Get The L Out is a resistance campaign that aims to expose the betrayal of lesbians by Stonewall and other mainstream LGBT organisations, which currently state that it is possible for a ‘lesbian’ to have a penis.
/The L in “LGBT” is meaningless when the LGBT organisations claim that a man can identify as ‘lesbian. We either respect women’s sexual boundaries to refuse penises under whatever name or we don’t. And right now the LGBT organisations and Sadiq Khan naming lesbians “hateful” and “anti-trans” for daring to say “no” is disgraceful, misogynistic and anti-lesbian./
If you think any of this is an exaggeration, here again is my favourite video on the subject by Magdalen Berns . And remember that Alex Drummond isn’t an outlier — he’s on the trans advisory board at Stonewall. Another fun fact is that Drummond has visited schools in Cardiff to talk about “her” experiences as a “lesbian”. Can you imagine being a young gay woman, perhaps nervous about your sexuality, and running into Alex?
Anyway! To my point. The big gotcha about the ‘Get The L Out’ protests is always how sparsely attended they are.

“Intimidation works!”

But here’s the thing. Given the abuse and harassment these women know is coming their way, I’m always surprised that ANYONE turns up to these protests. I mean, who wants to be aggressively lectured by a group of men acting on behalf of a group of straight men who claim they’re gay women?

Who wants to stand in front of a Pride March and say to a bunch of people trying to paaaarty that you are being erased, that your words are being stolen, your living experience appropriated, your sexuality denied at the same time as it is colonised?
For the moment, put to one side the threats , the targetting of employers, the social ostracization, the harassment and all the other good stuff that gets doled out to anyone who stands up against currently fashionable gender ideology, and consider the sheer guts it took for these two New Zealand women to do this.

They’re fighting for their sisters despite overwhelming odds, so if your response to a photo like this is “lol nice turnout”, then the problem isn’t with their numbers but your character. This is what bravery looks like, so have some respect.