Saturday 21st September - Mermaids Complicit In Transing A Toddler

The Mirror reported on one of Britain's youngest 'trans children'.

Male-born Luna began 'socially transitioning' at the age of five. Luna's mother, Janeen, told the newspaper that Luna had asked if she could become a girl, having always eschewed “football stuff” in preference for dolls and dress-up.

Jeneen explained that  Mermaids made her realise "Luna could still find happiness". She downloaded Mermaids resources from the internet and later attended a Pride event at which Mermaids had a stall. There she and Luna met another family with a 'trans child'. Luna was very excited when she realised that, just like this child, she too could wear 'girls’ clothes' all the time.

So Luna started to wear skirts to school and filled her wardrobe with dresses. Then she had her name changed by deed poll and was issued with a new passport.

She is now eight years old.

Sunday 22nd September - Stonewall Schism Over Anti-Women Policy

A group of prominent gay rights campaigners wrote an open letter to The Times decrying Stonewall's transgender policy.

Simon Fanshawe

The 22 signatories, who include Stonewall co-founder, Simon Fanshawe, spoke of forming a breakaway organisation. They believe Stonewall's dogged adherence to gender identity ideology is undermining women’s sex-based rights and proving hugely harmful to gender non-conforming children.

Simon Fanshawe told The Times:

“I have never seen a feminist placard that says ‘Death to trans people’ but I have seen many placards that say ‘Death to Terfs’ [trans-exclusionary radical feminists] or ‘Punch a Terf’. The violence coming towards lesbians is completely staggering."
“If Stonewall can’t defend lesbians then we will have to look at setting up an organisation that will. A number of us are discussing that. This is heartbreaking.”

Monday 23rd September - Aggressive Mob Disrupts Feminist Meeting

To coincide with the Labour Party Conference, feminist campaign group, Woman's Place UK, held a meeting in Brighton. It was attacked by a mob of protesters.

The meeting was intended to discuss WPUK's manifesto surrounding women's sex based rights. Both conference delegates and members of the public were invited to hear a panel of speakers made up of left wing activists, trade unionists and social justice campaigners.

Prior to the event London Young Labour was using social media to smear WPUK and incite people to join a protest against the meeting.

At least 100 people, some of them masked, gathered at the venue. They blocked both entrances and tried to intimidate attendees with chants of "Scum" and "TERFs out". There were also reports of projectiles and liquid being hurled and some women reported physical contact. It was clearly a frightening experience for many attendees.

Throughout the meeting the protesters hammered on the windows, trying to drown out the voices of the speakers.

Sussex Police were in attendance but appeared to do nothing to prevent the protesters from intimidating the audience and disrupting the meeting.

Twitter user, @Passie_Kracht, discovered that Sussex Police Force has an "Independent adviser and hate crime ambassador", Joanne Monck. In addition to being a Stonewall Schools Role Model, Monck advises Sussex Police on trans issues and is a member of the Sussex Police Stop and Search Scrutiny Panel.

Monck believes that, despite being male (transitioning at the age of 58), she was "Born with a hard wired female brain".

One might hope that the Labour Party would be quick to condemn these anti-democratic and violent tactics of thugs disrupting a perfectly legal feminist meeting. However, it appears that a member of Labour Staff was actually amongst them.

And following the meeting Tom Barringer of Tottenham CLP took to the conference podium to decry WPUK as a 'hate group'. He called on the CAC to ensure such a meeting could not go ahead at any future conference and shouted "Shame on you!" at those who had been in attendance.

Perhaps Tom and David would like to explain to the women present at the WPUK meeting, especially lesbians, just why they must blithely accept people like Gnarly Rae here into their spaces, organisations and dating pool? He doesn't believe women have a right to say 'No' to dick and calls them 'bitches' if they dare to refuse his.


Tuesday 24th September - IOC Passes The Baton Re Women's Sports

The Guardian reported that the International Olympic Committee has failed to reach a decision on the inclusion of transwomen athletes ahead of the forthcoming games.

The IOC had planned to introduce stricter guidelines regarding the participation of transgender competitors prior to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. However, it now appears that IOC scientific advisers are struggling to reach a consensus.

Current rules allow male-born athletes to compete against women if their testosterone remains below a certain level. However, Sweden's Karolinska Institute has published findings that the suppression of testosterone is negligible in the reduction of muscle strength in transgender women and that their physical advantages are maintained even post-transition.

The Guardian article suggests that the IOC is reluctant to make a decision "Because this is such a tricky political and emotive issue". It seems that, instead, the IOC is encouraging individual sporting federations to create their own policies. However, these governing bodies are reluctant to rule in such a hugely contentious area without the IOC's direction.

Nobody is willing to step up to the plate to ensure fairness in women's sports.

Wednesday 25th September - Words Have Meanings (For Now)

The Guardian reported on a transgender man who took legal action to be recognised as his child's father rather than its mother.

Freddy McConnell, a journalist at The Guardian, is described by the paper as having "Lived as a man for several years but retained his female reproductive system".

McConnell began testosterone treatment in April 2013, then underwent a double mastectomy, delicately interpreted by The Guardian as "chest reshaping surgery". In order to become pregnant it was necessary to suspend hormone treatment to restore a menstrual cycle. McConnell became pregnant using a sperm donor and gave birth in 2018.

McConnell wished to be recorded as the child's father but the registrar refused and insisted that the birth certificate use 'mother'. McConnell then took legal action.

On Wednesday Sir Andrew McFarlane, the president of the high court’s family division, ruled that McConnell must be recorded as the child's mother.

However, the judge stated that he believes the government urgently needs to address the issue of the status of a trans male who gives birth to a child. He said that existing legislation and UK and European human rights case law “Do not themselves directly engage with the central question”.

The Ipaper reported on this story by referring to transmen who gestate, carry and give birth to children as 'carriers'.

"Mr McConnell became embroiled in a 16-month legal battle, consequently turning the definition of motherhood on its head." Indeed.

Thursday 26th September - Erasing Male Violence

Website Women Are Human reported on a transwoman accused of sexually assaulting and beating a male stranger during a night out.

Jayde Clowton is a middle aged father who 'identifies as a woman' and was accused of sexual assault and common assault following an altercation with a young man at a Bristol nightclub in December last year. It was alleged that Clowton fondled the man's bottom and then, when he was told his attentions were unwelcome, became violent, punching the man in the face.

At trial Clowton was found not guilty of sexual assault but guilty of common assault and sentenced to community service.

When The Bristol Post reported on Clowton's trial and then on the subsequent verdict, the paper referred to him throughout both articles as a woman and used female pronouns.

Nowhere in the initial article which reported on the trial did The Bristol Post mention that Clowton is male.

The second article reporting on the verdict referred to Clowton as an "exemplary mother".

This article did mention Clowton's transgender status towards the end of the report because it was used as a defence for Clowton's anger issues and mentioned by judge while he was passing sentence.

Friday 27th September - The Problem With Inclusivity

Catriona Stewart wrote in The Herald about the problem with unisex toilets.

She begins by describing her alarming experience of using a mixed sex toilet during a night out at a bar. A man walked rather too closely behind her all the way from the bar into the toilet and even followed her all the way to the cubicle, remaining outside when she went in to use it. This was after she'd had to push past four young men engaged in conversation whilst blocking the door.

Stewart makes the point that, whatever the intentions of the men in the toilet, she felt alarmed and intimidated because women live in fear of male violence. And yet it's always women who have to give up their spaces, their safety and their piece of mind in order to be 'inclusive'.

"Resolving the issue of inclusivity has, and who’s surprised, been largely laid at the feet of women, with men escaping unscathed as per usual."