(Thanks, as always, to JL. She can't put her name on this in case someone like Yaniv tries to make her life a misery. And apologies to Feminist Current for sort of nicking their bit)

IT IS SOMETHING OF A NOVELTY to be able to speak honestly and openly about Jonathan Yaniv. Women, lesbians, gay men and transwomen have disappeared in droves from social media sites for daring to whisper his name; those left behind forced to refer to him using initials and nicknames so that they too don't feel the trapdoor clatter open beneath them.

Additionally, Yaniv's exploits, as revealed recently in a Canadian courtroom, have been subject to a strict reporting embargo. But those restrictions are now lifted, and we are able to shine a little light on the debate surrounding gender self-ID.

Because Jonathan Yaniv is the person we have constantly been told doesn't exist: he is the sexual predator desperate for access to adolescent girls, he's the privileged male determined to ruin the lives of women who fail to pander to his narcissism, he's the misogynistic scheister who'll dive on any opportunity to fuck women over. Many of us have been ringing alarm bells for the past year, but he merely has to yell "Bigot!" and major corporations step in to silence his accusers. He's very far from being a member of any kind of oppressed community; he is an entitled white man exercising power over women.

There's a lot to say about Yaniv, but the reason we turn our attention to him at this precise moment is the legal action he has brought against 16 women, beauticians, mostly immigrant women of colour on low incomes, who offer services to women from their homes to make ends meet. He has brought the action because these women refused to to give him, a man, a Brazilian wax. They refused to handle his male genitalia.

They said no, and Yaniv is a man who doesn't like hearing that word.

So how did a supposedly liberal and progressive country like Canada reach a point where a member of the most privileged and historically abusive sex class can hound the working poor through its courts?

For an idea of how far down the rabbit hole Canada has tumblred, take a look at Stefonknee Wolscht, the 46-year-old father of seven who was applauded for abandoning his family and living as his "authentic self" - a six year old girl in a pinafore dress, or Christopher Hambrook, a sexual predator who claimed to be transgender in order to prey on vulnerable women in Toronto women's shelters.

Then there's the matter of Canada's longest-established rape crisis centre having its funding withdrawn following a vitriolic campaign led by trans rights activist and Vice President of the BC New Democratic Party, Morgane Oger.

Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter (VRRWS) had been receiving funding from the city for over 10 years as a valued safe space for traumatised and vulnerable women escaping male violence. VRRWS would not and could not change its policy of being a female-only environment and refused to open up its services to biological males. Consequently, Morgane Oger went after the centre with a targeted operation to ensure its grant was not renewed.

But the Yaniv story is the most extraordinary one yet, the one that proves, to quote Magdalen Berns, that Canadian lawmakers' minds are so far open that their brains have fallen out.

Yaniv is involved in the tech industry, 'identifies as female' and calls himself Jessica. He has not medically transitioned and remains physically male. This, however, is not a problem since Canada has embraced gender ideology with the ferocity of absolute blind faith and has enshrined self ID in law. If Yaniv says he's a woman, then he is one, and that's that.

Yaniv appears to have a deeply suspect interest in prepubescent girls and a menstruation fetish. An article entitled "Jonathan Yaniv is a Predator" by transsexual writer and activist, Miranda Yardley, describes him as a "Zeta male knicker-sniffer". It contains numerous examples of Yaniv's deeply troubling behaviour concerning and towards young girls.

Here he is taking a selfie in a women's toilet surrounded by teenage girls.

And here are excerpts from DM conversations and social media posts that tell you exactly what Yaniv is.

Perhaps most horrifying of all is Yaniv's latest gambit-- trying to arrange a swimming event for children where parents will be barred and clothing will be optional. Yes, you read that right. He has applied to hold what he is describing as an "All Bodies Swim" for LGBTQ youth aged 12+ at the civic pool in Langley Township. Parents and guardians will not be allowed to attend and "Individuals will be permitted to be topless".

A 32 year old man wants to be alone in a swimming pool full of semi-naked children.

He's also more than a bit racist.

These Facebook posts will give you an idea of what befalls anyone who fails to pander to Yaniv's delusions and narcissism.

When not busy trying to separate topless minors from their parents, Yaniv wages a constant campaign against feminists on social media. He has been the cause of several prominent women being permanently banned from Twitter, most notably, Feminist Current's Meghan Murphy and free speech advocate, Lindsay Shepherd. Murphy received a ban for simply tweeting "Yeah, its him" in reference to a news story about Yaniv's ball-waxing legal action.

