(As always, thanks to JL for putting this together. She would put her full name name on it but trans rights activists might try to destroy her life)

25th May

Student-athlete, Cece Telfer, competed in the NCAA [National Collegiate Athletic Association] championship. Representing Franklin Pierce University, Telfer won the 400 metres women’s hurdle race, finishing one second ahead of the girl in 2nd place.
Formerly known as Craig, Telfer is biologically male. When competing among the Division II men in the 400 metre hurdles, Telfer never came close to national competition levels, ranking 200th in 2016 and 390th in 2017. Now identifying as female and competing with Division II women, Cece is the national champion.
The NCAA regulations stipulate that biological males may compete against biological females if they spend one calendar year taking testosterone suppression medication. However, the rules are very vague , as this article in Let’s Run points out.
“There is no mention of a minimum testosterone level that must be achieved or a minimum level of medication that must be taken, nor how those levels are to be monitored.”

Telfer’s coach, Zach Emerson, put the incredible jump from a divisional ranking of 390th to national champion down to Cece being “motivated”. Considering they had to compete against an athlete who has the advantage of a male skeleton, male musculature, a male cardiovascular system and male muscle twitch capacity , it’s not hard to understand why the females in that race did not share Cece’s apparent motivation.
(Hi, if you are interested in fairness in sport for adult human females, follow Sharron Davies , Martina Navratilova and developmental biologist, Doctor Beetles on Twitter. Also, please consider doing whatever you can to help Fair Play For Women .)

26th May
The Mail on Sunday carried the story of a Church of England vicar who resigned from his position as a primary school governor and from the church where he’d served for 14 years over the school’s stance on an eight-year-old ‘trans’ child.
When he raised concerns with the school’s head teacher, asking for assurance that the child had seen a psychologist or medical professional, his anxieties were dismissed. He was told these were merely his ‘personal views’.
Of even greater concern is the fact that the school’s training session on transgender children had been provided by controversial charity Mermaids. Having attracted criticism over the prescribing of cross-sex hormones to minors, the group appears to have instructed the school on the advice of the local authority and the diocese.
Describing herself as having “a background in education”, the trainer provided staff and governors with a 2-hour presentation which misrepresented the 2010 Equality Act and was littered with biological and factual inaccuracies.

Actual slide used in Mermaids training.

Following the session, Rev Parker tried to put some questions to the combative Mermaid’s trainer who refused to answer any of his concerns, often cutting him off mid-sentence and not permitting him to speak. (Me and JL know it’s The Mail on Sunday, but the Guardian won’t touch this until they’re forced to, so hold your nose and listen to the audio. It’s quite something.)
Rev Parker took his concerns to the bishop of the diocese but had no luck there either. Consequently, he resigned both from his church and his role as a governor.

“I believe a real threat is posed to schools from organisations such as Mermaids. They implement a new ideological tyranny — and any disagreement is at best silenced and at worst, punished”.

27th May
Fair Cop shared a story worthy of Orwell
Kat, a female Twitter user, had been contacted by a police officer, the unfortunately named PC Cavalier, from West Yorkshire Police completely out of the blue. The police officer castigated Kat for ‘misgendering’ her ex-partner, a be-penised physical male with whom she’d had a sexual relationship only a few months earlier.
Since they split up, Kat’s ex-partner had not only been abusive and threatening to her, but it seems he now also ‘identifies as female’. Because she referred to her ex-partner with male pronouns, PC Cavalier warned Kat about “malicious communications”.
Kat subsequently telephoned the West Yorkshire Police and complained to a sergeant about the phone call from PC Cavalier.
The sergeant she spoke to appears to have little or no knowledge of the 2010 Equality Act under which sex is a protected characteristic. He stated several times that the West Yorkshire Police’s policy is that “If someone identifies as a female and tells us they are female then we take them as female”. He also implied that crimes would be recorded according to gender identity instead of sex. When asked if members of the public could complain about the policy of allowing gender identity to trump the reality of biological sex the sergeant replied, “That’s just how it’s gonna be. That’s just one of the inclusions we do now”.
(If you have been the victim of harassment-by-cop because of your stance on gender issues, please contact WeAreFairCop .)

