by Anonymous

Lecturers, writers

we're usually broke

until we court favour

come over all woke

no matter our sex

whether woman or man

we'll seek approbation

wherever we can

chuck lesbians, women,

gay men under the bus

and if you say different

you're not one of us

you hate, you deny

transfolks' right to exist

we'll ban and no-platform

if you act like this  

won't publish your work

and won't put you on stage  

we'll stop you from working

in our day and age  

we're right and you're ancient

we'll climb on your backs

and brand you a transphobe

in online attacks

to funders, promoters

and media mates

on the right side of history

stamping out hate

you're only a woman

outdated defender

of fascist biology

denier of gender

the future's not female

so women will be

whatever we say

cos the future is Me.

by anonymous, March 2020