(By JL)

Saturday 10th August - Uncomfortable Truth About Yaniv Deleted

Jonathan / Jessica Yaniv's Wikipedia entry was deleted. And so the inconvenient references to his vexatious law suits and the grooming of prepubescent girls etc were removed from one of the world's most used websites.

Website Women Are Human revealed that one of the men instrumental in a policy which allows physical males to be housed in female prisons has pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography.

Gordon Pike was a senior official of the Scottish Prison Service. He was one of the seven officials who approved the SPS’s policy to house prisoners based on their self-identified “social gender" without the need for any physical alteration, thus allowing biological males to be accommodated with vulnerable women .

Pike pleaded guilty to possessing over 22,000 indecent images of children in 2016.

Sunday 11th August - It's Just Not Cricket

Fair Play For Women revealed that the English Cricket Board quietly ushered in a policy that allows biological males to play on women's teams.

The ECB only adheres to ICC rules on the lowering of testosterone for international competition but deems the 'social model' acceptable at domestic level. This means that a physical male merely has to identify as a woman, without any need for any physical alteration, in order to play on a women's cricket team in England.

This article written by a 14 year old girl demonstrates how such a policy discourages girls and young women from participating in sport.

Developmental biologist Emma Hilton compiled an eye-opening thread which highlights the impact on women's sport by the inclusion of male-born competitors.

No prizes for guessing where the ECB took advice on their decision.

Gina Davidson wrote an article in The Scotsman about the Scottish Government redefining the word 'woman' in a piece of important sex equality legislation.

The Scottish Government introduced its Gender Representation on Public Boards Act to improve the representation and numbers of women on the boards of Scottish public authorities.

However, the legislation has re-defined the word “woman” to include males who have “Taken the decision to undergo a process for the purpose of becoming female”.

Women's Place UK offered a response to this change, stating that the fundamental belief at the root of all sex discrimination legislation is that:

"Women are discriminated against and disadvantaged on the grounds of their sex... that the physical and social consequences of being born and living with a female body are so significant that women deserve specific protections in law."

Monday 12th August - No Single Sex Dorms at the YHA

The YHA (Youth Hosteling Association of England & Wales) no longer guarantees its female guests a penis-free dormitory. Guests can choose the dormitory in which they are accommodated based on 'the gender with which they identify' rather than their physical sex.

However, the YHA will consider the eligibility of abuse victims for special provision on a case by case basis. Yes, you read that right: women who have suffered sexual abuse can contact the YHA prior to their visit to discuss their trauma with a total stranger so that their requirement for single sex accommodation can be assessed.

Jay Keck, the father of a teenage girl,  wrote an article in USA Today about his daughter's rapid onset gender dysphoria and how her school undermined his efforts to help her.

Keck describes that his daughter, who is on the autism spectrum and had never previously demonstrated any signs of dysphoria, suddenly decided she was transgender at 14 years old due to the influence of a high school friend.

Despite his continual protestations, his daughter's school affirmed her new identity and her social worker practically encouraged her to leave home. Her psychologist said privately that he felt her underlying mental health problems were the cause of her sudden transgender identity but he felt unable to say so formally.

"She turned 18 in late June and life-altering, dangerous testosterone injections are just one “informed consent form” away. She can turn to any one of Illinois’s 17 Planned Parenthood clinics for cheap and easy access. No extensive mental health assessment will be required, and there will be nothing I can do to stop her."

The importance of examining co-morbidities when diagnosing gender dysphoria was discussed recently on Scottish television by transwoman, Seven Hex.

Tuesday 13th August - The Misogyny & Homophobia of Gender Ideology

Science student and gay man, Cian Ó Catháin, wrote about "Woke Misogyny and Homophobia" for Redline.

He describes how gender ideology is eroding women's sex-based rights and spaces, forcing children who do not conform to strict gender roles down medical pathways and denying gay men and lesbians the right to describe and define their sexuality.

"The language we use to refer to sex and its related terms has been distorted so much that women and homosexuals are fighting to hold onto the terms that describe themselves with coherency. Male, female, boy, girl, man, woman, heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, sexual orientation, intersex/DSD. . . all terms related directly to sex, to biological reality, are being snatched and used in the ideology that is ‘gender identity’".

Wednesday 14th August - ECB's Policy Review is Just Lipservice

After Fair Play For Women highlighted The England Cricket Board's sneaky trans inclusion policy, the ECB promised a review.

However, the ECB states that it is "Unlikely to make any unilateral changes" to its policy in which "The eligibility of players is based on one's own self-identified gender, with no medical requirement".

The ECB are well aware of the physical advantages males have over females; that's why the women's game uses smaller, lighter cricket balls. To add a bit of perspective, the fastest recorded bowling speeds in the men's game top 100 mph whereas the fastest recorded bowling speed in the women's game is around 77 mph.

Thursday 15th August

Twitter users discovered the site's latest tactic to silence the voices of gender critical women; it deletes their followers and prevents anyone from re-following.

Feminist Katie Barker, had her Twitter account locked, then suspended and, when it was finally restored, her followers disappeared.

And nobody seemed able to re-follow her.

And it's not over yet. Her partner Dan Fisher posted this on Friday 16th.

The Shropshire Star reported on a transwoman who pleaded guilty to committing indecent acts in a private garden in Ludlow.

Nicola Watson, who was born male but now identifies as a woman, was caught on CCTV whilst naked and 'carrying out an indecent act' (ie masturbating) in the garden of a private home. Watson also peering into the home's bedroom windows. Luckily, the female homeowner was not in residence but she did have to witness the distressing spectacle on her mobile phone as the footage was streamed by her CCTV security system.

Watson has nine previous convictions for 18 offences, including harassment, and was already serving a sentence for sexual offences before this case came to court.

Friday 16th August - Victorian Parliament Set to Erase Biological Sex

In Australia the Victorian parliament is pushing through sex self-ID legislation.

The Victoria BDMRA bill will allow transgender and non-binary people to be able to change the sex listed on their birth certificates without needing any medical diagnosis, surgical alteration or hormone treatment.

The bill has passed through the Lower House with a majority of 56 v 27 votes and is now likely to pass uncontested through the Upper House.

Dr Holly Lawford-Smith, Senior Lecturer in Political Philosophy at the University of Melbourne, described the impact this legislation is likely to have on women and girls in a Twitter thread.

"They're pushing through legislation that replaces sex (an objective characteristic that affects how people are treated) with gender identity (a subjective characteristic that may play no role at all in how you are treated).
Women in Australia still face a range of serious issues, including but not limited to pregnancy and breastfeeding discrimination, insufficient research into female-specific medical problems, subjection to domestic violence, subjection to rape, sexual assault, & harassment, under-representation in politics. These parties have been acting like women are completely invisible."