Saturday 28th December - Sharp Rise in Under 10s at Scotland's Gender Clinic

The Times reported on the steep rise in cases of very young children being referred to Scotland's gender clinic.

The Young People's Gender Service in Scotland has seen a huge increase in referrals of children aged between 4 and 10. The number has risen by more than 80 per cent in the past year. The Sandyford in Glasgow has also seen a large increase in children from all age categories seeking help for gender issues.

Feminist campaign group,, made a Freedom of Information request to find out how many child gender patients in Scotland have been prescribed puberty blockers. The NHSGGC told the group that this information is not recorded centrally. Similarly, the numbers of male and female patients being referred were not available.

Trina Budge, the co-founder of, expressed concern over the lack of basic information on child patients in Scotland. She told the newspaper:

“Very vulnerable children who may be confused about their sexuality, be autistic, suffered trauma or have other co-morbid mental health conditions are at risk of being sent down an irreversible and experimental medical pathway."

Sunday 29th December - Journalism In The Post-Truth Era

Helen Whitehouse wrote in The Mirror about Britain's supposedly "Most modern family". The article involves some breathtaking verbal and mental gymnastics in which words appear to have no meaning and reality is ignored.

In Whitehouse's story, the 'proud dad', Reuben, carried and gave birth to the baby because 'he' has a uterus and ovaries. Furthermore, the egg produced for fertilisation was provided by Reuben's 'non-binary' partner and the sperm donor was a transwoman.

So...two female partners had a baby using a sperm donor.

But today's carnival barkers need to devise new angles to direct attention to a bearded lady.

Monday 30th December - Male Violence Is The Fault Of Women

Transwoman and LGBT rights campaigner, Julie Berman, was tragically murdered in Canada. Berman was discovered by Toronto police who were answering a call about an assault. Julie was suffering from serious injuries, rushed into hospital but was later pronounced dead. Toronto Police arrested a 29 year old male, and apparent trans ally, Colin Harnack, at the scene of the crime and he has since been charged with second degree murder.

But Harnack's fellow 'trans allies' were quick to point the finger at the real villains: women.

Tuesday 31st December - Male Violence Assigned to Women (Again)

NBC Washington reported on a story in which security guards exchanged gunfire with an intruder who later turned out to be a trans-identified male.

Private security guards were called to a vacant apartment block in Washington the evening of Sunday 29th December following a report of a possible trespasser. According to the police, the guards discovered an armed intruder who exchanged gunshots with them before fleeing the scene.

The following day police officers were called back to the building where they discovered a dead body believed to be the same armed intruder.

The article actually contains the phrase "Police initially said the suspect was a man".

Wednesday 1st January - Scottish Government Must Clarify GRA Proposals

The Scotsman published an article by Kath Murray, Lucy Hunter Blackburn and Lisa Mackenzie about the Scottish Government's proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act.

The Scottish Government has published its latest consultation paper on reforming the ­Gender Recognition Act. It seeks to simplify the process for acquiring a gender recognition certificate, removing the need for any medical diagnosis or treatment.

However, the Government has not clarified how acquiring a GRC will change a person’s legal right to access to single-sex spaces, services and occupations.

"Just how far a GRC provides greater legal rights of access to places and roles reserved to women, in particular, is a serious question for ­lawmakers and others. This uncertainty relates principally to the wording of the Equality Act 2010, which is the main legislation governing single-sex provision... What the law actually does ­matters because it places limits on what service providers can choose to do and not to do, both now and in the future."

Thursday 2nd January - Women Who Understand The Root Of Their Oppression Are "Dickheads of the Decade"

Thanks to @lecanardnoir and others for drawing attention to the appalling misogyny of a Vice UK article listing the "The Top 50 Dickheads of the Decade".

On a list which includes ISIS, Tommy Robinson and paedophiles, "Transphobic feminists" (ie gender critical women who don't include males in their feminism) appear at number 6.

