Saturday 14th September - EHRC Guidelines Ignore Girls' Rights

The Times reported on a leaked document issued by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). It sets out guidelines for schools in England and Wales regarding the inclusion of transgender pupils.

The guidelines apply to pupils of all ages and will include not only those who are 'undergoing gender reassignment' but also children “who are simply exploring their gender identity.

So, male pupils who are not in receipt of any medical treatment but merely 'exploring their gender identity' will be able to use the girls' toilets and changing rooms, compete on girls' sports teams and could even be accommodated in the girls' bedroom on school trips.

Pupils will also attend the personal, social and health education (PSHE) lessons in accordance with their chosen 'gender identity' rather than their sex. So girls may have to learn about sex, reproduction and the development of their female bodies in a classroom with male pupils.

Furthermore, teachers could break the law if they fail to use a pupil's preferred names and pronouns. They will also be expected to “investigate concerns about repeated or deliberate use of a previous name or pronoun” by children or teachers.

Sunday 15th September - Mermaids Promote Drugs For 12 Year Olds

The Sunday Times reported on controversial charity, Mermaids, encouraging the use of puberty blockers for children as young as twelve.

In December twenty teachers and pastoral staff members attended a Mermaids training session in Birmingham. One of the attendees recorded the session. The Mermaids trainer told the audience that children-- even those as young as twelve-- who are 'questioning their gender identity' should be prescribed puberty blockers.

This session is believed to be the model for training offered by Mermaids to schools, statutory and public bodies and various organisations all over the country. It has been attacked by Michael Biggs, associate professor in sociology at St Cross College, Oxford, as “misleading and potentially dangerous”.

Clinicians have spoken out about their concerns over the prescribing of puberty blockers for children. Recently BBC's Newsnight included a report which strongly suggests that children taking puberty blockers are prone to an increase in suicidal ideation and self-harm. In July The Times published the testimony of a dysphoric teenager who described taking puberty blockers as the worst decision he'd ever made and detailed the devastating effect they'd had on his physical and mental health.

Since the training session discussed in the article, Mermaids has received funding from the Department for Education to provide a schools training programme.

Monday 16th September - OUP Considers Redefining The Word 'Woman'

The Bookseller ran an article about the Oxford University Press considering an update to the definition of 'Woman'.

30,000 people signed a petition regarding the OUP's definition of 'Woman'.

The Guardian reported on this story and explained that the intention of the petition was to encourage the OUP to eliminate sexist definitions which discriminate against and patronise women or imply male ownership of them. All well and good.

However, the article went on to say that the petition also demands the OUP “Enlarge the dictionary’s entry for ‘woman’ to include examples representative of minorities, for example, a transgender woman, a lesbian woman".

Katherine Connor Martin, the OUP’s head of lexical content strategy, responded to the petition by saying that editors are investigating “Whether there are senses of woman which are not currently covered but should be added in a future update”.

Tuesday 17th September - Objecting To Male Predatory Behaviour Is 'Transphobic'

A Canadian women's centre responded to feminists who expressed concern over the behaviour of a male resident.

According to its website, the Downton Eastside Women's Centre in Vancouver provides a "A safe space for women and children".

Tyler Porter, a male who identifies as female, is currently accommodated at the DEWC, a fact he made public on Twitter.

Porter has tweeted that whilst living at the shelter he flaunts his 'morning wood'...

...Walks around communal areas half-naked and in a state of arousal

...Masturbates in the shower

... And photographs his erect penis in the bathroom.

Twitter users tried to alert the DEWC to this deeply concerning behaviour and were met with the following response:

The centre then issued a formal statement in which the resident behaving like a predatory sex offender is described as "especially marginalised, facing disproportionate abuse and harassment" and the women objecting to his abusive behaviour "transphobic".

Also Today - Trudeau A Bit Touchy On Women's Prisons

Gender critical feminist and writer, April Halley, asked Justin Trudeau why he facilitated a policy allowing male inmates to be accommodated in women's prisons. His aides ejected her from the meeting.

The previous Correctional Service of Canada policy required biological males to undergo sex reassignment surgery before they could be housed in the female estate. However, Justin Trudeau forced through a change to that policy meaning that male inmates merely have to 'identify as female' and, regardless of their anatomy, can be accommodated in the prison of their choice.

When April Halley questioned Justin Trudeau about this change in policy, she was hustled out of the meeting by one of his staff.

Wednesday 18th September - Never Let The Truth Get In The Way Of A Good Story

The Toronto Sun ran a story about a court case involving a trans-identified male.

Jacquelyn Laronde, formerly known as Sean O'Toole, was charged with committing sexual assault during the early 2000s. Together with two other men, Jason Dickens and Martin Galloway, Laronde had been a BDSM sex partner of the victim’s mother. The victim, now an adult, testified against Laronde, stating that he had abused her when she was aged between 12 and 17 years old.

However, Justice Jane Kelly cleared Laronde of the charges saying that she could not be satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that he had committed the offences.

In reporting the case The Toronto Sun refers to Laronde as a "Kingston woman".

Thursday 19th September - Figures (Finally) Released on Males in Canada's Female Prisons

April Halley tweeted that she'd finally received data she'd requested regarding the accommodating of males in women's prisons in Canada.

worth reading this whole thread

Halley filed a request with the Correctional Service of Canada 10 months ago and was initially told they had no records. After she appealed she was provided with the information she wanted.

The figures show that between June 2017 and December 2018 eight male prisoners were transferred from men's federal institutions into women's institutions. Seven were convicted of violent crimes with two were convicted sex offenders.

Friday 20th September - Cosmo Hates Women

Women's magazine Cosmopolitan ran an article called "TERFs and what everyone needs to know about 'trans exclusionary radical feminists'". No link (don't want to give them the clicks) but the article totally misrepresents gender critical views with the usual hyperbole and cannot substantiate its claims of hatred and bigotry.

The editors cannot be so naive that they don't know the word "Terf" is a slur used to vilify gender critical women and to intimidate them into silence. Yet they still saw fit to publish this, even by Cosmo's standards, astonishingly misogynistic and anti-feminist piece of propaganda.