banners bearing what should be uncontroversial slogans; “Lesbians are female homosexuals,” and “Lesbians don’t have penises”.

People approached the group, trying to force them into silence with increasing levels of aggression. Then followed shouting, swearing and hand gestures and within minutes a crowd of about 40 people had swarmed up the steps. They surrounded the women, intimidating them and trying to block their banners from view.

“We faced a barrage of hostility, which, shockingly, was supported by Pride organisers, and members of the LGBT establishment.”

This hostility spread to social media. In a tweet which attracted 4,000 ‘likes’, aspiring Labour politician and LGBT activist, Dominic Casoria, referred to the women as “Transphobes” and commented that he was proud to “Drown them out”, adding “We won”.

1st July

The ‘diversity branch’ of the Royal Astronomical Society, which represents astronomers and geophysicists internationally, has its own Twitter account. On Monday this account tweeted that a ‘terf’ had made a ‘horrible comment’ at a departmental lunch. In light of this they wanted to make clear that trans women are very much encouraged to “Apply for women only grants and awards”.

This tweet received a number of responses from people trying to explain the nature of sex-based oppression and why these female-only grants and awards are vital to women who are disadvantaged in STEM careers and eduction due to their biological sex. In response, @RAS_Diversity tweeted this:

You may be wondering if there is a branch of the Royal Astronomical Society which represents the specific needs and interests of women. Well, there used to be.


Also today, Kent Medway Police reported on a sex offender who had disguised himself as an elderly woman in order to sexually assault women and girls in Chatham.

Paul Reed was wearing women’s clothing when he approached three victims between 2017 and 2019. He pleaded guilty to three sexual assaults, one involving a schoolgirl, and eight breaches of a sexual harm prevention order at Maidstone Crown Court.

2nd July

FOVAS (Female Only Violence & Abuse Survivors) published their response to Stonewall’s report, produced last year, which claims that women’s VAWG service providers were happy to support trans identified males in women’s services.

The FOVAS document highlights a number of issues with the Stonewall report, perhaps most damningly that survivors’ voices have been ignored and that Stonewall chose to rermove testimony featuring concerns over women’s physical and mental safety with having trans identifying males in places like women’s refuges.

“We have been notified  by a reliable source from one of the organisations interviewed by Stonewall that they chose to deliberately leave out responses about concerns over women’s physical and mental safety with having trans identifying males in places like women’s refuges.  We contacted this organisation upset that they appeared to be ignoring the voices of vulnerable women and were told that actually they did express concerns and Stonewall have ‘cherry picked’ from the response they gave and have purposefully chosen to leave out any quotes expressing concerns about women’s safety.”

2nd July

Commentators on Twitter were discussing the latest controversy surrounding the Drag Queen Story Time events which are so popular in the US and becoming increasingly prevalent in the UK.

It appears that at one of these events in Multnomah Library in Oregon children were encouraged to crawl around on and lie on top of one of the performers as he lay on the floor.

It wasn’t long ago that other Drag Queen Story Time performers were in the news.

Quite incredible that this needs pointing out.

3rd July

The saga of Murray, the Scottish student suspended from his school for insisting to his teacher that “There are only two genders”, continued. It was revealed that Murray has not just been excluded for a few weeks but has been removed from school completely.

3rd July

The Royal College of Psychiatrists was tweeting about its International Congress conference and posted the “Genderbread Graphic” much beloved of trans lobby groups. Though colourful, this graphic is entirely without scientific basis and adheres rigidly to narrow gender stereotypes of femininity and masculinity. It has been widely debunked and derided on internet sites and social media.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists followed this up by later tweeting approvingly of the situation in Iran where transgenderism is “More accepted than being gay”

They have apparently failed to grasp that the Iranian religious fundamentalist government actually forces homosexual and lesbians to transition, surgically removing their healthy primary and secondary sex organs as a ‘cure’ for being gay. With the penalty for homosexuality being execution, it’s not hard to understand why so many Iranian gay people comply.

4th July

Stephanie Davies-Arai, founder of the parents’ and educators’ group, Transgender Trend, had purchased tickets to attend the Stonewall Children and Young People Conference. Only a day before the event, Stonewall ‘declined’ her ‘request to attend’.