Apparently, women who believe their sex is dictated by biology rather than by a dress and heels are "one of the most insidious phenomena" and "inciting moral panic".

Friday 3rd January - They Call It 'Cis Privilege'

The Telegraph published an article about a news story which has been in the headlines all week.

A nineteen year old woman is being held in Cyprus having been found guilty of “public mischief” by a Famagusta district court. Whilst on holiday in Ayia Napa last July the teenager reported being gang-raped by 12 young Israeli men in her hotel. Those responsible were arrested.

However, a fortnight later the woman was questioned by Cypriot police for an eight hour period during which she says she was denied access to a toilet and threatened. She had no legal representation present. Eventually, she she was forced to sign a retraction statement and the suspects were released.

The young woman was subsequently convicted of "public mischief". She has been given a suspended sentence but she could have faced a year's imprisonment. Meanwhile, the young men responsible for her ordeal arrived home in Tel Aviv amidst Champagne celebrations and chants of "The Brit is a whore".

This horrific story demonstrates the stark reality of being female in a misogynistic society. There's no 'identifying' out of that.

Saturday 4th January - Protecting The Girls Who Find It Hard To Be Girls

Shona Craven wrote in The Nationalist about the growing number of young women who are detransitioning.

As Craven explains, many of the growing number of young women who have changed their minds about gender reassignment are on the autism spectrum, have survived sexual abuse or are lesbians. These issues are rarely explored when children present at gender clinics and far more research is needed into the causes of dysphoria.

One of the many clinicians to have spoken out about the medicalising of gender non-conforming young people says it “Feels like conversion therapy for gay children”. LGBT groups should be deeply concerned. And yet so many of them, like the Time for Inclusive Education (Tie) campaign, are actively advocating a medical pathway for gender non-conforming kids.

Also Today - Dundee Council Council Mixed Sex Loo Claim

The Evening Telegraph published an article casting doubt on Dundee Council's claim that it has not received any complaints regarding its schools' mixed-sex toilets.

Researcher, Susan Sinclair, told the paper that Dundee Council's claim is “inaccurate” as she herself had written to complain about the installation of open-plan mixed-sex facilities at a number of its schools. Furthermore, she claims that complaints about mixed sex toilets have gone missing from council records.

One of the people on Dundee Council is Gregor Murray, not unknown to regular readers, who identifies as non-binary and insists on gender neutral pronouns.

Non-binary Dundee councillor, Gregor Murray

Murray was suspended as an SNP councillor following a tirade of misogynistic abuse on social media. He subsequently left the SNP and now represents Dundee's North East ward as an independent councillor.

A news story from 2017 might shed some light on Councillor Murray's methods for dealing with complaints.

The Rev Bob Mallinson lodged a formal complaint about Cllr Murray after speaking to "them" at the opening of Dundee’s Tayview Primary School. Rev Mallison expressed his concerns to Cllr Murray that the pedestrian crossings at the school weren’t operational.

According to the minister, “Mr Murray responded that he didn’t care and that he wasn’t interested in anything I had to say to him. Councillor Murray also called me a liar... This is both abusive and a form of bullying".  At the time, Cllr Murray was the Convener for Child & Family Services.

Sunday 5th January - Gaslighting Of Women By The Scottish Government

Susan Sinclair alerted us to an astonishing twist in the tale of the Scottish government and its proposals for self ID legislation.

The Scottish government claims that there is no evidence that proposed GRA reforms could be open to abuse by predatory males. (Presumably, they've never heard of Karen White, Christopher Hambrook, Katie Dolatowski et al.) Furthermore, it has cited a report produced by an academic at Bristol University which advocates reforming the Equality Act 2010 to effectively erase the single sex exemptions.

The report was produced by Dr Peter Dunne. Not a medical doctor, you understand; Dunne is a lawyer with a specific interest in gender and sexuality.

