Saturday 2nd November - The chilling effect of call out culture.

Janice Turner wrote about call-out culture.

Turner describes a 'cult of purity' among the predominantly young and left-wing whose version of political activism is to patrol social media, calling out anything which they deem offensive and creating a 'pile-on' when opinions are expressed which deviate from theirs. Faced with a tsunami of moral outrage, the transgressor must either be suitably apologetic and contrite or risk being 'cancelled'. Not just their show, book, speech etc, but, too often, their whole career.

This form of 'activism', explains Turner, changes nothing for the better and doesn't alter opinions. But it does create an atmosphere of fear and repression in which people are scared of sharing and expressing ideas. It is particularly effective when it comes to silencing gender critical feminists who try to debate current gender identity rhetoric.

"Feminists who challenge the fashionable craziness that biological sex doesn’t exist and a penis can be female are constantly told this. Reject reason and science or, even as you’re living your life, posterity will judge you, and your as-yet-unborn descendants will be ashamed. If cultural archaeologists can exhume Picasso or even Gandhi and castigate them for breaching modern mores, what hope do you have?"

Sunday 3rd November - Female Prisoner Takes Legal Action After Assault

The Times ran a story about a female prisoner who was assaulted by a convicted rapist in prison.

A female prisoner is launching a legal challenge to the government's policy on trans prisoners after she was assaulted in prison by a trans-identified male.

The male prisoner is serving a sentence for the rape of a female but he 'identifies as a woman' and so has been housed in a women's prison. He assaulted the female inmate in the prison's toilet facility. The woman has now launched a High Court action over the government's policy to accommodate violent or sexually violent male prisoners in women’s prisons if they 'identify as female'.

This is certainly not the first time a female prisoner has been assaulted by a trans-identified male in the women's estate. For example, Karen White, formerly Stephen Wood, a double rapist, was remanded at New Hall women’s prison in Wakefield where he sexually assaulted two female inmates.

Figures produced by the official prisons watchdog suggest that 1 in 50 male prisoners now 'identify as female'. The total UK prison population in 2018 was 83,618, comprised of 79,749 men and 3,869 women. If the male prisoners who 'identify as women' are moved to the female estate, it will increase the female prison population by around 50%.

So who on earth made the decision to house sexually violent males in female prisons? Well, one of those responsible was Gordon Pike, a sex offender convicted of possessing child pornography.

Also Today : Reproductive Biology Denied By Birthing Organisation

The Express was one of several papers which carried the story of a birth coach who was pressured to leave her professional organisation for stating biological facts.

Lynsey McCarthy-Calvert is a doula, a trained non-medical birth coach who provides support to women through pregnancy and childbirth. She was, until recently, a member of and spokesperson for the profession's national organisation, Doula UK. However, she felt compelled to resign after complaints were made by trans rights activists about one of her social media posts.

Following Cancer UK's removal of the word 'woman' from its cervical smear test campaign, Lynsey posted a female image on Facebook which included the words, "I am not a 'cervix owner' I am not a 'menstruator' I am not a 'feeling'. I am not defined by wearing a dress and lipstick. I am a woman: an adult human female." She added her own comment, "Women birth all the people, make up half the population, but less than a third of the seats in the House of Commons are occupied by us".

A few days later Doula UK received a letter of complaint signed by about 20 trans activists claiming that Lynsey had breached the organisation's policy and had made "Trans exclusionary comments". Doula UK immediately removed her from her role as spokesperson and began an investigation. It concluded that Lynsey's post breached its equality and diversity guidelines and told her she'd be suspended if she refused to delete it. She did delete the post but then resigned from Doula UK.

We spoke to Lynsey a few days after this article was published. She described the response to the story:

"I’ve been amazed by the reaction to this story. It has provoked discussion which I am happy about because until now dialogue has been shut down. It is clear from the sheer volume of messages I have received that many women feel the same as me but have felt unable to speak."

She also explained why it's vital to keep pregnancy and maternity care rooted in reality:

"It is important that we retain woman-centred language to deliver woman-centred maternity care. Everything about birth is gendered because of the fact it is about maternity; the mother. My point was never about not supporting non-binary females or trans men who can and do use maternity services but the need to retain language that factually describes the biology of birth in a healthcare system where inaccuracy can lead to poor outcomes."

Monday 4th November - Stonewall Co-founder On Gender Identity

Simon Fanshawe is the gay rights activist who co-founded Stonewall. He spoke to Holyrood about his feelings on the current sex v gender storm.

Simon Fanshawe OBE

Fanshawe described being 'absolutely heartbroken' at Stonewall's current direction and its unthinking adherence to gender identity ideology. It no longer represents those same-sex attracted but upholds gender self-ID over biological sex. It actively tramples women's rights, fails to condemn the violent misogyny of trans activism and ignores the grave concerns of lesbians.

He stressed the need for a rational debate about gender self-ID and pointed out how ferociously any discussion is being shut down by trans activists. There is an atmosphere of intimidation which keeps many people, including parliamentarians and academics, scared of speaking out for fear of being deemed transphobic and losing their jobs. He then went on to discuss how feminist voices are being silenced and referenced a recent WPUK meeting which was besieged by violent protesters.

“I have never seen a feminist placard that says, ‘Death to trans people’ but I have seen many placards that say, ‘Death to Terfs’ [trans-exclusionary radical feminists] or ‘Punch a Terf’. The violence coming towards lesbians is completely staggering.”

Fanshawe points out that recognising the reality of biological sex is essential to upholding women's rights:

“You can’t self-ID out of female genital mutilation – that happens because you are a woman. Your access to abortion and getting pregnant – that happens because you are a woman. Stonewall has confused legal and biological questions with social identity and when you do that, you start to make bad law.”

