(Thanks, as always, to JL. Because a woman is too nervous of signing her name and being targeted by some of the vindictive people we're writing about, I get  to claim the credit. Men win again!)

1st June

It was Bradford Pride on Saturday and a group of lesbians attended in order to protest coercion and rape culture in the LGBT movement.

They carried banners which proclaimed “Lesbian - Female HomoSEXuality” and “Lesbians don’t have penises”.

The women met in a local coffee shop where they were approached by officers from West Yorkshire Police who suggested they were a ‘hate group’. After reassuring the police that they were simply lesbians going to take part in Pride, they moved on to join the main event in Bradford centre. A transwoman was speaking from the stage and singled out the women, calling them bigots and stating that they were not welcome.

The women were then approached by a group of men who tried to force them to leave. In images published on social media, the men can be seen confronting the women, one of whom is a wheelchair user.

Gay men haranguing lesbians for the benefit of straight men

Men also took to social media to condemn the group of lesbians. One Leeds man who describes himself as a “Police volunteer” with West Yorkshire Police (yep, again) in his Twitter bio posted that he couldn’t stand by and “Watch the TERFs bully trans kids”.

1st June

An anonymous Twitter user described the inclusivity training she had received in her place of work last week. “In order to keep / avoid trouble in my job”, she wrote, “I must pretend to believe in ‘gender identity’ - as though it’s an unquestionable truth.”

She went on to post photographs of the online course which she’d secretly managed to snap during the training. One section describes a hypothetical transwoman at the outset of transition ‘coming out’ in the workplace. Under the heading “Informing colleagues” the text advises that the employee should decide when colleagues are informed and by whom.

It then goes on to state that the employee should decide “Whether any training in gender identity issues is needed”.

The online training sticks with the hypothetical transwoman for the purposes of a survey. This appears to be a means of testing the trainee for any unacceptable opinions. Trainees are told that, in the aforementioned scenario, a woman raises concerns about the newly transed colleague using the ladies’ toilet.

The survey asks the trainee what the correct course of action should be in these circumstances and asks them to “Select the correct 2 options”. The questions are phrased in such a way so that of the 5 options offered it is obvious that the two ‘correct’ answers are “Remind the female employee of her responsibility to promote equality” and “Arrange training for the female in understanding LGBT issues”.

1st June
The Times carried a story about an exam board “sowing scientific confusion” by using the term ‘gender’ instead of ‘sex’ in one of its biology exams last month.

Edexcel asked students sitting the GCSE exam to identify the gender shown by a particular set of chromosomes. The paper also also required students to explain how ‘gender is inherited’ from parents.

The newspaper quoted psychologist Professor Cordelia Fine, author of Delusions of Gender and Testosterone Rex. Explaining that ‘sex’ refers to biological sex whilst ‘gender’ refers to socially constructed roles, Professor Fine stated, “Using the terms interchangeably blurs importantly distinct concepts, and we need both - scientifically and socially”.

Dr. Alessandra Asteriti (a post-doctoral research associate in international law at the University of Glasgow) was permanently suspended from Twitter. She was commenting on an article regarding an NHS funded trial to transplant uteri into transgender women. “Reminder that in 2015 300,000 women died in childbirth around the world”, she wrote. “What is it going to take to stop this trans madness?”. Twitter deemed this hate speech and another woman disappeared from the public square.

2nd June

The Sun ran a story about a prisoner called Kayleigh Woods (sorry, not linking to The Sun so here’s The Mirror’s coverage from the following day). Formerly known as Kyle Lockwood, Woods brutally murdered a young woman with the aid of his then boyfriend, Jack Williams. The pair had ‘practiced’ torture techniques on a Barbie doll before killing their flatmate, Bethany Hill.

Despite being a physically intact male with no legal recognition as a transwoman, Woods successfully appealed incarceration in the men’s estate and was transferred to a women’s prison, Eastwood Park in Gloucestershire. The Transgender Case Board decided that Kayleigh, who had been found guilty of slashing a woman’s throat, had no history of sex offences so posed little risk to female inmates.

Woods has now been moved back to a men’s prison after having a sexual relationship with a female inmate. Although the paper describes the pair as having a ‘romp’ and making it all sound like harmless fun, it’s impossible to know the feelings or motivations of the woman involved. In a situation where a violent male is allowed access to vulnerable women, one can only speculate on how consensual or coerced this relationship might have been.

3rd June

Trans rights activists on Twitter began a campaign to shut down an event organised by the Sheffield Feminist Network at which Professor Michele Moore will be talking about how best to support children who believe they are transgender. In a tweet to the original venue, which has since declined to host the event, one Twitter user described the talk as “Anti trans hate speech” and questioned Professor Moore’s expertise in the area of trans child health.

To be held on the 11th June, the event is entitled “The Bodies of Children - Gender Affirmation - In Whose Best Interest”. The venue is now listed as ‘TBA’ to prevent it from also being targeted in a similar manner.

3rd June

The Scotsman carried a story regarding the way crime is recorded in Scotland. It seems that Scottish police no longer record the biological sex of those committing crime but note instead  the individual’s self-declared gender identity, regardless of their legal status or physical body. Scottish Police cannot exactly say when they first started doing this but claim that the policy just “evolved over time”.