Stephanie is an accredited communication skills trainer who has worked with parents and teachers for twenty years. She established a successful school in East Sussex where she was not only a school governor but also worked in a variety of different roles. She is the author of the book Communicating with Kids and founded an organisation which seeks to help and support all gender non-conforming and gender questioning children.

For these achievements, she has been shortlisted for the prestigious John Maddox Prizes, the judges of which went to some pains to emphasise that while Stephanie was not a scientist, her shortlisting reflected their desire to reward "an individual who has promoted sound science and evidence on a matter of public interest’ and "faced difficulty or hostility in doing so’.

Stonewall is so frightened of being asked difficult questions by this principled woman that they removed her from a conference about children and young people, while also lying about the reasons for her exclusion.

We are the only organisation producing schools guidance which is  concerned about the potential risk to gay and lesbian children and young  people in the new ideas of ‘gender identity’ being taught in schools;  which supports lesbians to define their own sexual boundaries; and which  upholds the Equality Act definition of homosexuality as ‘same sex’  orientation rather than Stonewall’s new ‘same gender’ definition which  in effect erases gay and lesbian sexuality. We feel that Stonewall is  letting down the gay and lesbian communities with their change of focus  towards trans rights.
We call on Stonewall to support lesbians in defending their rights  and to look at the research and evidence behind the transitioning of  children and the potential risks to gender non-conforming, gay and  lesbian youth.
We believe that open, respectful debate is vital and alternative  viewpoints must be heard. Attempting to silence those who call for  research and evidence-based practice is not a tactic which will help  children and young people. We invite Stonewall to openly debate with us.  We are not afraid of disagreement and challenge. Is Stonewall?

5th July

The campaign group, Standing For Women, organised a demonstration at the Stonewall Children and Young People Conference to protest the teaching of gender identity ideology in schools.

“We think Stonewall is taking taxpayers money to promote a harmful ideology in schools… We don't think teachers or pupils should have this thrust upon them.  It's about time the general public was aware just exactly what they are allowing to happen to children without even raising questions or a public consultation.”

It seems that shortly after this demonstration some of those involved went for a drink to The Green Room, a bar on London’s South Bank which is operated by the National Theatre. Apparently, the group were asked to leave because a t-shirt was deemed offensive. The t-shirt read “LESBIAN: A woman who loves other women”.

According to @DadRodg who was in attendance, the press officer for the National Theatre advised the manager of the Green Room not to serve the group.

And then the police were called.

The National Theatre responded on Twitter by implying that the group had ‘abused’ a trans member of their staff.

All eye witness accounts of the event make it clear that the group were merely having a quiet drink in the bar’s beer garden and not engaging in any behaviour which could be deemed abusive or even inappropriate. Furthermore, the police took no action having been called to the bar.

It was the t-shirt which first drew attention to the group and the National Theatre have offered no other explanation regarding the group’s presence as to why the trans staff member did not feel ‘safe and supported’.

Despite their consternation over the definition of the word ‘lesbian’, the National Theatre certainly seems to know what differentiates males from females when it comes to commissioning playwrights.


Pink News released a notably grovelling apology to Joanna Cherry QC.

Last week we published and tweeted a story claiming Joanna Cherry QC  the MP For Edinburgh South West and the SNP Justice and Home Affairs  Spokesperson was being investigated for homophobia. The claim was untrue  and we would like to apologise unreservedly to Ms Cherry.
It is well known that Ms Cherry is a human rights lawyer. She came  out as a lesbian over 30 years ago and campaigned against section 28.  She has spent a lifetime marching and campaigning for the rights of the  LGBT+ community and as a politician regularly speaks up for their rights  in parliament and beyond.
It was not our intention nor is it in our interest to alienate any  member of the LGBT+ community and we are truly sorry for the harm  caused.
We are happy also to confirm that we have made a donation to the  Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group at Ms Cherry’s request in compensation  for the damage done and we have paid Ms Cherry’s legal costs.
In a statement Ms Cherry said: “I am pleased that the PinkNews has  withdrawn this damaging and hurtful allegation. I believe in equal  rights for all. It is not acceptable for lesbians who speak up for women  and girls’ rights and against hateful speech and abuse to be  denigrated. I hope the LGBTI+ movement can resume its previous habit of  respectful debate over differences of opinion within the community.”

Donating to a lesbian charity must be particularly painful to a publication that has been labelled by many as 'Penis News' due to its commitment to emphasising the male experience within the LGBT community, often to the detriment of women and lesbians.