28th May
Feminist Current published an article on the latest advertisement for Gillette razors. Entitled “First shave”, it features a father teaching his adult transman son how to use a razor.
“Multi-billion dollar companies… are pushing young people down an incredibly harmful path (one that will lead them right into the hands of other multi-billion dollar companies, of course) without any concern for the consequences.”

29th May

The University of Edinburgh’s SPG Student & Staff Collective started a petition calling for the cancellation of an event to discuss women’s sex-based rights hosted by the Edinburgh University Moray House. The event, titled “Women’s Sex-Based Rights; What does (and should) the future hold” , is to be held on 5th June and features speakers such as veteran feminist campaigner and co-founder of Justice for Women, Julie Bindel, Professor of Law, Conflict & Global Development, University of Reading, Professor Rosa Freedman, Professor of Communication & Media, Robert Gordon University, Professor Sarah Pederson and Dr Louise Moody, Research Associate, Philosophy, University of York.
Describing the event as “Transphobic” and putting “Our trans and non-binary colleagues and friends at risk of physical and psychological harm”, the petition calls for it to be cancelled immediately.

30th May
Imperial College forced its Vice-Provost, Professor Simone Buitendijk, to issue an apology based on malicious and unsubstantiated allegations of ‘transphobia’. Students at Imperial College raised concerns that Professor Buitendijk was “Engaging with transphobic material” because she ‘liked’ tweets by Transgender Trend’s Twitter account.
Transgender Trend strongly refuted the accusation made against them.

29th May
The voting opens to elect the President of the British Psychological Society . Professor Christina Richards is in the running. Were she to be successful, she would be responsible for developing policy with regard to treatment offered for gender dysphoria.
Professor Christina Richards is a transwoman herself and has associations with Gender Care, a UK organisation specialising in private trans healthcare service. On their own website Gender Care refer to the “Gatekeeping” involved in seeking care from the publicly funded NHS and state “Medical decision-making in the private sector — where the individual themselves is funding their own treatment — is freer of that particular constraint”.
Posts on Reddit certainly seem to suggest that Prof Richards and her colleagues have been able to dispense with all that annoying “Gatekeeping” and provide a diagnosis of gender dysphoria within a few consultations.

And one young YouTuber got a double mastectomy under the care of Dr Lorimer within a couple of months of first consultation.
Here’s more information about Gender Care UK .
Professor Richards is also responsible for THAT recent job advertisement for the role of a “Highly specialist clinical or counselling psychologist” at the Tavistock Centre. The one stating “Bigots and exploitative theoreticians need not apply”.

30th May
The Twitter Account of the People’s History Museum in Manchester described images containing the dictionary definition of the word ‘woman’ and the statement ‘Women’s rights are human rights’ as being ‘associated with hostility’.
The Museum had asked people to share images depicting ‘protest’ as part of the marketing campaign for their exhibition,/Disrupt? Peterloo & Protest/! Feminist campaign group, Haringey Resisters, tweeted the Museum with an image of stickers relating to the fight for women’s sex-based rights .

The Museum then re-tweeted the image.

Less than an hour later the Museum tweeted “We’ve been made aware that the sticker in this image we re-tweeted is associated with hostility. To clarify our stance any such images/materials will be removed from the Protest Lab”.

The sign reads “PHM provides opportunities for people of all ages to learn about, be inspired by and get involved in ideas worth fighting for; ideas such as equality, social justice, co-operation and a fair world for all.”
How such ideals are to be attained when women are silenced and prevented from discussing their sex-based rights doesn’t seem to have occurred to the marketing staff of an establishment which bills itself as ‘The national museum of democracy’.