Peter Dunne

On the issue of women feeling 'unsafe, vulnerable, and threatened' by the sight of or proximity to male genitals (on a trans identified male using female facilities), Dunne's report likens such 'non-normative bodies' to women who have had a mastectomy.

Yes, you read that correctly. Astonishingly, Dunne claims that the body of a woman who has had surgery is no less intimidating than the sight of a naked man.

It gets even worse. Responding to worries about inappropriate sexual activity the report states, "Unless service providers are excluding all women with same-gender attractions – cis & trans – there is no justification for excluding only trans women."

Is Dunne really suggesting that lesbians pose the same risk of sexual violence to women as physical males? It certainly sounds like it.

Monday 6th January - The Age Of Consent

Joanna Williams wrote in The Telegraph about children and gender identity.

"Children are prevented from buying cigarettes and alcohol because we know the risks of consuming alcohol to excess and the long-term health implications of smoking. Yet children are allowed to begin the process of transitioning gender - including taking chemical puberty blockers - when we have relatively little evidence of the long term health implications."

The prescribing of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones is the subject of a legal case in the high court this week. It is a landmark test case to establish whether children can give informed consent to medical gender reassignment treatment.

This case has been brought by two women. Mrs A is the mother of a patient.  Her 15 year old daughter, who is autistic and suffering with mental health problems, is currently awaiting treatment at the Tavistock's Gender Identity Development Service [GIDS]. Sue Evans, is a mental health nurse and psychotherapist who used to work at the Tavistock clinic. She became increasingly alarmed by the clinic's practices and eventually became one of the 'whistleblowers' publicly voicing concern.

Sue Evans and Mrs A have set up a CrowdJustice fundraising page to help finance their legal action where they explain the reasons for their decision in greater detail.

Tuesday 7th January - Bullying Academics Into Silence

The Times Higher Education spoke to Kathleen Stock, Professor of Philosophy of Sussex University, about the hostility she experiences in academia for holding and expressing gender critical views.

The article describes the relentless abuse and criticism Professor Stock has endured over the past 18 months. There have been threats, demands that she be dismissed from her job, formal complaints from students and animosity from colleagues.

Professor Stock told The Times, “Even when it has massive ramifications for society, philosophers are being told to stay silent".

Also Today - The Scottish Government's Meeting That Never Was

Feminist campaign group, Forwomen.Scot, tweeted their latest blog about a meeting between themselves and Scottish government officials... which never took place.

The consultation document which accompanies the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill claims that a representative of Forwomen.Scot had met with Scottish Government officials. There are three separate references to this supposed meeting throughout the document on pages, 114, 117 and 152.

No such meeting ever took place.

Forwomen.Scot contacted the Family Law Dept asking that the error be corrected on the consultation website but their request was refused.  The Family Law Department replied that they had met a member of Forwomen.Scot in February 2019 and minutes from that meeting had been prepared & agreed. So the group requested a copy of these minutes. This request was also denied.

This insistence that a meeting took place is ironic given that Forwomen.Scot actually tried to arrange one with Nicola Sturgeon or Shirley-Anne Somerville. They were unsuccessful, of course.

Wednesday 8th January - It Never Happens

The Independent published a story about the shocking number of sexual assaults committed on NHS mixed sex mental health wards.

The paper reported on data obtained by the Health Service Journal which shows that at least 1,019 sexual assaults were reported on mixed sex NHS mental health wards between April 2017 and October 2019.

This figure contrasts with the number of assaults reported on single sex wards over the same period during which 286 cases were reported.

Thursday 9th January - When Males Write Females (A Review)

Andrea Long Chu is a transgender writer. Chu's debut book, Females, is described as a "Genre-defying meditation on transgender politics" and has been much fawned over in the woke-identified press. Louise Perry has reviewed it for The Critic.

Andrea Long Chu

Much of Females focuses on sex, particularly Chu's own masturbatory habits and fantasies, with the latter half of the book dedicated almost entirely to a discussion of Chu's pornography preferences. “Sissy porn did make me trans", writes Chu, in a passage exploring the overtly sexual nature of the wish to transition.