Also Today - Female Changing Rooms At M&S No Longer Guaranteed Penis-Free

Last week Marks & Spencer revealed that their women's changing rooms aren't just for women.  "We allow customers the choice of which fitting room they feel comfortable to use, in respect of how they identify themselves", they told consumers.

This week one twitter user, @JaxPanyguy, demonstrated why that's a very bad idea.

Tuesday 5th November - Rapist & Murderer Transitioning In Prison

Feminist website Women Are Human ran a story from the US about a violent rapist and murderer who now claims to be transgender and is transitioning in prison.

In 2007 Steven Hayes and his accomplice, Joshua Komisarjevsky, were convicted for a violent and deadly home invasion. They are both serving six life sentences for the murders of Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her two young daughters, Michaela and Hayley.

The pair followed their victims from a supermarket to their home in Cheshire, Connecticut. The family were held hostage overnight, raped and sexually assaulted and finally murdered. Hayes strangled Mrs Hawke-Petit then he and Komisarjevsky doused the house in petrol and set it on fire, leaving Michaela and Hayley, who were tied up and unable to escape, to die in the blaze.

Steven Hayes (Connecticut State Police, Photo: Associated Press)

Hayes is currently incarcerated in Greene state prison in Pennsylvania where he is receiving hormone treatment as part of his 'gender transition'.

He recently discussed his gender identity and treatment in a series of phone interviews with Joe Tomaso for the “15 Minutes With...” podcast. In addition to his hormone treatment, he spoke of his wish for "other things" as part of the transition process but did not go into detail.

Maria Finn, a spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, said that she could not comment on this case specifically, but did reveal that there are currently 222 trans prisoners in the state's correctional facilities.

Wednesday 6th November - The "Rough Sex" Defence

While rapists and killers are assuming womanhood and being accommodated in women's prisons, over in New Zealand the man accused of Grace Millane's murder is now on trial.

Grace Millane was a student travelling in New Zealand when she was strangled to death the day before her 22nd birthday. The defendant, who cannot be named, met Grace on a Tinder date and later took her to his Auckland hotel room.

The defence contests that Grace died accidentally during a consensual act of 'rough sex'. The accused man claims he passed out in the shower, returned to bed believing that Grace had already left, only discovering her dead body after he woke up later.

The prosecution described how the accused took intimate pictures of Grace's body, watched pornography and then went on a date with another woman he'd met through Tinder while Grace lay dead his hotel room. He later forced her body into a suitcase and buried her in an area of rough bushland.

The trial continues.

Grace's death is one of a number of tragic cases where women have been killed in so-called 'rough sex gone wrong' accidents. And men have been acquitted of their murder by claiming they willingly consented to acts of the most abhorrent sadism. Perhaps because our porn-soaked society is normalising sex advice like this:

Thursday 7th November - Aimee Challenor & The Ever-Increasing Safeguarding Concerns

The Coventry Observer ran a front-page story about the Lib-Dems dropping Aimee Challenor amid yet another safeguarding investigation.

Aimee Challenor was formerly a prominent member of The Green Party. In August 2018 Aimee's father, David Challenor, was found guilty of torturing and raping a 10 year old girl in the attic of the family's Coventry home. David Challenor had been Aimee's election agent when Aimee stood as a Green Party candidate for Coventry South in the 2017 and during the 2018 local elections. He was appointed after his arrest for the horrific crimes for which he is now serving a 22 year sentence.

A subsequent independent investigation found that David Challenor had posed a "Major safeguarding risk" when working within the Green Party and that Aimee Challenor had committed a “serious error of judgement". Aimee didn't take kindly to being suspended from the Green Party during this investigation and so resigned, making allegations of transphobia, to join the Liberal Democrats.

And now history appears to be repeating itself.  The Lib-Dems have confirmed that Aimee no longer has a role with them and that the party has launched an investigation into new safeguarding concerns.

The most recent allegations concern Aimee's fiancé and his social media use. Some of the complaints made involve his tweeting a string of comments describing his sexual fantasies about children.

Former Green Party member, Andy Healy, was ejected from the party after falling foul of the Challenors. He was prevented from speaking out against gender self-id motions at the 2018 party conference thanks to a civil injunction which they brought.

Aimee then tried to bring a criminal prosecution against Andy for 'hate speech' (mainly 'misgendering' ie correctly referring to Aimee as male) which the police eventually rejected. Aimee then attacked the police and the CPS for failing to act and was even given an opportunity to complain to a parliamentary committee.

Andy is still waiting for his suspension to be lifted and to receive an apology from the Green Party.

Friday 8th November - Turns Out Trans Identities Aren't Always Valid

The Times published a story about a university lecturer who has adopted an online non-binary identity as a piece of performance art.

Dawn Mellor is an artist and lecturer at Goldsmiths University. She developed a “toxic and unpleasant” non-binary persona called Mx Tippy Rampage on social media which she inhabited for around four years.

Staff and students at Goldsmiths even received an email from another member of the university's academic team, instructing them to refer to Ms Mellor by her non-binary name and to use the gender-neutral pronouns, they/them/their.

Mellor has explained that Mx Rampage is a satirical character invented for the purposes of academic research. Students reacted with outrage, claiming that Dawn Mellor has mocked and invalidated transgender identities, and are demanding that she be sacked from her position at Goldsmiths University.

No wonder they're angry. Imagine a world in which anyone with a brass neck could force you to respect their obnoxious, entitled and demanding personality.