Lindsay Shepherd was likely permanently suspended after she responded to Yaniv taunting her about her body following the recent birth of her baby and about the reproductive abnormality (a detached uterus) from which she suffers. The pair exchanged words on Twitter but only of them received a permanent ban.

Here's Yaniv gloating about getting Lindsay's account banned.

In December 2018 Yaniv boasted to Langley Township Council that he was single-handedly responsible for Meghan Murphy's permanent Twitter ban as well as being responsible for the implementation of policies on Twitter and WordPress which have seen women banned and entire blogs deleted, for the crime of “misgendering".

He certainly does seem to wield some influence in silicon valley.

Of course, Yaniv claims to be a lesbian.

And terminally ill.

And a wheelchair user.

The rainbow flags....

But returning to Yaniv's current bout of litigation frenzy: last year he filed 16 human rights complaints with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal, claiming that various waxing salons and beauticians had demonstrated transphobic discrimination for declining to provide him with the intimate waxing service commonly known as a Brazilian.

Yes, that's right. Yaniv thinks that a woman refusing to handle his genitals breaches his human rights.

The hearings commenced on 5th July with Yaniv representing himself. Back in June of 2018, Yaniv sought and was granted a publication ban which prevented the media from publishing his name and details about his life. But, thanks to the work of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, the publication ban was lifted on 17th July.

Of the sixteen defendants, many are immigrants with low incomes for whom English is a second language.

At least one of the defendants has been forced to close her business. Marcia Da Silva, who is originally from Brazil and has young children, ran the business from her home. Da Silva told the court that her refusal to perform the intimate waxing on Yaniv was due to safety concerns and because she was uncomfortable with the high number of messages Yaniv was sending her. She also pointed out that she is not trained to perform intimate waxing on male genitalia.

She said that this case had led to her close her business which had been a source of income for her family.

Yaniv testified that Da Silva should have accepted the fact that he identifies as female rather than make assumptions based on his physical appearance.“Your gender identity is your own,” he said. “We live in a different day and age now.”

Yaniv’s complaints effectively insist that a legal precedent should be set which prevents female beauticians from refusing to perform intimate services to male-bodied clients, regardless of any religious or cultural objections or concerns about comfort or safety, or even just the old fashioned idea that women are always perfectly entitled to say no to male sexual demands. And the Canadian courts are actually entertaining the notion.

Meghan Murphy wrote about what she describes as "The shit show in BC" for Feminist Current. She points out that the Yaniv human rights case is the inevitable result of gender ideology.

"Women warned the media, politicians, activists, and the public about the repercussions of gender identity ideology and legislation, and now that those repercussions are being played out in real time, those warned remain silent."

Transwoman Debbie Hayton summed the situation up.

In an article for Spectator US, Julie Bindel wrote about the threat to women's rights.

"The transgender extremists are the new misogynistic men’s rights movement. So-called progressive men are telling us we have to accept a dude as a woman, or we will be damned by history... Now is the time for us all to get brave, join forces, and shout out, ‘Enough is enough’".

Sneeringly dismissed as a figment of the imagination of hysterical women, Yaniv is the embodiment of feminists' objections to Self-ID and gender ideology.  The nominally progressive Left have been so busy calling women bigots and transphobes, they never stopped to listen to what they were actually saying; that gender ideology is the perfect Trojan horse for predators, paedophiles and grifters.

They smeared those who were trying to raise the alarm. Now a court is deciding if women have a legal right to refuse to handle a man's penis and testicles. This is where we are.

Well, this is where Canada is.


There is a GoFundMe page raising money to help the women targeted by Yaniv in this legal action. Please consider contributing!

Yaniv phoned Niall Boylan and it did not go well!

Much credit must go to @goinglikeelsie for her brilliant coverage of the Yaniv trial. It's worth going through her feed because there are many gems in there.

The craziness is ongoing. Yaniv turns out to be one of the few people on earth who can make the Infowars hosts look normal by comparison. Well done, liberals, for giving the worst arseholes on the fuckwit Right an open goal.

Here's Claire Graham, intersex advocate, regularly booted off Twitter for objecting to people using intersex conditions to promote gender ideology, on Yaniv's claims that he's intersex.