A very late (entirely my fault) ‘War On Women’, and probably our last one for a while A Month In The War On Women: Saturday 18th January - Friday 14th February

Excellent Sarah Ditum piece on the linguistic callisthenics the Left uses to brand women trying to defend their boundaries as bigots: Why is the Left so hypocritical about sex? - UnHerd

How the ‘vulnerable and powerless’ transgender community react to JK Rowling by transwoman Miranda Yardley

Fred Sargeant is a Stonewall vet who is is trying to undo the historical revisionism whereby a butch lesbian Stormé DeLarverie is posthumously transed, robbing the lesbian community of one of their heroes.

Julia Robertson wrote a touching tribute to Fred and the gay men who have always supported their lesbian sisters

Here's Fred telling the editor of Pink News exactly what he thinks of him.

Bookmark this page for when you're told “It never happens.”

A lot could be written on how Stonewall turns the incoherence of gender ideology into hard cash.  This thread is a good starting point.

Wonders will never cease. The Guardian covers Sweden’s increasing disquiet with the gender revolution

They want to kiss EVERYBODY

Important Mermaids document

Arielle Scarcella is cancelled by the usual suspects (straight white men)

One day people will see how important this interview is

The clueless Western privilege of saying sex doesn’t matter is exposed in this tweet and clip

Earn £25 quid by saying you’re non-binary and someone once called you ‘mate’

Mhairi Black thinks it's appropriate to invite this guy to a primary school

Malcolm's Clarke's brilliant thread on mass delusion and social contagion.