It becomes clear that Chu's version of womanhood is not based on reality but on the sexualisation of female bodies and stereotypes of femininity; "I transitioned for gossip and compliments, lipstick and mascara, for crying at the movies, for being someone’s girlfriend... for feeling hot, for getting hit on by butches, for that secret knowledge of which dykes to watch out for, for Daisy Dukes, bikini tops, and all the dresses, and, my god, for the breasts."

Louise Perry writes:

"Females, and the praise for Females, is the product of a school of feminism now dominant in academia that has abandoned interest in the material aspects of women’s lives and has instead embraced confection and self-obsession... When a porn-obsessed writer can be lauded as a feminist prophet for describing the 'barest essentials' of ,femaleness, as 'an open mouth, an expectant asshole, blank, blank eyes' we should wonder how on earth we got to this point."

Also Today - Tragedy Of Post-Transition Suicide

The Manchester Evening News reported on the inquest into the tragic death of transman, Max Cresham.

Max was born female but began identifying as a man in 2017. He was treated for gender dysphoria at a private clinic at Sheffield's Thornbury Hospital, started cross-sex hormone treatment in May 2018 and had a double mastectomy a year later.

He was just 25 years old when he took his own life in July last year.

The consultant treating Max at the Sheffield clinic claimed there had been nothing to suggest that he suffered with depression or  had suicidal thoughts.

However, Max's mother, Wendy Cresham, gave a statement that Max had been diagnosed with anxiety and depression approximately one year before the clinic diagnosed him with gender dysphoria.

Friday 10th January - Biological Sex Is Bloody Well Important

The BBC reported on a story about an NHS campaign to encourage more men to become blood donors.

There are far more female blood donors than male. This is proving a big problem for NHS Blood & Transplant (NHSBT) because male blood has significantly more applications and uses than female blood. Furthermore, it is possible that the blood donated by women who have been pregnant may not be suitable for certain male recipients.

Mike Stredder, head of donor recruitment at NHSBT, told the BBC, "We need more than 68,000 men to start donating blood this year... Men's blood can be used in extraordinary, lifesaving ways but we don't have enough new male donors coming forward."

Clearly, biological sex is extremely important where blood donation is concerned. Yet according to this Twitter thread from Rebecca Lowe, NHSBT records the sex of donors based on their declared gender identity rather than biological reality.

Saturday 11th January - PTSD Sufferer Rushed To Transition

The Daily Mail (yes, we know, but the left-wing papers are ignoring important stories like this) published Richard Hoskin's first hand account of his almost devastating choice to transition.

"I was not suffering from gender confusion at all. I had no need to transition. My reasons for wanting a new identity, I would eventually learn, were complex and nothing to do with being male or female".

Richard Hoskins was utterly convinced he wanted to change sex. He became embroiled in what he describes as the "NHS gender identity machine" and was fast-tracked through the system without a hitch. He was prescribed hormone treatment - testosterone blockers and oestrogen - and underwent 80 hours of electrolysis. He then paid privately for painful and expensive facial feminisation surgery.

He was on the brink of having irreversible gender reassignment surgery with the NHS when he suddenly wavered. He arranged a private consultation with two psychotherapists who, far from confirming his gender dysphoria, diagnosed him as suffering from complex PTSD. What the "NHS gender identity machine" had not investigated was the serious trauma in Richard's past, particularly the sexual assault he suffered at school and the tragic suicide of his teenage son.

"There was no shortage of clues for anyone who had bothered to look – and if it was true in my case, how many others are similarly misdiagnosed? How many adolescents desperately wishing to change sex are really trying to escape some other form of pain? ...We need to recognise that gender transition can, in truth, be a misguided attempt to escape the person you were born to be – and demand a halt to this dangerous headlong charge."