4th June
Writer Gareth Roberts issued a statement explaining why the BBC had chosen to remove his work from a Dr Who anthology of short stories. Gareth, who has previously written Dr Who episodes for television and Dr Who books, had been commissioned to write the story and had already completed and submitted it. Details of the contributors were leaked ahead of the official scheduled announcement and Gareth’s involvement was made public.

“At this point a section of the Dr Who fandom agitated for my removal”, explained Gareth. “Also, some of the other contributing authors to the book (I don’t know who) threatened to withdraw if I was involved.” The reason for this sudden attack on Gareth’s work was the discovery of a couple of tweets from September 2017.

Gareth describes the tweets as “Cheerful vulgarity” and explains that when he was a member of the London Lesbian and Gay Teenage Group, words such as ‘Queer’ and ‘Tranny’ were in common use. Nevertheless, the BBC capitulated and Gareth was told his work would be excluded from the forthcoming book.

Also on this day, feminist campaign group, Women & Girls in Scotland, approached Scotland's leading and best funded LGBT organisations, Stonewall, LGBT Health, LGBT Youth Scotland & the Equality Network, to ask if they would support this statement about lesbian women:

“Exclusive same sex attraction is a valid and real sexuality, there is absolutely nothing objectionable about being exclusively same sex attracted, and those who are should be able to live their sexuality free from any form of hate, discrimination, coercion or harassment, and are fully supported by our organisation as part of the LGBT community.”

They all declined.

5th June

As you may have seen from our recent round-up of good news, feminist campaign group, Leeds Spinners, hosted a meeting in Leeds’ historic Civic Hall, the first UK discussion of the “Declaration of Sex Based Rights”. The speakers at the meeting were Dr Heather Brunskill Evans, Dr Sheila Jeffreys and Maureen O’Hara and they were introduced by Councillor Sarah Field.

All of the panellists have been reported to West Yorkshire Police with claims that their speeches constitute a hate crime against Leeds LGBT communities.

5th June

Julie Bindel, life-long campaigner for women’s rights, was assaulted following an appearance at the University of Edinburgh. Together with several other feminist speakers, Julie spoke at an event called “Women’s Sex Based Rights - What Could and Should the Future Hold”.

For several weeks prior to the meeting, trans activists had tried everything in their power to get it shut down. There was a petition, there were allegations that it would threaten the safety of trans staff and students, there were Twitter campaigns and, finally, there was a mass resignation of the university’s LGBT+ Network.
The event went ahead and was, for the most part, a successful evening. Sadly, Julie was then the victim of an attempted attack when leaving the event.

Julie’s attacker is a well-known trans rights activist who has named himself after lesbian radical feminist, Cathy Brennan. He is known on Twitter as @TownTattle and describes himself as a transwoman.

He has openly advocated for violence against women (and specifically women who speak out about transgender ideology) on social media on innumerable occasions.

He posted this photograph of the panel speaking at Edinburgh University with the comment “Scum”.

And following the attack on Julie Bindel he posted that he’d “Lost my shit” at her.

Julie Bindel tweeted after the event, discussing the people responsible for creating the atmosphere in which TownTattle felt emboldened to assault her.  “I blame the academics and the rest of the woke Stasi at Edinburgh Uni that whipped this up into a frenzy, calling us Nazis and bigots and terf scum for talking about women’s sex based rights”.

7th June

Following the attack on Julie Bindel the previous evening, the left wing and LGBT press reacted to the male violence suffered by a working class lesbian journalist and campaigner.

7th June

Several media outlets reported the shocking story of a lesbian couple who had been physically attacked and beaten by a group of young men on a London bus. The women were harassed by the teenagers who, having realised they are a couple, made explicit gestures and demanded the women kiss each other. When the women refused, they were physically attacked.

This horrific story arises from is the same climate of misogyny and male sexual entitlement that the lesbians at Bradford Pride were protesting. The notion that female sexuality exists solely for the consumption of males is what motivated the teenagers on that bus to attack a lesbian couple for refusing to capitulate to their demands and it is exactly what motivates trans identified males to believe that lesbianism must include them.
Trans activists have been trying to colonise lesbianism for some time. Terms like ‘cotton ceiling’ (referring to the underwear of lesbians to which they feel they are unfairly being denied access) are in common usage. Lesbians, especially young lesbians, are being coerced and gaslit into accepting male-bodied partners and those who refuse suffer abuse, harassment and expulsion from the LGBT fold.

YouTuber and trans activist, Riley J Dennis, likens “having a genital preference” to racism and Magazines publish articles in which lesbians are schooled in performing fellatio.

The “lesbian penis” has been celebrated on social media as far back as 2013.

Rachel McKinnon (trans activist and cyclist) believes that male genitalia is something that lesbians can ‘cope’ with if they get over ‘genital hangups’.

This is rape culture that targets and harms lesbians especially, and it is being endorsed, or at the very least minimised, by mainstream LGBT organisations and publications. And there, where we came in, we'll leave it.