Sunday 12th January - Pink News Applauds Gay Conversion Therapy

Pink News took to Twitter to applaud Pakistan's so-called 'Move for trans rights'.

Unfortunately, Pakistan's record on LGB rights really doesn't warrant any clapping of hands. Homosexuality is vilified and criminalised in Pakistan with the those engaging in same-sex relationships facing up to a lifetime in prison. Technically, under Sharia law, homosexuality could also mean the death penalty.

Back in 2014 the BBC reported on the gay people in Iran who were being forced to 'change gender'. Sounds like Pakistan is now doing the same thing; getting rid of its inconvenient homosexual and lesbian population by literally transing the gay away.

Yet Pink News think this is something to celebrate.

Monday 13th January - The Self-Identified 8 Year Old Sex Offender

The Post-Millennial reported on a story from the USA about a male sex offender who identifies as an eight year old girl.

Joseph Gobrick is a 45-year-old male from Michigan. He has been sentenced to up to 20 years in prison for the possession of child pornography.

Joseph Gobrick identifies as an eight year old girl. At his sentencing, he told the judge, "I’ve always been an eight-year-old girl. And even in my drawings and fantasies, I am always an eight-year-old girl".

This is where the gender identity politics has led us; an adult male sex offender can defend his sexual interest in 8 year old girls by claiming to be one.

Tuesday 14th January - Academics Silenced, Sacked & Threatened

The Guardian wrote about the academics who are being prevented from discussing gender identity ideology.

It details some of the academics (all female) who have lost work, been no-platformed, had events cancelled and even suffered threats to their safety at UK universities.

Only a few days after this article was published, Professor Kathleen Stock tweeted about the cancellation of yet another event.

The University of East Anglia has "postponed" a research seminar at which she was due to speak on the philosophical issues surrounding  diversity and inclusion. The UEA informed Professor Stock that the seminar has been postponed in order to respect “The views of members of the transgender community".

Wednesday 15th January - "Call Me Beate"

Women Are Human, wrote about a serial rapist who murdered five women. He is now called Beate and officially a woman because, gender identity.

Between October 1989 and April 1991 Wolfgang Schmidt murdered five women, in most cases raping them either before or after death. He also murdered a three month old baby, the son of one the women he killed.

Schmidt murdered one of his victims by gagging her with a pair of pink knickers and strangling her with his pink bra. He left a pair of pink panties with the body when he dumped another of his victims. This earned him the nickname "Pink Giant".

He was eventually sentenced to 15 years imprisonment and detention in a psychiatric hospital. Whilst in prison Schmidt announced that he 'identifies as female' and in 2001 his petition to be addressed as a woman and change his name to Beate was approved by the German court.

"Pink Giant" Wolfgang Schmidt

Thursday 16th January - Female Prisoners Forced To Shower With Males

The Telegraph reported on claims that female prisoners are being forced to share shower facilities with "anatomically male" inmates in Scotland.

Kenneth Gibson, SNP MSP for Cunninghame North, told the Scottish Parliament, “I have been advised by our recently retired governor that there is at least one female prison where anatomically male prisoners and female prisoners are expected to shower together".

The Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Humza Yousaf, couldn't say whether or not this was happening but did comment, "It is the case that there will be transgender women who are within the female prison estate".

Friday 17th January - The Literal Get Out Of Jail Free Card

The Metro reported on a shocking story from the USA of a convicted paedophile who is to be freed from prison because he now identifies as a woman.

Despite the article referring to him by a female name and pronouns throughout, Joseph Smith is a 23 year old male from Louisiana. He sexually abused fifteen children, including a one year old baby.

Two years after receiving a lengthy prison sentence in 2015, Smith has started identifying as female and is receiving cross-sex hormone treatment.

Officials claim that lowering Smith’s testosterone diminishes his sex drive and decreases the risk of re-offending. Consequently, Smith has been transferred to the Sioux City Residential Treatment Facility in preparation for his permanent release from custody. He's served just four years of his sentence and will soon be free again.